Title: I Miss You
Author: Vashti
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Pete Wisdom, Kitty Pryde
Rating: G
Summary: Somehow, Kitty always manages to give Pete a gift for his birthday.
Length: ~250 words
Disclaimer: I don't know you, you don't know me. Let's keep it that way.
Feedback: Please, especially as it concerns Pete
Dedication: written for badgerling at livejournal (who actually likes this! Woot!) Also dedicated to my little brother, the best Pete Wisdom I've ever known.
Note: Originally written for livejournals comment_fic: X-Men, Pete Wisdom/Kitty Pryde, she still sends him a gift on his birthday.

I Miss You
by Vashti

He's not sure how Kitty does it. He's not sure why she does it.

No, that's a lie. He knows why. Just doesn't want to think on it too hard. Might mean he'd have to do something about that reason.

But he still doesn't know how she always knows where he is, or where he's about to be when his birthday rolls around. Some years it's easy, of course. He's not always on the move. Then again he hardly knows where he'll end up when he is.

Pete frowns and scratches at the space between his eyes. Cigarette dangling from his lips he shakes the box that's been delivered instead of shaking his head.

Those couple of years when they'd all thought he was dead? The worst. The absolute worst. Mostly in the beginning when it was all fresh and her guilt (all those fights) felt extra weighty. But even after the initial raw burn had died (Ha! Raw burn. The wisecracks Pete could make out of that) there was something numb and dead and disbelieving where there had once been a Pete Wisdom, and no one after had been able to fix it.

Then it turned out the rotten bastard was alive!

Ugh. Jerk.

But so long as the birthday presents she sent him never came back stamped Return To Sender, it was okay.

Now if she could only get him to stay still, because if she had to sit through one more of Forge's sly remarks about stalking her exes...