Okay, so this is the second installment of Sam's time in the Pit. The second installment of this…. It will be the last just so I can think more about my other fics and I have a lot of college stuff to do. So where were we? LoLs all around, right? Oh wait, Lucifer just attacking Sam in the last chapter, wasn't he? Well we better look at what happened. Might just be interesting. ^^

A year passed by, almost without Sam noticing if not for the pit clock and calendar Lucifer gave him (Sam ignored Lucifer's snide remarks to his human senses). Sam nearly had a mental breakdown with the knowledge that only about three days had passed by on Earth. That was when Lucifer attacked.

"Have at you!" Lucifer whipped out a scimitar and slashed the blade at Sam. Sam jumped back the book he had been reading sliced in half by Lucifer's blade.

"Christ!" Sam stumbled back dropping the ruined text.

Lucifer dropped out of his battle stance to look at Michael who was lounging on a couch, "You think he would've learned my name by now." Michael waved his hand disinterestedly as he ate some chips that Sam had thought up for him.

Lucifer picked up half the book Sam dropped and tossed it at Sam, "Defend yourself!"

Sam caught the book and gave Lucifer one of his best bitchiest 'You're not serious, are you?' looks. Lucifer slashed at Sam once more and Sam scrambled out of the way, morphing the half-book into a gun in the process.

"Are you serious? A gun? Sam I expected more out of you! Be creative! This is WAR!" Lucifer tossed some ninja stars at Sam who jumped out of the way nearly in time.

"You ripped my jacket!" Sam exclaimed looking at the slash along the sleeve. Lucifer grinned as Sam took up a fighting position. "Fine you want creative, I'll get creative."

Sam raised the handgun to Lucifer who rolled his eyes, "a hand gun is hardly-" ,then the handgun turned into a grenade launcher. "-Oh, shi-"

Lucifer was blasted back and landed more feet away. Sam launched another grenade but Lucifer jumped behind a bunker, "NOW were getting somewhere! Good, good, surprise is always an excellent strategy."

"Can we stop now?" Sam said exasperated, he really wanted to finish that book first.

"It's just getting good Sammy~! Come on! This is fun! It's not like you're gonna die!"

Sam had to give him that, but he reckoned that it would still hurt. Sam's grenade launcher morphed into a scimitar as Lucifer willed it to be.

"Time for close combat!" Cried out Lucifer, Sam noted the very creepy light in his eyes as he charged at Sam.

They fought with swords, Sam used the sword alternately as he would a knife or a baseball bat (plus a couple moves he saw in the movies) while Lucifer used his like someone who invented the blade. Sam got injured a lot, but then Lucifer did too.

How long they fought Sam wasn't able to tell, after a while it blurred together. There was always that next move, just one more hit. There was never any satisfaction in the game seeing as they had to stop every now and again to regenerate. Regenerating was a painful business for Sam who was the only human there. He also found it unsettling to see his skin and muscle growing back at a rate that was normally inhuman.

At some point they stopped fighting and Michael gave a cry of protest through a mouth full of chips. Sam gave him a well deserved bitch face and stomped off to "Sam's corner" with Lucifer crooning about how he won as loud as he could.

Time slipped in and out of Sam's grasp, one day he looked over to the time piece and was surprised to see that for him five years had passed, fifteen whole days since he had dropped into the pit. It now seemed like a long time to Sam, fifteen days and two bored angels. Sam was surprised at how little he was tortured, Lucifer seemed to get bored easily.

They played jenga out of this matter that would violently combust if you were too rough with the blocks. Lucifer and Michael weren't phased by it, but Sam being the "clumsy primitive sack of meat" that he was, or so Lucifer said, had trouble with keeping fingers. He started to build up a resilience to pain after some time, getting injured still hurt like a bitch but instead of screaming out and going into shock like most normal people would if their fingers were blown off, he would give a cry of pain and surprise and wrap the hand and sit out for two or three rounds until his fingers grew back. Lucifer wanted to know if Sam's head would grow back, but so far Sam was able to keep him at bay.

They also had created a television to watch shows and movies on. Lucifer would always grumble about how he never had this stuff during his time in the pit due to it not have been invented before he was cast in the pit. The problem was that Sam could only re-watch things and that got boring after a while. Though for some reason Michael kept on wanting to watch a syfy movie that Sam had fallen asleep to and they unlocked it from his mind, it was called Stonehenge Apocalypse, to Sam it was a very generic movie but Michael kept saying that the main character looked like his brother's vessel and found it amusing, whichever brother that was*.

One day, about seven and a half years into Sam's time in the pit, Sam really wanted his laptop. He missed it and he was sick of playing games with Lucifer and Michael. He really wanted a computer. Lo and behold, there in front of him was an exact replica of his old laptop down to the skull stickers on the front.

Lucifer popped up next to him, "Ooooo, Sammy here conjured up a laptop."

Michael got up from the couch and walked over to examine the newest item of entertainment. Sam was simply shocked that he could think up something so complex. It had all his old features on it, the background was still a picture of him and Jessica at a park.

Sam sat stunned for a bit until Michael lost his patience, "Well make it do something!"

Sam blinked and nodded clicking up the internet, and his home page of a good hunter's page came up and there were updates that Sam had never seen before.

"Well look at that," Lucifer said amusedly, "We get wifi in the pit."

Sam laughed at that entertainment would be very forthcoming with this established. Now he could read books that he never read before and weren't thousands of years old. He could continue watching shows and so much more.

He got on YouTube and started looking up the next episode in a show he used to watch but Lucifer interrupted his doing so by shoving his arm away from the mouse, "Look up my name. Look me up. I bet you it's badass."

"Uh sure fine why not." Sam typed in "Lucifer" into the search engine, "It's probably some crappy metal band or a song by cultists or something."

But the first thing that was listed was a weird video a song named 'Lucifer' by a band called 'Shinee'**. "What the-" but Michael shoved him away and clicked it. It was a Korean boy band. Michael laughed more that day than all the years of being in the pit. Sam laughed a good amount as well, it wasn't every day you got to see a bitch face on the Devil.

Lucifer was not amused to say the least and then proceeded to type in 'Michael', coming up with a singer with the name. Not the humiliation he was looking for but Michael was fairly offended that he wasn't being recognized. Sam just laughed at how silly Michael was being about it.

Then Lucifer found Google and that's when for the first time. Lucifer and Michael worked together. Against Sam.

They typed in his name and Supernatural as prompted by Michael who knew about Chuck. It was then that true torture started. A torture unlike any he had ever had the misfortune of experiencing... Michael and Lucifer found fanfiction. Fanfiction for Chuck's books Supernatural.

*Stonehenge Apocalypse Is a movie that stars Misha Collins, it was too tempting to put in so I did. ^^ Aside from it being another SyFy original movie and pretty cruddy overall, Misha did a really good job at acting. If you are a Misha lover (like me), it would be a good movie to see.

**Shinee is a Korean band that I actually knew before I decided to put in the YouTube part in. I;m a geek so I like stuff like this. I'm also pretty sure that it's Michael Buble that comes up first. Eh.

This will prolly only have one more chapter. It's been fun to write about nonsensical things for once. I might do stuff like this more often. Right now what I'm doing more often than not is a Doctor Who story with a friend of mine and I'm scared to put it up on FF for it's the use of OC's major OC's not side character ones. It's one of those "if your character was in -" kind of things which I usually hate so I'm iffy about posting it but oh well.

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