Sunlight streams through the big stained-glass windows in my room. I stretch and take a big yawn, then slowly look around. Just as I'm about to get out of bed, there's a gentle knock at my door. "Come in, please!" I call out as I get up and throw my robe on. Surprisingly, it's my maid Stella.

" 'Ello, Your Highness," she says in her gorgeous Irish accent. I smile and turn towards my dress closet, picking out a soft green one. "Hi, Stella! What brings you here?" I can see the girl twist her hands in her apron as I duck behind my changing screen to throw on the dress.

" Well, miss, your parents would like to see you in the meeting hall. They have something quite important to tell you, apparently." I poke my head out, my hair falling in my face.

"What would they need to meet me formally about this early in the day?" I ask, and Stella twirls her red hair. "I'm not allowed to say, miss, but it's very important." Stella smiles faintly and walks out. I'm left alone to put on my crown and shoes (as much as I hate them) and walk down the hall. I suddenly hear a familiar voice-two, actually.

"Their Majesties are requesting your presence in the meeting hall, and would like to see you right away."

"Any reason why?"

"I'm not allowed to say. Good day, mister Fitzherbert."

I skip down the hall once more and link arms with the man beside me, making him whirl around as if he doesn't recognize me.

"What the-oh, hey! I was just gonna wake you up. You headed to the hall, too?" Eugene asks with a bright smile, but I can tell something's up.

"Mhm. Hey, what's eating you? You look like you saw a ghost or something." Eugene looks away. "Just a weird dream I had last night. It was just so odd. For some reason, I dreamed I got sent off to war and you married some guy…forgot his name. Weird, huh?" I laugh. "Very weird. Now come on, or we'll both be having weird dreams in heaven when my father kills us for being late."

"Okay…here we are." We push open the doors of the hall and notice how many people are here. The Palace Guard, my mother, my father, lots of people. Eugene gulps; he probably stole from half these people at some point. My father motions for us to sit down, and he begins talking.

"Mister Fitzherbert, my sources tell me you're quite the good swordsman and fighter. Would you say that's correct?" Eugene furrows his eyebrows.

"I wouldn't really know, sir, but I think my skills are at least satisfactory. I beat up Greno in training yesterday," he says with a smirk. My father chuckles, and quickly regains his composure.

"In that case, my boy, you will be just fine going to the kingdom of Kahni and helping them fight off rogue warriors. You will head out tomorrow evening. This meeting is dismissed!"

I can't even move in my chair; neither can Eugene. It feels like someone dropped a stone in my stomach, a cold and hard stone.

I wish these last minutes were just a dream.

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