Digital Tides
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

As far as I know, I don't own Digimon.
Maybe I do own it in some parallel universe, but not here.
This fic is based on a rather silly idea. A really silly idea.
But more about that later...

"Are you ready, Captain?"
She nods and sighs as she cleans her wings one final time.
Then she walks through the long corridors until she reaches a large hall.
She takes a final look around. The grey windowless walls look quite dull.
The entire base is windowless.
Not too surprising since the base is completely underground.
The hall she is facing is empty. Only one Digimon is standing in it.
But soon they would be gone, too. Leaving her alone in the hall.
"Captain Harpymon, it is good to see you." the General greets her.
"Thank you, General MetalEtemon." she replies and looks around.
"Nervous?" the General asks and smiles.
She looks down and nods.
"I would be nervous, too. But I believe that you will be victorious."
She smiles when she hears that.
Nodding, the General leaves the room and locks the door behind him.
Seconds later she can hear him over the intercom.
We will now start the transport.
She salutes, knowing where the camera that is watching her is installed.
Then the room is being filled with the strange fog that will take her to the combat zone.

Renamon sighs. Things are not happening as planned.
Why did Ruki have to chase me away? she asks herself and punches a tree.
Even while the tree starts to fall, she thinks about her situation.
If she stays alone much longer, who knows what will happen. She could... remember...
The fox Digimon shivers.
No. I mustn't let that happen. Either I win her back or... Renamon thinks and looks at her sharp claws.
She doesn't want to kill the girl, but it would be her only choice.
Suddenly her head jerks up. The air smells different now. Strange. Hostile. Inviting.
I'll have to prove I still can be of value without Ruki.
A Digimon has arrived and Renamon plans to take its data. Its essence.
She vanishes, taking the fastest way to the Digital Field.

Captain Harpymon inspects the location and nods.
The clearing in the small forest suits her just fine.
Now she patiently waits. She smiles when she realizes how absurd the situation is.
I guess the proper term would be... Hunter Hunted. she muses.
Finally one of her targets arrives. Alone.
"There you are! Freeze and you will not be hurt!" Harpymon shouts.
Renamon cocks her head and grins.
"You know I won't surrender." the fox mutters.
"I know. Then I will bring you back so you can be punished for your crimes!"
"You won't stop us! In fact, you will help us!" Renamon shouts and laughs.
Harpymon tries to hide her fear. All previous missions have failed.
The soldiers sent to bring the rogue Digimon back never returned.
But I won't fail! She is alone so my chances aren't too bad.

Guilmon and Terriermon follow Takato and Lee into the Digital Field.
Renamon is fighting against a Harpymon. Ruki is still absent.
Terriermon curses, making Guilmon frown.
"Terriermon, help Renamon! She might be in trouble without Ruki!" Lee shouts.
"No, this is her fight!" Terriermon shouts back.
Lee and Takato exchange glances and finally sigh.
Then they watch the fight. Terriermon moves closer to Guilmon.
"What is your opinion?" he asks the larger Digimon.
Guilmon looks up to check if Takato is listening. But the boy is busy watching the fight.
"Well, she might win. But Ruki's absence endangers the Project." he mutters.
Takato cocks his head and turns to face his partner.
"Did you say something, buddy?" he asks.
"Me wanna fight, Takatomon!" Guilmon shouts enthusiastically.
"No. Not now." Takato answers and focuses on the fight again.
"Well, if she loses, I grab her data and you finish Harpymon." Terriermon answers.
"So we abandon Renamon?" Guilmon asks and frowns.
"Without Ruki, she is of little help. This way, she helps the Project most."
Guilmon nods, but still frowns.

Renamon smiles as she delivers a final punch, sending the Harpymon to the ground.
There. I just have to finish her off and I will have proven my value for the team.
Just as she clenches her fist, she can feel... Ruki.
"Ruki?" she asks and looks up.
The girl is standing near the others and frowns.
Now what? What is more important? Winning this fight or getting back to Ruki?
She hesitates.
If I win, will she come back? Or will she leave, thinking that I'm better off without her?
The Harpymon uses this moment to push Renamon away.
Snap out of it! You won't win Ruki back by losing this fight!
She dodges her enemies talons and frantically tries to come up with a plan.
Then, all of a sudden, the Harpymon stops her attacks and yells.
Renamon looks up and can see that Ruki has attacked the Digimon with a small stick.
Perfect! This will solve all of my problems!
The Harpymon turns around to face the new attacker and prepares her wing attack.

Renamon can feel new power surge through her body.
Ruki believes in me. She needs me! Renamon thinks and smiles.
Then a new feeling disturbs her. It's guilt.
She really thinks I'm here to help her. If she only knew the truth...
Quickly she shakes her head. Harpymon has almost finished its attack.
Using the power Ruki has given her, Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon.
Then she moves between Ruki and Harpymon, startling the enemy.
"Fox Tail Inferno!" she shouts, sending nine fireballs at the Harpymon.
The attack hits, destroying the Harpymon.
Renamon watches the precious data fade away and looks at Ruki.

Terriermon almost dashes onto the battlefield to absorb the data.
But he guesses that Renamon has a plan and waits.
"K-Kyubimon... Why didn't you load that Digimon's data?" Ruki asks.
Yeah, explain that one, please. Terriermon thinks and frowns.
"I don't need it because I have you. You give me all the strength I need."
Guilmon smirks and looks down at Terriermon.
"She's smart. Ruki will most likely stay near Renamon from now on." the dino observes.
"Yes. I think that everything is in order now." Terriermon agrees.
"The Project could be finished soon. And then we can finally go home."
"Right. Hey, we could take these kids with us!" Terriermon proposes.
Guilmon frowns.
"You really like Lee, don't you?" the dino Digimon mutters.
"He'd be a nice pet to entertain me in the palace we're going to live in."
Guilmon only shrugs.
"Do that if you like. But I will slay down Takato as soon as this is over."
Terriermon snickers.
I guess it must be hard behaving like an idiot.
"Well, I think the show is over Guilmon. Let's go." Takato shouts.
"Guilmon go home?"
"Yes. Come on."
"See what I mean?" Guilmon hisses as he starts to leave.

Ruki sighs as she stretches on her futon.
Renamon had returned and Ruki has almost cried. Almost.
Finally Renamon is back. Now everthing is going to be all right.
Knowing that she and the Digimon would protect the world together, Ruki falls asleep.
"RUKI! WAKE UP!" a male voice shouts, startling her.
She opens her eyes and looks at a grey face.
"M-M-MetalEtemon?" she mutters, remembering his face from one of her cards.
"Right. And before you ask, I am real. And I have come to warn you."
Ruki blinks and sits up.
She is alone again, sitting in her dark room.
A dream. Only a dream. she tells herself.
But somehow, this has been more than a dream... It had seemed so... real...
"Renamon?" she asks and sighs when her Digimon appears next to her and kneels.
"What is it Ruki?" the fox whispers and cocks her head.
"I... I had a dream... A short, weird dream..." Ruki whispers.
"What was it about?" Renamon asks her.
"I have been woken... by a MetalEtemon. It wanted to tell me something. To warn me..."
Ruki frowns when Renamon stiffens slightly.
"D-Did... Did the MetalEtemon tell you anything?" Renamon asks and flexes her claws.
Ruki guesses that its just a sign of her Digimon's nervousness.
It must be her instinct to protect me.
"No. The dream ended then." Ruki answers and notices that Renamon relaxes again.
"Oh well. It was just a bad dream. Much has happened today." the Digimon tells her.
Ruki nods and goes back to sleep.

Renamon appears on the roof of Ruki's house and almost collapses.
She manages to sit down without making too much noise and sighs.
That has been too close! She almost remembered everything again!
The fox Digimon looks down at her claws.
She had been ready to kill the girl. A girl that completely trusts her.
"Oh God... Why does it have to be this way?" she whimpers.
Renamon curses MetalEtemon and the organization he represents.
Fools! They call us outlaws although we try to bring peace to the DigiWorld!
She clenches her fist so hard that it starts to bleed.
Why did he choose Ruki? Why? He is the criminal! Choosing kids to do his job!
Renamon shakes her head. The past can't be changed. At least everything has worked fine so far.

"Oh. You are back." General MetalEtemon observes.
Captain Harpymon collapses on the floor and sighs.
"They defeated me. But they let me return here." she explains.
"Then report. What is the situation?"
The Armor Digimon looks up at her superior and shakes her head.
"They have managed to brainwash your agents, sir."
MetalEtemon gasps.
"Impossible!" he shouts.
"One of them even attacked me to protect one of the rogues." Harpymon adds.
The silver Digimon curses and starts to pace through the hall.
"This is bad. Very bad. If things go on like this, their plan might even succeed."
Harpymon slowly comes back to her feet.
"Yes sir. We have to stop these fanatics before it is too late."
"If you have a good idea, tell me." MetalEtemon mutters grimly.
Harpymon gulps and looks down. Suddenly she starts to smile.
"I do have a suggestion, sir..."

"Ruki..." Renamon whispers.
The sleeping Tamer only grunts.
"You have never met MetalEtemon..."
"...never met... MetalEtemon...?" Ruki whispers in her sleep.
"Never. That has been a dream... Only a dream..."
"Yes. We fight to protect this world..."
"...protect... world..." Ruki repeats the message.
Renamon smiles. Sleeping humans are easy to manipulate.
The next morning, Ruki won't even think much more about her encounter with MetalEtemon.
It has only been a dream... only a dream...

Author's notes:
Okay, you might realize that something is obviously wrong in this story.
Are the good ones really the good ones? Or are they more than meets the eye?
Guilmon hates Takato? Terriermon plans to make Lee a pet in his palace?
Renamon is willing to kill Ruki for the mysterious Project?
And did MetalEtemon really meet Ruki? If so, what did he tell her?
While you wait for Chapter 2, please be so kind and write a review. Thanks!