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El Tango de Roxanne

It was the premiere of Ren and Kyoko's movie Crimson Silhouette. The both of them went together to the event and the reporters were having a field day when they saw the two of them. At first they didn't recognize the most breathtaking lady in the arm of the number one actor in Japan. They just crazily took picture after picture as the two posed for them in the red carpet. Then, Kyoko and Ren had to go for a brief interview. It was red carpet protocol. They couldn't avoid it.

They had asked who was his most beautiful date and Ren let out a laugh that surprised everyone. Kyoko was surprised and then she blushed at how they described her.

It's just because I'm with Tsuruga-san, she thought to herself.

"Everyone, this is Kyoko-san, my beautiful co-star in this movie premiering tonight." He introduced her to the eager reporters behind the line of the red carpet with a smug smile.

They didn't see that coming. They were stunned for a second. Luckily for the interviewer who was one of the only four hosts who were allowed to interview the actors inside the red carpet had recovered instantly.

"Wow! You look spectacular, Kyoko-san." Commented the female host. "That's a very nice dress. Who made it?"

Kyoko was wearing a red flowing Grecian style dress. It had crisscross neckline style from her breasts to her neck. It had a horizontal diamond cut on her belly under her breasts but was covered by sheer see-through red fabric. All the way down was the same sheer see-through red fabric flowing down covering her feet and trained down her back as she walked. But she had a solid red fabric underneath the sheer fabric that intrigued everyone if it really covered all her legs or not. Her hair was black and in a messy attractive waves all the way to the middle of her back which covered the flesh that was exposed by crisscross sheer fabric design of the back. She had smokey eyes and bright red lips. She looked absolutely stunning.

Kyoko answered the rehearsed line she was forced to memorized earlier, "It's from the new summer collection of Swan."

"Wow! You are one lucky girl to wear one of the very famous designer's work! It certainly looks fabulous on you." The host commented. "So, what can we expect from this movie tonight?"

"Well..." Ren started to reply, "you can certainly expect that we did our best to make this movie enjoyable and everyone can relate to it even if they're not that interested in dancing."

"That's sounds promising. I'm sure everyone is excited." She, herself, was excited. "So, how was the filming and preparations for the role? We know this was both your first time doing a dance movie."

"The preparation and practice really was hard work. I mean, I do martial arts and a little gymnastics which makes break dancing easy for me, but the ballroom dancing part was completely new." Ren replied.

"How about you, Kyoko-san?"

"It was completely difficult." She answered honestly. "I have no experience in dancing whatsoever. I was a complete novice. Our instructors had to teach me everything from scratch but they said it worked out fine because I didn't have any habits to break, so I absorbed everything they taught me quickly. The most difficult part for me was the touching. You know, getting comfortable with your partner and his touch." She concluded with a pink tint to her cheeks.

"How about the filming, was it easier or much harder than the practice?"

"The filming was very fun." Ren answered. "We practiced all the routines a lot of times, so it came naturally when the time came to shoot it. We had a really great time with all the staff and crew while filming this movie. We are both very thankful for their hard work."

The reporters shouted their questions when the official interview ended, especially about their relationship outside the big screen. But they just smiled, waved and went on inside the theater. In the lobby when they arrived, fellow celebrities and showbiz people who attended had greeted and congratulated them. They met up with Lory, Yashiro, Kanae, Chiori and little Maria.

When the time came to watch the movie, they sat next to each other among their friends. Kyoko squirmed in her seat when their kissing scenes came on screen. Her cheeks burned hot and she unconsciously turned to Ren to hide her embarrassment. He happily obliged to comfort and assure her. When it ended, it was standing ovation with a deafening applause and cheers of approval. Kyoko was awestruck by the reaction and Ren stood proudly beside her.

There was a lot of buzz and congratulations on their way to their car. They finally had peace and quite when they got inside their very own limo without anyone accompanying them because they had to go early to the after party to prepare. But it was only a short ride to their after party. They also didn't have a choice but to go to it. The party was for them, so they couldn't really skip out.

"I welcome everyone to this party." The director of their movie greeted almost an hour after the premiere ended. "It is a very successful night for all of us who made this movie come to its fruition. We are very happy you are here to share our joy and the result of our hard work. I hope you will enjoy yourselves tonight. And as a thank you for being here with us, we will show you something awesome! Here are our stars for the night, performing their own version of El Tango de Roxanne."

Everyone applauded. They were excited to see the two stars perform in real life and in front of their very own eyes. And those who already saw the two performed at the president's birthday party were also excited to see them perform again. They were eager to see how good they really were. The dance floor of the venue was corralled by silver poles and big red rope-like things. The lights were turned off and they couldn't see a thing in the dance floor for a minute. Then the music came on and the lights went alive with it.

The wall at the very back of the empty dance floor lit up in white and they noticed that there was someone in the middle of the dance floor. They couldn't clearly see him in the dark but his silhouette was outlined by the brightly lit background.

The music was a simple hip hop beat. Then the silhouette of a tall man in overalls started dancing. He did some body popping hip hop moves, cart wheeled to his left quickly followed by a side flip. The audience who weren't part of the staff and crew of the movie whistled and clapped in admiration. They were a bit doubtful if it was really Tsuruga Ren on the dance floor or not. Who knows, the one dancing might be a professional back-up dancer.

He performed more cool popping and locking moves, then his two hands smacked to the floor between his parted legs and then he threw them like an air hand swipe counter-clockwise up behind his back and back down to the floor. He stood back up turned around and walked three steps to his left in robot style slow motion. He punched his fists in front of him, rotated his hips around as he keep stepping and turning back to his right right back to where he stood before the robot walk. He faced the audience, legs apart and then slowly lowered his back down like the limbo dance or game. But he went all the way to lay his back to the floor and pushed to jump back up to his feet standing. He did the air flare, continued to a little of head spin and quickly followed by back spins and then he pushed back up standing with his back facing the audience and stood still as his amazing solo came to an end.

Everyone was speechless at the performance, especially by the moves at the end. But they didn't have time to think much as something new added and blended to the simple hip hop beat that was still playing. Violins and string instruments sounded as it played the intro of the song El Tango de Roxanne.

As the new music started, a red spot light shone to the left side of the dance floor where a sexy woman in a sexy pose appeared. As the sensual music continued she danced her sexy way to the man still standing in the middle of the floor. The mouths and throats of the men around the room dried as the watched entranced by the sensual moves of the woman.

She wore a red dress with a corset design as a top with black lining. The waist had a black and white sparkling beads sewed around with a little V dip design in the front and back. And the skirt of the dress was a silk pencil style with a long slit up to her upper thigh which was lined with black. Her hair was the same as from the premiere and she just looked ravishing with it.

Will drive you!

Will drive you!

Will drive you!

She reached the man standing in the middle of the dance floor with his back to the audience. She pressed her body to his back. Her leg slid up to the side of his leg in a very provocative manner just as the a voice started singing. The hands she spread on his back slid up to his shoulders and then she stepped back the leg she slid up to his and then she tore the gray overalls he was wearing with his help by pulling the other side of the overalls in the front. It was held together through the side by velcro, so it was pretty easy to tear off.

The audience gasped in surprised and anticipation of what they were going to see beneath the overalls. Was it going to be a lot of flesh? The women held their breath when they saw his arms where bare but when it all came off and they throw the clothes far to the side so it won't interfere when they began dancing, it showed that he was wearing a white sleeveless undershirt with black suspenders attached to his black pants that has red line on the outer sides. But it was better than nothing because the shirt barely hid those gorgeous abs and pecs underneath.


The man turned and they could now finally confirm that it was indeed Tsuruga Ren doing those b-boy moves flawlessly. He took her by the waist and pulled her to him with his other hand behind her thigh and pulled it up to his hips just as the singer exclaimed, "MAD!" Her hands clung to his neck for support. The whole dance floor glowed red as it illuminated them.


You don't have to put on that red light
Walk the streets for money

You don't have to sell your body to the night

Kyoko pushed and took steps back away from Ren as the name of a woman was sung together with the music. She raised her arms and ran her palms from her neck into her hair and up in the air in a very enticing manner as she took two steps back slowly while swaying her hips to the side sexily. Ren followed into steps at arms length as he looked at her heatedly. Then he quickly went to her and had her in an open embrace tango position as they danced cross walk to the left of the dance floor. They stopped, snapped their heads from side to side and then danced to the right in a circle twice. They opened up their embraced and Kyoko lowered herself with one leg stretched to the back in a line on the floor as they both stretched their arms that aren't holding each other out to the opposite sides.

His eyes upon your face
His hand upon your hand
His lips caress your skin

Ren then slowly helped her up and she did a front boleo, flicking her right foot from side to side and then she hooked that leg under and over to Ren's right knee. Kyoko's side was propped to Ren's bent left thigh and they let go of each and spread their arms to the back while her leg and his thigh were the only thing holding them together. They embraced back as Ren helped Kyoko up. When they where standing, he twirled her twice stopping with her back to him. He pressed himself to her back and both his hands on top of hers made her caressed the side of her breasts down to her waist. Their right hands stretched open to the side while their others remained on Kyoko's waist, they took steps forward. Then, with their stretched hand folded back close to her waist, she used that to support herself as she pulled herself up and kicked both her legs up and nimbly stood back on her feet again.

The crowd gasped in awe at the heat, intimacy and amazing execution of the dance.

They both opened out their embrace and she twirled her way back to his arms. Ren held her by the waist, she had her hands on his shoulders for support and he slid her down with one of her leg bent and her foot still planted on the ground for support. He flipped her around in that position with her help while she had one of her arm up over her head.

Why does my heart cry?
Feelings I can't fight!
You're free to leave me but
Just don't deceive me!
And please believe me when I say

He helped her up and they went back to the normal embrace and they danced in a circle form then pause as she kicked her leg up, danced in a circle pattern on the dance floor again and kicked her leg up. They did it twice more. They ended in the middle back of the dance floor and then they snapped their heads in a quick side to side motion you see in most tangos and they walked towards the audience with a look close to anger but not quite yet. Then, they both kicked their legs up and Kyoko did some boleo again flicked her leg from side to side this time it was her left leg. And then she hooked her left over his left thigh and crossed her other leg over her left and she was now in a sitting position. Ren lowered himself a little to accommodate her sitting position but then stood up again as Kyoko's leg swung over and she stood on her feet again only to lower herself again while facing the front with her leg stretched out in a line on the floor to her back between Ren's parted legs.

He pulled her up, she twirled away from Ren, then right back to him and then he lifted her up. The small of her back on his shoulder as she bent her back out and left leg stretch out in a line to the side in front of Ren's face. He twirled them around and around and around. When they stopped, Kyoko pulled her upper body up sled down a bit to his arm and then she switched the stretched left leg with her right and she hooked her left to Ren's waist. Ren bent his knees a little and leaned back while Kyoko was in a dip position, her upper body, arms and hair hang to her back while her leg stick up and Ren holding her to the side of his hips.

And the music ended with their very intimate dip and the lights dimmed.

There was silence in the first twenty seconds after the music ended. Then came the round of applause, the whistles and shouts of approval, admiration and disbelief. They could not believe the great gentleman and professional Tsuruga Ren had just danced so passionately that they were all kind of embarrassed by the intimate moves the two had done on the dance floor. Not to mention those break dancing and body popping moves.

It was also mind boggling to them how the girl who played Mio, who made chills ran through their spine with just a glare, had now become a femme fatal on the dance floor that gave many men new kinds of fantasies spinning in their heads.

It was amazing to watch it on the big screen, but a whole other dimension to see it live for real. The heat and chemistry that the two gave off on the dance floor was doubled than in the big screen movie. It was amazing, breathtaking, mind boggling and at the same time a bit embarrassing because it was like watching two lovers making out or having foreplay on the dance floor right in front of them. But it wasn't uncomfortable because they made you feel like you were part of it, of their world.

Kyoko and Ren disentangled themselves as they breathed heavily from the exertion. Kyoko who was now getting out of the zone of her dancing mood, was starting to look like the color of her dress. But they both had a smile on their faces. Kyoko had a bit of a shy smile and Ren, a proud smile. Ren supported her by the small of her back as she leaned on his side because she still wasn't quite steady on her feet. Then, the bowed to their audience. The director came to them with a mic in hand.

"Amazing and hot performance as usual, you two!" He praised them. He held out the mic to them and then pulled it back near his mouth. "Let's give them a chance to catch their breath first, Minna. The story of this song they performed is about a prostitute and a man who fell in love with her. It's a love-hate kind of relationship."

"Now, I think they're ready to talk." He held out the microphone to them.

"Thank you very much everyone for your support, especially to all the staff, crew and every single one involved in making this movie."Ren said to their audience. "I hope you enjoyed our performance."

"Thank you very much for everyone here and to those who helped me throughout this movie. Thank you very much to my instructors who were very patient as they taught and helped me with my problems. And to the director and people who chose me for this role, I thank you with all my heart. And lastly, to my co-star," Kyoko turned to Ren and smiled. "Thank you for your patience, kindness and help when I had touch and modesty issues. I couldn't have done this well without you."

"No problem. What are friends for? Besides, you are helping me with my eating problem." Ren who was getting comfortable talking with Kyoko by his side and his hand on her back was getting carried away and continued as he looked down at her. "Although, I think I'm having another eating problem. I am getting addicted to your cooking, Kyoko-chan."

Kyoko's jaw dropped as she looked up at him.

"Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko shouted in disbelief and reprimand to her beloved, er, no, respected senpai. Then, she lightly hit him on his upper arm.

Ren only chuckled and couldn't help but leaned in and put a kiss on her temple. Kyoko turn another shade of red and he faced the audience again with a boyish crooked smile. "Thank you so much for coming everyone and please enjoy the rest of the night."

They bowed again together with the director who was chuckling along with Ren. He was used to Ren teasing his delightful costar. Then, they exited the dance floor.

Most of the audience stared with their jaw dropped at the two co-stars. They couldn't decide if it was just their character that made them act like that or they really were that close. It really was a night of wonders. The crews and staff of the movie who were dressed for partying and were used to Ren and Kyoko like that during the filming just smiled amused at the two and clapped. Soon, those stunned audiences woke up from their daze and clapped along the rest.

Kanae only rolled her eyes at the two of them. She knew the guy was head over heels in love with her best friend. It was only a matter of time before her best friend realized it. Yashiro on the other hand was on seventh heaven. He was always like that whenever he witnessed the two being lovey-dovey or something like it. Kanae elbowed him on the side.

Maria wasn't allowed in the after party because it was too adult for her and there was too much drinking happening. But Sebastian was taking a video of their performance so she could watch it the next day.

The president beamed so happily to himself. It was going along well, his mission of hooking those two together. He could see that they were at love's doorstep. They only have to take one step inside and they were home free.

Aw, and there's gonna be cute little babies coming soon! Oohh! I'm so excited. I'm sure they're gonna be adorable little angels! President thought in excitement.

Well...it's going along well, just as the president was thinking. They're getting closer to each other. Some walls have been knocked down... A thousand more to go... Hahaha just kidding. Well, I hope you liked and enjoyed this. I made the dancing just a bit shorter. It's easier for me to write and for you to understand. :) I don't know if I'll write another chapter of tango but only time will tell. Thank you for reading, reviewing, following and fav-ing... Love you guys! Oh, and Happy Valentine's day! Although I don't really celebrate it... But I'm all for sharing and showing love to the people most important to you... Read yah next update on my other stories... ^_^ take care!