I have watched the first two episodes of season 7 and I want to cry. This might get to having spoilers of some sort so let's just be safe okay? I you don't like spoilers this is your warning.

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Sam's time in the pit wasn't as bad as everyone thinks it was. In fact some parts of it were very amusing. Let's take a look shall we?

Sam's regained consciousness last thing he remembered was falling, there was Dean` and Cas was- then he- he fell into the pit with Michael and Lucifer. Sam opened his eyes and saw a room, just a normal room.

"Ung." Sam got up slowly he was aware that Lucifer wasn't in his body any longer, but then what happened to him. Sam looked and at the other end of the room were two more people. One was that of Lucifer as Sam knew when he wasn't in his true vessel. The other was a man, not Adam but someone similar, same hair color but longer and he was older looking. Sam assumed that this was Michael.

Both began to stir and Sam backed off.

"What the hell?" Michael jumped up to his feet.

"Heh, that pretty much sums it up, dumbass." Lucifer rolled over and laughed.

"You!" Michel stomped over to Lucifer and held him up by his shirt, "This is all your fault! You just couldn't get control of your vessel, could you?"

"My fault?" Lucifer smacked Michael's hands from him, "You couldn't even get your true vessel to agree to take you! You had to take some long dead body with a child's soul. That says a lot about your character doesn't it?"

Michael scoffed, "Because your character is any better, I could go on for the rest of eternity about all the faults in your character."

Lucifer summoned a knife to his hands, "You know nothing about my true character! Back off!"

"Oh so now you want to fight? Now that it's too late?" Michael summoned a sword to his hand, "Fine! We fight!"

The two clashed and Sam just stayed where he was. The fight dragged on for some time and Sam was beginning to get bored. The room was too big for them to cause much danger to Sam in their fight. After a while Sam was wishing for a deck of cards. He sighed to himself and began to slink to the floor. But instead of slinking to the floor he ended up in a chair, at a table, with a deck of cards in front of him.

He froze, processing what just happened, apparently on this plane of existence Sam had the ability to bend the pit to his will as well as Lucifer of Michael. Sam sighed in relief, that would even the odds when they brought their attention to him. In the meantime though, forever doesn't overcome boredom by itself. He shuffled himself a game of solitaire as the sounds of battle raged around him.

It seemed so long, such a long time, when the sounds of battle ceased. Sam looked up and saw both of them panting, covered with each other's blood.

Sam gathered up the cards as they approached his table. Lucifer sat in a chair on his left, Michael to his right. Both looked exhausted from their endeavors. Sam was feeling pretty weirded out that he was at a table with a devil and an angel and neither of them were trying to kill him yet.

Sam nodded to the middle of the table and a bottle of scotch and three glasses appeared. Lucifer instantly reached for the bottle and downed two glasses before pouring one for Michael. Michael looked at the glass skeptically , Lucifer gulped a third glass and sighed contentedly, "You think up good booze kid, I'll give you that."

Michael raised the glass to his lips and copied his brother's actions of swigging it down, then broke out into a coughing fit, Lucifer laughed and Michael did an unconvincing job at trying to glare while coughing.

"Uh, y-you should probably try sipping that first." Sam said trying to be helpful. Michael glared at him but did as he was told. Lucifer snorted into his drink.

"So, uh," Sam coughed, "What now? Are you, I mean, are you-" He couldn't finish, he was positive that torture would start.

"You really think I'm a horrible monster don't you? Maybe later if I get bored, but I mean come on, torturing for the rest of eternity? I would get bored way too quickly. No, no it's better if I keep you sane enough to think up some more good booze." Lucifer nodded pointedly to the near empty bottle.

Sam blinked and thought up another full bottle of scotch, "Can't you fill it up yourself?"

Lucifer shook his head as he poured, "s'not the same. No one has the same mind just as no one has the same soul patterns. There's always a difference, idiot."

"He's human, no one would have told him that so he wouldn't have known about that. Don't be stupid." Michael scolded.

"Humans can think for themselves, unlike a certain daddy's little boy I know of." Lucifer jibed back.

Michael twitched and gripped the glass tighter, "Our Father's not here anymore, I had to do something."

"Ha, yeah, pick a fight with your bother downstairs and break all of daddy's toys, nice plan. You fit in his shoes perfectly." Lucifer sneered.

"At least I was doing something! You were stuck here! You got to be whatever after you left, but I had to stay in order to do out Father's bidding!" screamed Michael.

"What? Jealous?" smirked Lucifer.

"I most certainly am not! I love our Father!"Michael stood from his chair.

"I love him too. I just didn't want to bow before a pair of patchy monkeys he claimed were his greatest creation. A few of them aren't so bad though." Lucifer smirked leaning back in his chair.

"Name two humans that you actually like." Michael challenged unconsciously clenching and unclenching his fists.

"Easily, One:" Lucifer put up one finger, "Sammy here, he thinks up good booze.", Michael scoffed, "Two:", Lucifer put up another finger, "Dean Winchester, because he royally pissed you off, and I kinda like a kid with a mind of his own."

Michael grumbled and Sam sensed another fight coming along so he took out the deck of cards again and shuffled, suddenly though both sat back down and said, "Deal me in."

Sam looked from one to the other, "Uh, I'm here if you want to, ya know, talk or something-" Sam stopped talking when both of them gave him a look and he coughed awkwardly, "Okay then, any objections to a game of poker? No? Right."

They played poker for hours (in "Pit Time" according to Lucifer) before Michael actually started getting the hang of the game. Then Lucifer started cheating and Michael learned that after some more hours. Sam learned a lot of shuffling tricks from Lucifer who boasted that he invented most of them.

After a week or so and about a thousand games of blackjack, castle, and spoons, Lucifer decided that it was time that Michael learned how to really drink. Sam almost vocalized thoughts against it but he remembered how amusing Castiel had been when he "drank a liquor store" so he kept his mouth shut.

Needless to say, Michael did not have the same alcohol tolerance that Castiel did, at least not in the pit. He was a giggly drunk too which just made things awkward so Lucifer and Sam dumped him on a couch and left him there while Sam read a book and Lucifer made faces at him for making him help think up all the books he ever read.

After some time Michael was able to take several shots at a time without blanching, Lucifer saw that as a good enough amount of improvement and started playing Battleship with Sam a referee. The Battleship game, though, was made with real ships and real explosions so there wasn't any lying if you're ship was actually hit.


"Haha! Sunk! In your FACE Luci!" Michael was drunk and playing battleship so he was a giggling mess snorting every time he plugged in a piece on his board.

"What the HELL did you just call me?" Lucifer looked honestly flustered

"I. Called. You. Lucy, LUCY~!" Michael put his hand on his hip in a very bitchy pose.

"Oh it's on now, bro. Your fleet is SCRAP! Delta Five!"



Sam marveled at how the "room" they were in changed to fit their needs. Sam developed a room for himself to sleep in after all the times he woke up with marker on his face and became immune to the warm water on your hand while sleeping trick. Michael explained that his body, soul, and mind were all in the pit so that would probably mean that he still needed to carry out the needs of basic humans still. Sad thing that meant was that he still needed to use the bathroom, so that room was developed as well. Soon the area with the bedroom and bathroom was referred to as "Sam's corner", if you could refer to a pocket of space as a corner.

All three were lounging in very comfortable chairs (of Michael's mind) when Sam got up, "I need to use the head, No cheating." He stared at Lucifer pointedly, as Sam walked away though Lucifer picked up his cards and looked at them before putting them down with a scoff, "His cards suck."

Michael looked very smug though and before Lucifer could so much as glare at him suspiciously he put down the cards triumphantly, "Chin."

"What? No."

"Check 'em"

"Damn it."

A year passed by, almost without Sam noticing if not for the pit clock and calendar Lucifer gave him (Sam ignored Lucifer's snide remarks to his human senses). Sam nearly had a mental breakdown with the knowledge that only about three days had passed by on Earth. That was when Lucifer attacked.

~1month =~10years so ~30days=~10years so ~3days=~1year, there you have my line of thinking.

Drabble yaaaay, okay. This plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone, I'm sorry. ^^"

I was watching the new episodes of Supernatural and kept thinking "What if his time in the pit wasn't that bad? I mean come on torturing for ten years has to get boring right? And it's not like Sam is with Azazal or anything. He was with Lucifer and Michael, two Angels (Lucifer used to be one) and they have to have more interests than torture. That and they needed to be introduced to all the fun quirks of humans of the 21st century, right? Eh well this is here anyway.

I have at least one more chapter to add to this so it's not complete yet. I have one year done and there are ten to get through! ^^ lol