AN: Hey guys, I'm going to try to update, like really, really soon, but some of you have mistaken this as my story, and it flatters me, quite honestly, but this is for a friend at deviantart, she wrote it, not me! I even mentioned that in the summary! But she is now claiming that she never said that I could post this, so I don't know if I'll continue with editing it and posting it! If you are really desperate and want to read it without any editing, (and I do mean none, it's almost immpossible to read at times, that's why I started posting it here) then you can find it at deviantart, and the original authors name is Little Miss Mulan 2011. But unless you have an acount there, you can't read several of the chapters because they have a mature block on them! So, if you guys think that I should edit the rest and put them up on fanfiction, just leave a review, and I'll do it! If all of you think that I should finish editing it, then the next chapter would probably be up by next Sunday!

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