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"Do we really have to do 'catch and fire' again?" Bromley said in disappointment. Derek replied, "Sorry, Brom. Rogers' orders." Bromley moaned.

Derek is a handsome young man with dark brunette hair at approximately neck length and eyes that are bluer than the sky. He is a kind prince and cunning warrior.

Bromley is Derek's friend who has a little more weight than Derek. He has brunette hair, also. Bromley has a habit of cheating at most games.


Bromley, now in armor, put his helmet on and tied an apple to his head with a string. Both Bromley and Derek had a bow, but only Bromley has an arrow. "Ready?" Derek said, now far away from Bromley, clutching his bow tightly. Bromley stuttered, but said, "Ready."

Derek turned, which were the rules of the "game."

Bromley, quivering, tried to aim at the space between Derek's shoulders. Bromley repeatedly said, "Oh please, oh please, oh please..."

On the other side, Derek twitched his fingers and grinded his left boot into the dirt, prepared for the arrow. "Come on, Brom," Derek whispered, "Hold it steady."

Bromley stopped speaking and fired his arrow. The arrow zipped through the air, making a whistling noise as it moves. Derek's expression was elert.

Derek swiftly turned and caught the arrow. It took a single second for him to aim, and then shot his arrow.

The arrow sliced the aple that was on top of Bromley's head right in half. Bromley collapsed to the ground. Derek chuckled, "Are you alright?" "...I see stars..." Bromley replied.


Everyone was asleep, even Derek.

Silence filled the castle in which Derek lives.

Someone sat on a branch in a tree next to Derek's window. The dark figure wore a cloak. After a while, the branch snapped off of the tree.

Derek's eyes opened faster than he could blink. He hurried to the window, but all he saw was the fallen branch. "That's odd," Derek said. It started to rain.

After examining the branch carefully, he shrugged his shoulders and turned to face his bed. He saw a note on his pillow. He picked it up and read the words outside the folded paper, "From Isacc...?" He opened the note and read it aloud, "I have taken Odette. If you want her back, find me in the forest...!"

Derek gaped in despair. "Oh no..!" he whispered, "Odette..!"

Derek hurried outside and onto his horse to head to the forest.

Halfway to the forest, lightning struck, surprising the horse. The animal swiftly leaned backward, causing Derek to fall onto the muddy ground. The horse ran off to find shelter.

Derek glared in disappointment. He stood up, grabbed his bow and hurried to the forest as fast as his long legs would carry him.

As he continued running, the rain slowly stops pouring.

When Derek reached the forest, the rain stopped completely. He stopped running and put his hands on his knees, panting.

After a while, the sound of a stick breaking entered Derek'd ears. He quickly pulled an arrow away from his pack and looked around, aiming his arrow wherever he looked.

It was a false alarm. He put his arrow away and walked deeper into the forest. "I have to be careful," Derek whispered to himself, "Isaac can be anywhere..."

Derek turned as soon as he heard a thud from behind him.

"Hello, 'Prince' Derek," the figure said, "My name is Isaac, the spirit summoner. You may have heard of me, for I was in a story that your mother told." Derek gasped at the thought.

Isaac continued, "You may have also heard of Daniel. He was a man among men. An extraordinary one, you might add. But when he turned eight-teen, his parents died at the same time. A night after that, while on a walk with his girlfriend, he slaughtered her. Ever since then, Daniel vowed to murder anyone who dares take a single stride in this very forest on the night of a full moon, although he never killed during the day."

"Daniel died a year later, which was the exact moment that you were born. I would call you a miracle child. But, then again, you might have never heard of the psychopath, for he wasn't alive during your time."

Derek clutched Isaac's shoulders and said with fury in his words, "What have you done to Odette?" Isaac laughed and said, "I have never done anything of the sort. It was a trick to lure you here." "Why would you?"

Isaac presented a pea-sized orb and said, "Daniel's soul is right here. He wishes for a body; one that has exellent aim, is physically and mentally healthy, and is great with a sword and arrows." Derek gaped in despair. Isaac continued, "There is only one person I know that has all three characteristics, and that is you, Derek."

Isaac was hoping that the sentence would make him let go, but Derek only tightened his grip and said, "What do you mean..?"

Isaac shoved Derek away from him and said, "Brace yourself. This will hurt like Hell."

A dark light came from the orb for a few seconds, then a dark crimson mist rose from the orb. It just stood there, pausing...waiting to attack. When all of the mist exited the orb, it lunged itself at Derek, entering through his heart.

Derek clutched his chest, trying to prevent the mist from entering, but fails. Isaac wore the Devil's grin. Derek fell to his right knee. The mist continued entering through his chest, but with more force for each passing second. Derek screamed in agony.

After a single minute, the mist finished entering, leaving Derek on all-fours, panting. He looked up and saw that Isaac was disappearing in thin air. As he did so, he said, "The curse will take effect on the next night of the full moon. By the way, the only way to lift it is to die..." he vanished. Derek sat up, still on his knees. "What the hell..?" he said quietly.