Digital Tides
Part 3
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Captain Harpymon thanks her luck that the window to the person's room is open.
She enters the room silently, which is quite a feat considering her size and wingspan.
Well then. Let's get this over with.
With her right wing she tips the sleeping child's shoulder, waking it up.
When the person sees her, Harpymon quickly holds a wing over its mouth to keep it silent.
After a short struggle, the Digimon starts to explain why she came here.
The entire conversation takes more than half an hour, but Harpymon knows that it is worth it.
In the end, the Digimon moves her wings in front of the child's eyes, describing a complicated pattern.
"Sleep, child. Sleep. Your destiny begins next morning..." she whispers.
Just in time, the dazzling pattern has caused the human to fall asleep.
Harpymon sighs, knowing that she has fulfilled her mission.
Now I only have to get back.
She looks out of the window and frowns.
No. If they capture me on my way back to the Field, they might find out about the mission.
The Digimon knows what she has to do.
The monkey really owes me one for this one.
She draws the dagger she has brought with her and sighs.
Then she rams it into her stomach before she has any chance to develop second thoughts about it.
The last thing she sees before she vanishes is the child's yellow sock puppet.
Good luck. You will need it.

Renamon cocks her vulpine head.
"I could've sworn I smelled a Digimon." she mutters.
Standing on top of a lamp pole, she closes her eyes and focuses on her sense of smell.
But whatever she had detected is now gone.
"Hm. Should I tell the Lord about it?"
I really should do it. It might be important.
Then she realizes that she would be reporting her failure.
No. He will punish me if he thinks I'm useless to him.
"I... guess... it was nothing. I'm just imagining things..." she tells herself and nods.
Yep, sounds convincing enough.

"Should I call a medic?" a young Hawkmon asks.
The General stops and looks down at the bird, who just gulps.
"Why should we do that?" MetalEtemon asks.
"I... Errr.. I heard screams coming from the transport chamber. Sir."
MetalEtemon smiles down at the young soldier.
Very caring and thoughtful. We need more Digimon like him.
"Don't worry. We won't need a medic." he says.
Memo to self: Transfer this Hawkmon closer to the Project Staff.
MetalEtemon smiles. The young featherball would be a valuable asset to the team.
Then he proceeds to the chamber where Captain Harpymon is still screaming.

Still covering her stomach with her wings, Harpymon screams out in pain.
She had rammed a knife into her stomach and now curses herself for it.
"Captain!" a voice calls her.
She can feel a large, cold hand on her shoulder.
"Help me! PLEASE!" she wails at the newcomer.
"Calm down, Captain!"
There is a long pause.
"No, soldier. You have already died." MetalEtemon whispers into her ear.
She holds her breath and blinks.
Slowly her brain starts working again and she is able to ignore her feelings.
Then she realizes that she isn't feeling any pain. At least not at the moment.
Carefully she moves her wings aside and looks down at herself.
"I.... I'm not hurt..." she mutters.
"Welcome back, Captain. I assume you were successful?" MetelEtemon asks her with a smile.
Harpymon sighs when she realizes that she is all right.
"Yes, General. Everything is ready."
"Then we will send out our agent."

Juri Katou normally is a nice girl and pays attention in class.
But not today. Today something is bothering her. A dream.
If it has been just a dream... she thinks.
"Ms. Katou!" the teacher startles her.
"Yes, Ma'am?" she asks, trying to sound interested.
When everybody around her starts giggling, Juri looks up at her teacher.
Her... MALE teacher.
"Errrr... out with me?" Juri whispers her question, blushing like mad.
"At least you got this one right. Which reminds me..."
The teacher suddenly whirls around and grabs something from Takato's desk.
"Well, Ms. Katou, looks like you won't be quite alone outside..."
Smiling like a tiger, the teacher gives Takato back his drawings.

Juri rests her head in her hand and sighs.
She would never have thought that she would end like this.
"Hm. Wow..." Takato suddenly whispers.
"Wow what." Juri mutters, feeling like a criminal already.
"I wouldn't have thought that I'd ever meet you here." the boy tells her.
"Don't rub it in please..." she groans.
The two teenagers are standing in the long corridor in front of their class.
Suddenly Juri blinks as she realizes that this is a good chance to get some answers.
"Say Takato..." she starts, trying to look innocent.
"What is it?" Takato asks, not knowing what she is going to confront him with.
"I was wondering if you knew somebody named... Guilmon?"
Juri smiles when she sees Takato gasp. The boy has already answered all of her questions.
Then she realizes that this means that her dream has not been a dream.
Then... the end of the world is near... she thinks and gasps.
She looks at Takato and remembers that he is oblivious.
These rogue Digimon are making him believe he is fighting for a good cause!
"Could I talk to him please? And to the others, too?" she begs.

Renamon leans against a tree, watching Terriermon talk of his big palace.
She gives Guilmon a look, and the dino returns it with a shrug.
"And in the east wing, I'll have this giant shooting range!" the canine bunny shouts.
Before Renamon can comment his shooting skills, Guilmon gasps.
"Bozo mode!" the dino Digimon hisses.
Renamon's hint of a smile vanishes while Guilmon suddenly becomes very playful.
Terriermon stays the way he is, happily muttering all kind of stuff.
First Renamon thinks everything is all right.
Two boys, one girl.
Then she notices that the girl is not Ruki.
"There you are, Guilmon!" Takato shouts happily.
"Hello Takato. Who is new friend?" Guilmon asks, stepping forward.

Terriermon has stopped fooling around by now.
Darn. she could ruin everything! he thinks, looking at Renamon.
The fox nods grimly and moves to him while the girl is petting Guilmon's head.
"Suggestions?" Terriermon asks.
"I say we kill her. Here and now." Renamon whispers.
"What if she isn't a new agent and simply stumbled in here?"
"Then I say we definately have to kill her."
"You've got a one-track mind." the little Digimon tells her.
"My instinct is telling me that this girl means nothing but trouble."
"I will pretend not to have heard this comment." a loud voice comes out of the bushes.
Both Terriermon and Renamon jump away from the bush, landing in their fighting positions.

Juri gasps as a fourth of these Digimon rises out of a bush.
This one is huge, even compared to Guilmon and the fox-like Digimon.
It reminds her of various myths. A great herculean warrior with the head of a lion.
"My God... This is... awesome..." she whispers, looking up at the tall Digimon.
Then she notices that the three Digimon don't see the newcomer as a friend.
Guilmon growls, assuming a half-crouched position, as if being ready to leap.
Which he probably is. she decides quickly.
The lion Digimon doesn't seem to be impressed too much. Instead he gives the group a warm smile.
"Greetings, friends." he speaks, holding up his empty hands.
"Friends?" the fox hisses, flexing her claws.
R...Renamon. That has been her name if I recall it correctly.
"Of course. I have come to... watch over this girl. Know what I mean?"
Juri sees the three Digimon exchange glances.
"Well, this is perfectly fine then!" Terriermon suddenly cheers.
The other two Digimon also seem to relax a bit.
I guess that means that the plan is working... Juri concludes.
"I am pleased to hear this. My name is Leomon." the Digimon introduces himself.
Then he bows down to Juri and extends one of his large fists.
When he opens it, Juri sees a device similar to the one she has seen Takato toy with.
"This is now yours." Leomon tells her.
Nodding, Juri takes it, realizing that she has now become another player in the fight for the world.

The group had been joined by Ruki later.
Ruki has been surprised that "Takato's silly girlfriend" has become a Tamer.
But she has not said anything else. Which has been wise. The situation is already complicated enough.
The three Digimon have soon sent Leomon away to his own hiding place.
Then they had met inside their command bunker.
At the moment all three Digimon are kneeling in front of their Lord.
Having realized that the situation is urgent, he had allowed them to skip the "Hail Culumon!" crap.
"So you see, my Lord, there is a Digimon claiming to belong to us." Terriermon says.
"But we know that this has to be a lie, right?" Guilmon asks.
Lord Culumon nods.
"Indeed..." he mutters and leans back in his throne.

"This entire operation has been initiated from here." the Lord begins his story.
"First, there had only been Renamon. The Project had been almost finished..."
"Until Ruki came..." Renamon hisses, flexing her claws.
"Right. The girl had blown up the contruct. And you have called me." Culumon says.
"So there had been only the two of us. Oh what joyous times we spent together..." he continues
Guilmon and Terriermon stare at Renamon with wide eyes.
Renamon only blushes and looks down at the floor.
"I... only did my duties as a loyal servant..." she whispers.
The Lord chuckles when he sees Renamon like this.
"However, with my unlimited wisdom I realized that we would need help." he continues.
Terriermon and Guilmon smile.
"The times haven't been all that joyous, but the Project proceeded as planned."
"But you haven't called more reinforcements, have you, My Lord?" Renamon asks.
"No. I haven't called anybody. And nobody would dare to do so without my order to do so."
"So Leomon is... working for the enemy." Terriermon concludes.

"I told you the girl would be trouble!" Renamon hisses.
"Shhh my dear Rena-chan..." Culumon purrs.
"Rena...CHAN?" Guilmon asks and grins.
"My Lord, requesting permission to slay Guilmon and sacrifice him to you." Renamon stiffly asks.
Culumon chuckles, but shakes his head.
"Watch your back, lizard." Renamon hisses.
"I always do... Rena-chan..." Guilmon purrs.
"Tsk. Listen! We won't do anything for now." Culumon orders.
"Lord Culumon, the girl and the Digimon are endangering the Project!" Terriermon protests.
Culumon grins, showing rows of sharp teeth.
"Oh no... Actually, they are helping us more than they could imagine..." he whispers.

"L-Leomon?" Juri timidly asks, looking up at the Digimon; her new partner.
"Yes, Juri?" he asks back, bowing down slightly.
"Do you really think that this is going to work?"
"I think so. So far, everything has worked according to the plan."
"To be honest, I'm kinda afraid..." the girl admits.
Leomon chuckles.
"I can uderstand you. But you are quite safe with me. Safer than 99% of all mankind maybe."
"But what if I mess up?"
"Don't worry. You have done a fine job so far. General MetalEtemon has made a wise choice."
"I hope so, Leomon. I really hope so..." Juri mutters, looking at the oblivious city.