A/N: Hey, guys! The reason I'm posting this note as an update is because I've received several reviews and private messages asking if I plan on continuing this story. As I've said before, I have every intension of taking this story all the way to the end! It's just that life has continued to get in the way. I still can't believe that it happened to me, but on the 28th of June, I fell and fractured my Olecranon in two places. Since it is part of the elbow joint, I had to have surgery to reconstruct the joint and had a plate and screws put in order to hold the pieces of bone together. I quickly discovered that it's really difficult to type with one hand (it would take forever to write a chapter one-handed), and so I decided the update would have to wait. At the beginning of this week, I finally got my arm out of the splint, which is why I was finally able to type this note! Unfortunately it's pretty slow going. I hope that you'll be patient with me, since a lot of my time currently is devoted to physical therapy! But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support and (in advance) for your patience! I will continue this story as soon as I can! I promise!


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