Three weeks after the implementation of Naked Breakfast Saturdays, Loki and Darcy sat bickering on the couch. He was in a pizza mood – she wanted Chinese. Again.

"We had Chinese the day before yesterday! How much wonton soup can a person eat?"

"That's a stupid question. There's no limit. Wonton soup is the ambrosia of the gods."

She was completely serious. He seemed to realize this and she watched as his face lost some of its annoyance. He leaned in quickly to kiss her pout before she realized what he was doing. Sneaky bastard. That wouldn't work on her – she wanted wonton soup dammit!

"How about a compromise, sweetheart?"

"Hmm…what kind of compromise?"

"We can have Chinese tomorrow. Tonight, we try the new Mexican place."

She thought this over. Mexican actually sounded pretty good. Quesadilla…cheese…mmm. And Chinese tomorrow was still a victory for her. Kinda. But, she pretended to think it over anyway.

"I suppose that would be alright. But only because you look so pathetic right now."

"How generous of you." The sarcasm in his voice made her smile.

"I know. I'll go get the menu."

She went to give him a quick peck, but caught the look on his face and froze. He was smiling like he'd won. Wait a minute...

"You never wanted pizza, did you? You wanted Mexican all along."

He just smiled and shrugged. Damn sneaky bastard. Whatever. She kissed his little victory smile before jumping up and hurrying towards the kitchen. They kept all of their take-out menus in a folder on top of the fridge. As she hastily reached up for the folder, her socks slid on the hardwood floor and she lurched, bouncing off the fridge door with an astounding lack of grace.

Loki's sardonic voice sounded out from the doorway behind her, "Well done, sweetheart."

"Thanks," she muttered dryly. A random thought occurred to her and she voiced it without thinking, "You know our kids are gonna be sarcastic little fuckers."

"Marry me."

Stunned, she turned to look at Loki so fast she nearly gave herself whiplash. "What?"

Loki was staring at her like he couldn't believe what had just come out of his mouth. She couldn't believe it either.

"I…fuck, I just…," he wasn't able to form the words.

Darcy's voice was calm, but it was mostly due to shock, "Loki, did you just propose?"

"I guess. I mean, yes. Fuck, I wasn't going to do this. Seriously, I wasn't. I was going to wait until at least our one year anniversary. Maybe longer. You're young - I'm sure you don't want to get tied down yet. But you're just so beautiful right now. And then you mentioned kids. And it hit me that I just want…everything. I want everything. With you. My god, I'm babbling. I never babble. You babble. I love it when you babble. I just…fuck. Darcy, I love you. This is ridiculous. I should never have opened my bloody mouth. Forget I said anything, ok sweetheart? We'll just move past this. And forget Mexican - let's just get Chinese tonight, alright?"

He didn't seem to notice that Darcy's smile had gotten bigger and bigger as he spoke. By the end of his rant, she was practically beaming at him despite the tears starting to well up in her eyes.

"Yes, Loki."

He blinked, looking confused and flustered. "Yes?"

She just nodded, finding it hard to speak around the lump in her throat.

"Wait…you mean yes as in yes?" He seemed shocked. She nodded again, biting down hard on her lip to stop herself from actually crying. She would not be the girl that cried when she got engaged.

Loki crossed over to her quickly and reached for her face, cupping her cheek and tilting her head up so that he could look into her eyes.

"You'll marry me?"

Her voice was a whisper, "Yes."

The smile that broke out on Loki's face lit up the room.

"Darcy! You'll marry me? You'll-" his voice broke off and he wrapped his arms around her, lifting her off her feet and spinning her around. She started laughing. She never knew she could be this happy. Then he was kissing her and she found that she had room to fit even more happiness inside of her. The kiss was sloppy and awkward with them both laughing. And it tasted salty. Damn, she was the girl who cried when she got engaged. She'd have to make Loki promise not to ever mention that part.

He pulled back, "Hold on!"

Then he was running up the stairs and Darcy just watched him, confused but happy. A thought occurred to her. Oh, fuckballs. When she called her mom, she'd have to admit that Madame Karen was right.

All thoughts of eating crow disappeared when Loki came running back downstairs with a little black box in his hand. Wow. He actually had planned to propose. Not now obviously, but eventually. She felt like crying again, but in a very good way.

Then he was on his knee in front of her. She had to raise an eyebrow.


He laughed, "My mother would kill me if I didn't do this properly. Just take the damn thing, woman."

She tried to sound sarcastic, "Oh, very proper." She took the box from him and he stood up while she cracked it open.


It was amazing. And unusual. And…perfect.

She took the ring out, dropping the box to the floor.

"It's a family tradition. It was my grandmother's engagement ring. Then my mother's. Now it's yours."

She wanted to ask if Loki had proposed to Jane with this ring. She wouldn't really care, but still.

He seemed to read her mind, "You're the only woman since my mother who's held this ring."

Relief flooded her. Ok, so she did care. Whatever.

He took the ring from her, holding it in one hand while his other grabbed her left palm. He placed a kiss on her knuckles before sliding the ring onto her finger. She bit her lip as she stared at the way it looked on her hand. Perfect. It was perfect. Her eyes rose to his.

His voice was soft, "We'll argue. Then one of us will apologize – probably me. Then we'll make love. I can't promise to always make you happy, but I can promise to always try. I'll never stop wanting you. Or loving you. Or needing you. Marry me, Darcy?"

Damn, she was crying again. This was getting ridiculous.

Her smile was embarrassingly watery, "I like arguing with you. I like making love to you even more. Just being around you makes me happy. And I want, love and need you – forever. So, yes. Of course, I'll marry you. But let's not be sexist here."

She slid to her knee, "Marry me, Loki?"

He shook his head, but the smile on his face was joyful and gorgeous. Then he reached down and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her upwards until he could kiss her.

"Yes," he whispered against her lips. He pressed their smiles together.

They knew their future would be unpredictable and weird and wonderful.

But they wouldn't want it any other way.

A/N: The End!

This was just as scary as I'd anticipated, but also way more fun. I have no plans for a sequel, but you never know. However, I do have 3 chapters written for another Loki/Darcy – except it's not AU, so he's a quasi-evil alien god with daddy issues. She's still Darcy though, so that's comforting. I hope.

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