Sitting down to dinner, Shang became very quiet. Zu wanted to know why Li Shang was here. What was the son of a general doing here?

"So, Li Shang, may I ask what your doing here?" Zu said in a confused manner.

Shang was nervous, he had no idea how to explain it, "Well, you see, I am here because," Shang paused, trying to think of what he wanted to say. Just as he was about to admit the truth, Shang saw the helmet. "To bring back her helmet, yeah, I didn't want her to lose her helmet," Shang said nervously

"I see." Zu said. "So, how do you know my daughter?"

"I am her captain, sir," he stated.

"Oh, so you are the one who trained my daughter, I can see you did quite a good job."

"Thank you sir, she is quite a good soldier, she could really pull off looking like a man, she had me fooled. Well, I mean not that she looks like a man she is quite beautiful, no, what I mean is..."

"Haha, I know what you mean boy." Zu said kindly.

Shang laughed, to try and hide his embarrassment.

Shang sat there quietly, poking his food with his chopsticks.

Mulan could not believe how nice her father was being to Shang, unless he didn't know.

Mulan looked at Mai-li and mouthed out "Did you tell him?"

She mouthed out "No." Both mulan and Mai-li look towards Zu and Shang.

"So, my boy, I have something serious to ask you," Zu said as he sat down his cup of tea.

"Yes sir." Shang began to worry, this was it he was going to ask why he did this to his daughter

"Captain!" Zu yelled, "I want you to tell me now!"

Shang fell back off his knees.

"I want you to tell me which one of your soldiers did this to my daughter!"

Shang stopped." What?" Shang asked confused. Did Fa Zu just say what he think he said?

"Captain, I need to know now! This man will not be allowed to get away with this! Not with what he has done to my daughter."

Shang sat back up on his knees, "Sir? I don't think you understand."

"I think I understand perfectly. I need to know who this man is now!"

"Sir, I really don't think any of my soldiers…"

"Captain Li, don't you dare stand up for this man!"

"Sir I am the father!" Shang said as he stood up quickly.

Fa Zu was shocked, and so was Shang.

"Did that just come out of my mouth?" he thought

Shang watched as Fa Zu's face filled with anger "You." he said coldly

Shang took a few steps back, "Sir please I didn't mean to say it like that, I..."

"I should have guessed. He resembles you, you bastard!"

"Baba!" Mulan yelled.

"Mulan you stay out of this!" Zu yelled at his daughter.

Zu began to walk towards Shang. Shang began to start backing up, "Sir if you would please understand, I love your daughter."

"Well if you loved my daughter why did you do this to her?"

"Sir, I didn't think this would happen!" Shang said as he stumbled over his own feet.

"Of course you didn't, you perverted bastard! All you wanted is to take advantage of my daughter! That is why you left her alone to fend for herself and her new born child in the middle of the snow, with nothing to survive on. All you care about is your self!"

Shang stopped in his tracks, "Sir I never wanted to leave Mulan and our new born child alone, it's just, I don't think you would understand, sir."

"I think I understand perfectly." Zu said coldly.

"But sir you don't understand."

Zu became enraged, and punched Shang. Blood came rushing out of Shang's nose. Shang fell to his knees and grabbed his nose.

"Shang!" Mulan yelled as she rushed to his side, "Are you ok?" Mulan said as she look over his face.

"Mulan, get away from him." Zu said in a cold tone.

"No Baba." Mulan said as she leaned closer to Shang.

"How dare you defy me once more!" Fa Zu yelled.

Li and Mai-li quickly grabbed Mulan and moved her away from Shang. Zu grabbed Shang by the collar. "If you ever touch my daughter again, you will never live to see your son again." Zu said as he threw Shang to the floor. "Now get out of my house!"

Shang slowly got up, he took his last glance at Mulan.

"Goodbye my love." he said to Mulan, but it was too low for her to hear.

Mulan watched as Shang walked out, "Shang!" she said under her tears. Li began to hold Mulan close. She patted her daughter's back as Mulan began crying on her shoulder.

Mai-li waited until Shang was out, then she quickly stood up.

"What is wrong with you Zu?" Mai-li said angrily.

"Mai, you have nothing to do with this."

"Nothing to do with this, what happened to you? You never used to talk to me like this."

"Mai, just be quite!"

"Zu!" Grandma yelled

"Now I think you should listen to your sister! She had a hand in raising you, so you better treat her like you would treat me!"


"Don't 'Mother' me Zu! you know damn well that you were too hard on that boy! If you would just pay attention you would see that he does love her, he came back, and you could also tell that by how Mulan treats him. He loves Mulan and he loves his son!" She paused "Now go get him, and give him a chance!"

Mulan looked up happily.

"Go get him." Zu said.