Mark of Athena

Annabeth I


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EVEN BEFORE ANNABETH WAS VISITED by Gaea In Her Dreams, she already had a frustrated day.

Annabeth didn't know what to think. She was searching for Percy endlessly since his disappearance eight months ago, but so far, when it's finally time to meet him again, she was confused. A daughter of Athena, the smartest girl in the camp was confused. How ironic.

She missed him terribly, and she always recalled the day where he promised her forever. Now, eight months later, she was starting to doubt whether he kept his promise or not.

Will he remember me? Did he… Fall in love with another girl? She knew that there was a very small chance that he would be unfaithful intentionally. After all, he gave up eternity for her.

She was nearly positive that he was in the Roman camp. All the work during the months—all built up to this moment! She doubted that there were any campers that were more excited than she was. No one understands her pain. No one did, perhaps with the exception of Sally Jackson.

Earlier that morning, an unusually enthusiastic Malcolm, her half-brother, waked her up. Malcolm was still her second-in-command even after her war, and he was getting really for college and spending the last summer at camp with other campers.

Truthfully, Annabeth was never a morning person. The noise everyone was making at the ungodly hour in the morning was irritating her to no end. She didn't want to be disappointed again. She didn't need Leo to inform her that the ship was still not ready, and they couldn't sail to Greece, or more importantly—the Roman camp.

It was not until she was dragged by her cabin mates out the cabin door, and groggily looked up to the common area in between the cabins when she realized that the ship was done.

DONE! After six months, she ought to admit that she was losing faith. The majestic Argo II took everyone such much time. Hephaestus cabin spent endless hours in Bunker's 9, constructing the wonder. Athena cabin was the architects, although she didn't participate that much. She was already the official architect of Olympus, between her school, work, and finding her boyfriend, she didn't have much time left.

The ship looked just like Leo's painting from his childhood. Festus's head was in the very front, polished metal looking proudly into the sky, daring anyone to challenge it. Argo II was inscribed into the ship's sides, and Camp Half-Blood was carved into the pillars. A few campers were on the deck, hoisting the giant white flag to the collars, assuring the Romans that they came in peace.

Annabeth let out an uneasy sigh. Seaweed Brain, wherever you are, stay put. I'm coming for you.

After sailing miles and miles in the clear sky with the help of the Mist, Annabeth felt the Roman camp.

Actually, to be accurate, she felt the Roman camp's borders. The magic in the air shimmered, and a wave of uncharted energy flow through everyone's veins. Vaguely, she noticed how Jason's hand tightened on the rail, but she paid no attention to it. Her focus was trying to find that one heck of a seaweed brain.

Blond hair, blue eyes, a person clutched an ex-stuffed unicorn—No. Brown hair, dark complexion, and… Is that a ruby? No. She hadn't seen her before, although that girl did look familiar…. Especially her dark vibe.

She was getting frustrated as she scanned the crowd. Come on, black hair, sea-green eyes, was he that hard to find? Is Percy even in the camp?

It was not long before she spotted Tyson at the back of the crowd, chatting with the girl-with-dark-vibe and another big, Asian guy holding arrows. She was proud of Tyson for making new friends already.

With a sudden jolt, the ship halted in the sky, then proceeded to land. Greek fire and magic fueled the ship, thanks to Hecate cabin and Nico DiAngelo trying to find underground sources.

The Roman under them cleared out for the ship to land. Although they didn't attack or fire anything that could potentially endanger everyone on the ship, the spears and arrows were drawn and nocked, ready to attack when it was necessary.

When she scanned through the crowd, she noticed something else beside the campers and the weapons. There were… Adults. Kids. Infants. Toddlers! Such a scene would never be seen in camp half-blood. But why?

Evidently, these adults are all demigods, or they must have contained godly blood in their veins. Otherwise, how are they able to cross the camp borders? She could see the couple that were embracing each other, the father that held the child tightly in the family.

How could they achieve adulthood, more over, how were they able to raise a family in camp? The training grounds were not exactly the ideal place to raise children…

"Graeci! Greeks! They are attacking us! Fire on my mark! I repeat, Graeci!" Something interrupted Annabeth in her train of thought. She hated it when people interrupt when she was about to make sense of something. Who dared to—?

A statue? On the campgrounds, a white polished statue of someone was yelling. It could have been waving its arms and prance around if it had any arms. I must be nuts.

"Oh shut up Terminus. Don't make me regret in giving you the privilege of knocking out sewer smelling giants."

Annabeth swerved her vision to the person who was talking. She nearly laughed at the ridiculous sight—after all these months, the person she was trying to find was wearing a bed sheet with a purple cloak, pointing his sword threateningly at a 3 feet statue. Yep, no one could find a better way to reunite with her boyfriend.

Standing there in all his glory was the one and only, Percy Jackson.

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