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One month later (8 months remaining)

Evening (full moon)

Odette and Derek were walking in the woods. "Um…Derek?" she said, "There was something that I wanted to ask you for a while." "What is it?" "Who did this to you? What happened?" Derek sighed and said, "A man named Isaac forced a curse on me by allowing a spirit of a psych killer enter my body. He takes over on every night of the full moon."

Odette looked with curious eyes, saying, "Who's Isaac?" "I don't know," Derek replied, "I've only seen him once. But I have to break the curse by eight months or I'll die." "How can we lift it?" "According to Isaac, death is the only way to lift it." "Suicide?" "No, Odette. Homicide." Odette gasped.

"I don't know why, "Derek said, "But it's the only way to lift it. But I can't just stand here and wait for an archer. What should I do?" "I'm not sure…" Odette said.

"That's it!" Derek said, "I know the perfect way!"

The couple stopped walking. Derek grabbed a sword from a tree and handed it to Odette. He walked towards the tree and leaned against it. He grabbed Odette's wrist and told her to lightly grab his neck. He grabbed the armed wrist and positioned the sword inches from his neck.

"Use the sword and slit my neck," Derek said in an unruffled tone, "I won't stop you, Odette." Odette gaped with moist eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gazed into Derek's hopeless blue eyes.

Odette closed her eyes tightly and tried to, mentally, tell her quivering hand to cut Derek's neck. Before she even made the slightest cut, Odette dropped the sword. "I can't do it," she said, "I just can't…" "I understand…" Derek said.

After five strides, a whistle sound came from behind them. They turned and saw an arrow, shooting straight at Derek. Odette tackled Derek to the ground, keeping him away from the arrow.

A silhouette of an archer was present 15 feet away from them.

Derek and Odette hurried off with dirty clothes on their backs. The couple stopped running after running ¾ of a mile.

Derek looked at the sky. The moon has risen.

His eyes turned vermillion as a dangerous heartbeat occurred. Daniel's dark blood erupted from the heart and rocketed through his veins.

Odette stepped closer to him, but Derek said, "Go, Odette…!" "But Derek..!" "Go!" Odette nodded and hurried away. In the distant ten feet that Odette ran, Derek's shouts can be heard.

Moments later, Odette stopped at Swan Lake to meet her animal friends; Puffin, Speed, and Jean-Bob.

"What's going on, Odette?" Puffin said. Speed added, "Is everything OK?" "No," Odette said, "Someone forced a curse onto Derek. Now on every night of the full moon, he gets possessed and kills anyone in the forest or near the lake!"

"It's that Rothbart person, Madamewoselle?" Jean-Bob said, "Or Clauvious? Zelda?" "Even worse," Odette said, "It's a person named Isaac."

An arrow was shot by Odette's side. She turned. It was Derek. "Everybody run!" Odette said before running off with Speed in her arms. Jean-Bob hopped away and Puffin flew off. Derek raced after Odette.

While running, Odette said, "I don't understand! Why is he after me?" "Maybe because you're more noticeable," Speed replied, "You know, with the white dress and all…" "…not helping…" Odette said through gritted teeth.

An arrow landed right next to Odette's heel. She kept running.

(Hours later)

Odette stopped by a tree, wanting to rest. She looked behind her to see if she was followed. No one was there.

She turned back around and saw that Derek was right in front of her.

Odette, startled, fell backwards onto the dirt. Derek pulled out his sword and pointed the end of it at Odette's forehead. She gaped in despair.

A glimmer of hope was in Odette's violet eyes. The sun was rising.

Daniel's eyes faded away until they were Derek's own eyes.

Odette stood up slowly as Derek drops his sword. She hugged her cursed husband and refused to let go. Derek did the same.