AN: I'm not putting this under crossover, because there aren't any LOTR characters in this, just the Noblesse ones in a rip-off of Middle Earth. However, I have never been to Middle Earth, so I tend to draw from gaming experience. This is an alternate envisioning of how Frankenstein's household could have come together. I'm trying to take things seriously, I really am, but I find myself incapable of writing anything but borderline crack. Ah, well, enjoy...

There were six of them in the party: two paladins, two archers, and two magic-users. They formed an odd group, as two of them were obviously Elven nobility, while their comrades were not only Human, but common as dirt.

The ranger, Rael, who was watching them, wondered what the purpose behind this strange fellowship could be. Certainly, the two nobles held themselves silent and mostly aloof from their companions.

Ah, the Humans must be servants, then. Curious about their quest (and wanting to talk to the beautiful silver-haired girl), Rael moved across the tavern until he was in front of their table.

"Greetings, my brethren," he addressed them, as Rael was, himself, an Elf. He didn't recognize their exact family (because it was near-on three centuries since he'd been to court), but he could tell they were important.

"Hey," said the red-haired Human boy who was with them. "Regis, do you know this guy?"

Rael was annoyed. "Watch your tongue in front of your betters, boy."

To his surprise, the Human not only wasn't afraid of him, but narrowed his eyes in annoyance and proceeded to ignore him. "What about you, Seira? He said something about being 'brethren'. That's like family, right?"

The Elves also seemed to dislike Rael's choice of words. The silver-haired boy scoffed at the ranger: "Such inelegance. Why do you insult members of our party?"

"Your party? Oh, forgive me, I assumed they were servants." Rael gave a frivolous laugh. "It's not often that one sees Elves in the company of Humans. Our people are not known for their tolerance, especially the nobles."

The two Elves—Regis and Seira, from what the Humans had called them—glared coldly at him. The Humans, however, had noticed something shiny in Rael's last statement and proceeded to make idiots of themselves in their amazement.

"Wait," said the shortest of the Humans, the brown-haired magic user. "You mean, you're an Elf? A real Elf? We've never seen one before!"

The Ranger was so struck by their stupidity, he forgot for a moment that he wasn't speaking to them. "What do you mean? You have two pure-blooded Elves in your party..."

"What?" said the brown-haired female archer. "What do you mean? The six of us are Humans."

"Maybe he thinks Regis and Seira are Elves," offered the blue-haired female sword-wielder. "They're certainly pretty enough."

Rael was truly impressed. "You really are morons, aren't you?"

As soon as he said it, Rael realized that he'd made a mistake, but he just couldn't help himself. This was why Elves and Humans didn't mix: Humans were just so thick-headed. Sure enough, both Regis and Seira had stood up. "Is there something you wanted?" the Elfin girl asked. "Because, if not, I'd ask you to let us finish our meal."

Right, Rael had a reason for putting up with these idiots. "I was simply curious as to what brought you to the human world."

The two Elves exchanged a glance, and then Regis spoke. "I am traveling the world as part of my coming-of-age ceremony," he answered.

Then Regis and Seira sat down, to indicate that the conversation was over.

Rael stood there a few moments, contemplating that. He'd forgotten about the Humans, until...

"Hey, Mr. Elf," said the swordsman. "Do you have magic powers? Can you talk to trees and run really fast, like the Elves in the stories?"

Rael soon found an excuse to leave, after that.

Once he was gone, the Humans began talking among themselves.

"Wow, a real Elf!" marveled Suyi. "We never really saw anyone besides Humans in Escoria Village. Now we've seen a Dwarf and an Elf!"

Ikhan smiled at his fellow magic-user. "Hey, Regis, can you believe he thought you were an Elf too?"

At this, Regis looked uncomfortable. He'd been meaning to tell them, he really had. How they hadn't guessed it he had no idea. He had pointed ears, for crying out loud...

But the quartet of Humans had never thought Seira and himself to be anything out of the ordinary. In the week or so they'd known them, the Humans had treated them like friends rather than superiors—and Regis liked it. He didn't want things between them to change.

Now, however, there was really no way around it.

"Actually," he sighed. "We are Elves; me and Seira both."

Wait for it...


Regis nodded miserably. "Yes. I'm almost at my two-hundredth year, so I'm spending a score of months in the human world, as part of my initiation to adulthood."

Their reactions were not what he expected:

"You mean you're two-hundred years old?" said Suyi.

"Wow!" exclaimed Shinwoo.

"So, you really are nobles, then?" Ikhan wanted to know.

"This is so cool!" Yuna was smiling.

At this point, Regis finally felt able to meet their eyes. When he looked up, he saw nothing less than the affection and interest he'd seen before Rael had come over and disrupted things.

Regis couldn't even begin to describe how good that made him feel. He sat up a little straighter, and regained his composure.

"Hang on," said Shinwoo. "Elves are really powerful, right?"

"Most are, yes," Regis answered.

"Back when we first met you guys," Shinwoo continued, "there were these knights harassing you and you two couldn't do anything about it. We had to come in and beat them up for you."

Seira was the next to speak. "It is not that we couldn't do anything, we just chose not to. We aren't supposed to use our powers around Humans; they might get hurt."

Ikhan thought about this. "So, essentially, you're stuck outside your home for almost two years, and you're not allowed to do anything against the people who antagonize you?"

Regis sighed. "It's supposed to teach us 'patience' and 'understanding'."

Yuna shook her head. "Sounds like a dumb idea to me. Don't worry, though, you've got us! We'll help protect you!"

Seira smiled softly at this. Regis merely nodded, because he wasn't sure quite what to say.