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Sad Tango

It was the president of LME's birthday. Well, you can guess what he'd do. He threw a really, very huge party and all of LME's employees were invited, plus all of his high class friends. It was a masquerade ball, so all people were in a costume and a mask. LME employees were allowed to borrow costumes from the costume department's huge room full of costumes.

The party was held at the president's biggest villa. It was packed with people. Everywhere there were people, the grand hall, the dance hall, the rooftop that has a huge pool, the garden, everywhere. The grand hall where the main party was, has a big stage where all of LME's actors, actresses, bands, singers and talents could perform. Every places there was a huge screen for them to see the performances without them going to the grand hall.

Every single actors, actresses, bands, singers and talents had to perform because the president announced it to them a month before his birthday. He wanted all of them to perform on his birthday as a birthday present. All of them could perform in groups or solo as long as they performed and entertained him and all the guests.

The president, dressed as a Royal King with a mask, was sitting on his huge throne directly in front of the stage. He enjoyed every single one of their performances. The bands and singers performed their new singles with their own version of a birthday song. The talents performed comical skits that made the president laughed. The actors and actresses perform scenes that made the president cry, laugh, smile, frustrated and all the other emotions. Some danced. Maria even played the piano for her grandfather. It really was a joyful event and everybody got to see it from beginning to end.

But what the president was so curious, excited and anxious about was LME's number one actor Tsuruga Ren and number one love me member, Mogami Kyoko who still had not performed. He was excited before when Kotonami Kanae stepped out onto the stage and performed with other actors. He thought for sure that Kyoko would perform with her one and only best friend. But he was disappointed when the performance ended and neither Kyoko nor Ren came out onto the stage yet. Then, the president was startle out of his thoughts and every one on the hall gasped in surprised when the hall suddenly blacked out.

"No need to panic everyone." The host of their little show assured them. "Now, for our last performance of the night. There's a little request from our performers that everyone would please refrain from taking their phones or cameras out because their performance is a bit of a spoiler for their upcoming movie and they do not want this to leak out. Thank you for your cooperation." The audience applauded and everyone was silent again because it was still so dark.

The music started at the same time as a single spot light shone and revealed a man dressed in a black suit with a fedora hat and a newspaper in hand. The hat was hiding his face but it was clear that he was not reading his newspaper but looking straight to something in the darkness. When the music made a loop, a second spot light shone and revealed a single petite woman dressed in red dress that stopped on her mid thigh. Her hair was up in a bun with a single white rose pinned to the side of the bun. When the spot light shone on her, she was in a sexy pose and then she began dancing sexily with her small body. Her right leg bended down a little and her left leg was a step in front of the other causing her butt to stick out sexily. She moved her hips sexily and she moved her hands straight up one after the other and then slowly rand them down on her neck.

The audience whispered among themselves asking who do they think the performers were.

The music did another loop and the man stood up and threw his newspaper away. Red background lights dimly shone in the back as he slowly walked to the to the woman who continued with her dance. With spotlights still following them, he circled her around her as he gazed at her movements so intensely. Another loop and the woman started walking away from him and he followed her a meter away. As the woman walked, it revealed that her dress had an open back down to the small of her back. Near the end of the loop, he grabbed her wrist and he pulled her to him and left hand clasped her right hand as they held it up to shoulder level and his right hand on her left shoulder blade as her left hand on his right shoulder. A perfect posture for a tango. At the same time a voice started singing.

What I gotta do to make you mine

Where should I begin my search to find

Any clue that you might left behind

Her leg slid up his hips as she stretched her long legs to her back attractively and they gazed in each others eyes. He took a few steps backwards dragging her with him in that position. She stood back up as she let go of him and did a twirl away from him. After the twirl she held her hand out and he took it and she let go again and did a more twirls in his direction all the while his hand on her waist. He took a step to where she was before and they ended up switching sides. Their hands to the proper posture but her left hand stretched out to her side as they lowered themselves, her right and his left leg bent with her left and his right leg stretched out in a line to the floor behind them.

Baby please give me a sign

I can never walk away like this

Giving up on you

They slowly stood back up with their forehead pressed together and she slowly lowered herself a little as she moved her right foot in a letter C or O on the floor ending back to where it was. Then she bent her knees and made kind of like a quick kick with her right foot to her back left and put it back down. Then they stepped sideways with their bodies pressed together. They made a complete turn in that position as the woman slid up her right leg up to his hips. They ended their turn with his left leg bended down and his right and her left leg stretched in a line to the floor. His bended leg supporting her right leg that slid up to his hips. Then he dipped her without him leaning forward towards her.

The audience held their breath as they watched and marveled at the woman's beauty, flawless skin and the heat that the two dancers were emitting.

And it's true

It's the only one thing that I'm sure

Only one thing that is so pure

Pure enough my heart can cure

He helped her back up they stood on their stretched out leg. The leg that slid up his hips did not touch the ground as she bended it and swing it in a line from front to back. And they did some kind of tango footwork that looked like they were teasing each other and playing with their foot. Then, with two hands holding the others he turned him towards him causing her hands to cross and trapped her to him with. Both of them facing forward with her back pressed to his chest. The audience were so engrossed by the couples movements. People who were not in the grand hall had their eyes glued to the big screen in their respective places. Most people were blushing looking at the dancers.

There's so much I can endure

Baby can you please come back to me

To my arms, please

She let go of his hands and his right hand went just below her right breast. Her right hand covered his and both of their left hand holding each other were stretched out to their sides. They moved together four steps to the side and on the fifth step, the woman stretched out her right leg to her side and put it back down. Then he let her twirl around twice and they ended up back in the proper posture again.

It's too late to say this words of redemption

I should have known better

If I can turn back the clock I'd do anything and everything

She walked to the chair nearby where the guy sat in the beginning and sat crossed leg. The guy slid on the floor on his knees towards her and stopped just on front of her. He took one of her leg in his hand and kissed it. The woman turned the other side of the chair and they both stood up. She turned around to face him and she climbed on the chair. She turned on one foot as she learned her back on to his shoulders. Her hand gripped around his shoulders and neck as he caught her on her back and leg. It was kind of a princess style carry but the woman had her right hand all the way to her right leg and her torso stretched out in a hard, beautiful line with her left leg bent up. And he twirled them around a few times.

The audience could not help but applaud at their captivating dance.

All I need is just one more chance

Let me prove my love to you, let me show you

Let me tell you how much I miss you

You're all that I need, girl

He put her down on her feet. Back to their proper posture but their bodies two feet away. She bended her left knee up and moved her body on one foot from side to side again and again. He guided her with his hand protectively on her back as they gaze at each other's eyes. With his left and right hand holding each other, he twirled her a few times away from her ending in a pose away from each other. His left knee bended down and the other leg stretched out to the floor behind him. Both of his hand stretched to her in front and the other to the back. She had her back to him with her legs in the same position like him and her right hand stretched out to the back which was still holding his. Her other hand was on her hip. She turned and slapped his hand away and he turned around too with both their legs like their position as before but with the opposite limbs. The woman then walked up to him and passionately hugged him from the back shaping up to him. Then, her left leg slid up to his hip.

The audience gawked at the two enchanting performers. Most men right that moment wished they were the man she was dancing with.

Finding ways to get you back

Everyday I'm asking to myself

What's the reason that you turn your back to me

How am I supposed to live

She pulled away and ran backwards several steps away from him as he turned around to face her and follow her. Then she lowered herself with her right leg stretched out behind her on the floor. He caught up to her and stood in front of her, looking at each other. He took a step to her right side and lowered himself a little and helped her stood up with his right hand on the back of her neck. She twirled and turned and his hand following the movements to the back of her neck as she ended up with her back facing him and she lowered her upper body behind her and he caught her by the back of her neck so she would not fall to the floor. He helped her up by the back of her neck and his two hands quickly grabbed the sides of her waist and pulled her to him.

People gasped loudly at the sudden intimate movements. It was making them want to dance with them too. When the men wished that they were the ones dancing with the female dancer, the women now wished that they were the ones dancing with that one sexy man.

Searching places you might be

Anywhere I'll go if I can meet, oh

You and tell you how I need you here with me

I can't live without your love

His left hand let go but his right remained as they both took a few steps forward in that position. On the fourth step the man stop but the woman continued until he stopped her by holding both her upper arms near the elbows. Then she twirl around and around until she was back in his arms again. His was facing kind of sideways of his body. He left leg bended and holding his weight as the right leg stretched out to the floor which was where he was facing and she shaped up to his position. She leaned her head back as he ran his hand down her arm.

They straightened up and she twirled twice away from him but their hand still connected. Then she let go and twirled back to his side. Her arm on her shoulders and his hand on her side. He bended down on his knees and she jumped up legs folded and sat on his thigh. With their combined efforts, he lifted her to the side as she kicked her right leg up to the side. Then he swung her to face him and the leg that she kicked up wrapped on his hips and her other straight down to the floor. He was standing straight up as he dipped her effortlessly. It didn't end there, as he slowly moved them together to his right side with her in that position. Then he finally helped her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck bringing her face close to his. When their faces were about inches apart, the man took his fedora hat and covered both their faces as the music ended and the lights slowly went out.

"Wow." The host commented in a stunned voice as a single spotlight shone on him. He was standing at the side of the stage. "Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?" He asked as he fanned himself with his hand. All the people inside the hall agreed as they clapped and shrieked. "Ladies and gentlemen, that was the performance of…" He paused dramatically. "Tsuruga Ren and Kyoko."

A spot light shone on the couple on the center of the stage and the audience went crazy as people were love struck by the identities of the dancers. Ren had his arm around her back, holding the side of her waist. Kyoko kind of leaned on Ren's side as they tried to catch their breath. Kyoko's face was now flushed red and they smiled at their audience. The host walked over to them.

"Once again, wow!" The host said to them. "You two are H-O-T, Hot! How did you do that?" He asked and held out his microphone to them. Ren was the one who answered.

"Oh, we learned from you tube." Ren replied and the audience was silent for a second and then burst into laughter. "Well, we've been practicing for our movie, Crimson Silhouette." He answered seriously. The huge screen behind them showed the cover picture of their movie. It had a white background with a crimson silhouette of two dancers in an intimate tango dip. There were also red rose petals falling down unto them and the title of their movie at the bottom.

"So, that routine just now was from the movie?" The host asked curiously.

"Oh no, we would never do something like that." Kyoko furiously defended Ren's professionalism.

"We just made that routine up on our own. Anyway, Happy birthday president! Hope you liked our performance." Ren said. Then, the two of them bowed together and went out of the stage.

The president was in holding out his tears as he clasped his hands together tightly. But he could not hold it in and the tears of pure bliss flowed down his cheeks. Oh Ren, I did not like it, I LOVED IT! The president shouted in his head. Aah… At last, there is a tiny light of hope shining down upon them.

The huge screen played a portion of their dance and with their identity revealed, it really showed what they mean by crimson in the title of their movie because as people (both male and female) watched the short clip, crimson blood flowed out from their nose.

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