Storm picked her way through the remains of the factory with great care. It had yet to be reclaimed after the Brotherhood's attack and remained in the same state as it had when she had last been there. The floor was littered with rubble, the machinery was smashed, the walls covered in cracks. She wondered if there was enough of the production line still intact for her purpose. She hoped there was. It wasn't as if she was asking for an army. Just one body.

When she had got in touch with Forge, reminding him of his promise to her, he had been all too eager to help. He felt his superiors would't approve and she suspected he was right. So they hadn't told them. With all the reconstruction work going on after Apocalypse's attack. coupled with the virtual destruction of what remained of the Brotherhood, the factory and the roboguards were far down the government's list of priorities. A private project could easily slip under the radar.

She had been surprised when Forge had accomplished the first stage of her plan with such ease. The second stage might be more difficult. But that would not be down to her or Forge. And she had faith in the person on whose shoulders success or failure would rest.

She had begun to despair of finding anything in the factory of use when she noticed a computer monitor still alight. She hurried over to it and inserted the computer disc she had brought with her. If she could get the information into its memory, that would be a start.

"Downloading new physical parameters,"a computer voice reported.

Storm looked at the screen as it brought up the digital image of its new assignment. A perfect computer model of the body and face of Professor Xavier.

She hesitated for a moment. Was this the right thing to do? What would the consequences be? But she knew the course of action she had decided upon was the only one open to her. She set to work.

Sorry to leave it like that but I thought it needed a hook into a sequel. Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you thought of the end. I do have some vague ideas as to how to follow on from it, which I might get around to writing at one point, but I've got other things I want to concentrate on for the moment.