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The Possible Storm

Chapter Three


The Doctor was in the TARDIS fiddling with various levers and knobs on the control console. It was an hour before his first class started so he thought a closer look was in order.

Diagnosing the problem was simple. The TARDIS was working perfectly fine. The problem was that for some unknown reason it wasn't working. Confusing, right?

His best guess was that somehow the TARDIS couldn't access any of the artron energy it needed. Something or someone was preventing him from leaving this time and place.

This is turning into an interesting side trip, he thought.

He stepped outside the TARDIS and into the school parking lot. He managed to attract a group of students. He smiled and waved at them before locking the TARDIS and walking off to his class, as if walking out of a blue police box was normal.

Kim and Ron happened to be a part of that group. The Doctor being gone before anyone else woke up was one thing, but seeing him leave an old blue police box was another. The strangest thing about it, Kim thought anyway, was the fact that it looked brand new; almost as if it was made just the day before.

Kim had a meeting at Global Justice with its leader, Dr. Director, after school. She had a few issues with what had been going on with the disappearances. And given the weirdness of the Doctor, she thought that she should ask Dr. Director and see if GJ knew anything about him.

She had contacted Wade the previous night and learned of her mother's inquiry about the Doctor. Wade said that the 'Doctor' alias might help narrow his search.

She would expect Drakken to do something as stupid as kidnapping so many villains and heroes, but he just wouldn't be able to.

She knew that Shego had nothing to do with it; especially after seeing that it was a man committing at least one of the kidnappings.

But the blue glow and the super strength it gave the user pointed to Shego's older brother, Hego. She just couldn't imagine that being possible in the least.

So if all the potential candidates were ruled out, then who could have done it? Granted, GJ suspected that some villains just did the smart thing and hid quickly enough, so the pool of suspects was larger than it probably should be.

On top of the Doctor and the kidnappings, she had to find the courage ask her potential date to go to the dance with her. Ferociously hard, she thought.

But for now she had to deal with her new mysterious and now fez wearing teacher.

"DRAKKEN!" the shout rang throughout the lair of Drew Lipsky, AKA Dr. Drakken.

Henchmen parted, fled more like it, to allow Shego to stomp forward unimpeded.

She was pissed. More than pissed. The blue scientist was going to be put up in a hospital for weeks to come.

She came upon what Drakken called his office. Strangely, she saw a desk with a computer and a phone in next to the door, with a man sitting behind it.

The man looked young, a little pudgy, and was wearing glasses, but more importantly he was new. In fact, she noticed a lot of new henchmen wandering the lair. She's gone for a week and Drakken gets new lackeys without her giving them a once over, is he freaking retarded, she thought.

"Hey new meat, who the hell are you?" the man looked up and trembled at the rage filled question.

He gulped. "Mason ma'am."

"Mason what?"

"Carter ma'am," he said.

She leaned over the desk and held a plasma coated finger at his chest. "Call me ma'am again and you'll regret it. Now where is Drakken and what the hell are you doing here?"

"Um… I'm his secretary and I'm supposed to screen his calls… and visitors." The guy was a nervous wreck.

"Dr. D, open the damn door before I tear the walls around it down." She yelled.

The door opened and she heard an incredibly quiet whimper. "…come in…"

She stormed into the room and slammed the door behind her.

Drakken was cowering behind his desk, only his head visible. "What did I do this time... please don't hurt me."

"Why the hell are there GJ agents staking out my home?" she threw a plasma blast at his desk for emphasis. He yelped in fear.

"I-I… uh… don't know?" hoping that that was enough to quell her anger. Yeah, right.

"I swear if you're behind the disappearances. I. Will. Kill. You." She shot a plasma blast at his desk at each pause for emphasis.

"I'm not I swear." He said in a terrified scream.

"And where the hell did you get the new guys, and why?"

"I needed some extra bodies for heavy lifting so I thought I'd hire some… freelance, off the street people?" he said. "And a secretary sounded nice too."

Shego turned around and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked the still cowering man.

"To test the scrubs." She fired one more blast at his head. He ducked and hid under his desk.

"Carter!" she shouted as she left the office.

"Yes ma'ahh…n did you catch the game?" he said.

"Nice save. Gather the new guys and head to the training room." She said and she started to walk off.

"So you're going to teach us to fight, awesome." Carter said excitedly.

She turned her head to look back at him. "No. I'm going to take out my frustrations on you. Hurt you, in layman's terms." She started walking off again. "If you learn anything, good for you."

Carter gulped.

Kim opened her locker. Her locker was almost completely filled by a high-tech computer that Wade had installed. On the insider door of her locker was a mug shot of Dr. Drakken and above it was a full body picture of Shego.

The computer turned on and Wade appeared on it shortly after she opened the locker. "Hey Wade, what's the sitch?"

"We got a strange hit on the site." He typed away at his keyboard. "Monkey Fist wants us to save his life."

"He didn't get kidnapped and he wants us to save him?" she asked.

"Yep. Apparently he was on an archaeological dig at some ruins in the jungles of the Congo, so the kidnapper must've had trouble locating him."

"Or just didn't want him." Kim surmised.

"Could be." He said. "Anyway he was pressed for time and only managed to say that he unearthed something that is now killing his monkey ninjas and some archaeologist he kidnapped."

She didn't like the idea of helping a wanted criminal, but she couldn't let whatever it was kill him or any innocents. "Got a ride?"

He smiled. "There's a helicopter outside to take you to the airport and there's a jet waiting for you there. I'll contact Dr. Director and reschedule. Good luck on the mission." He cut the connection.

"Off to the Congo during school hours?" Kim practically slammed her locker shut at the sound of the Doctor's voice.

"Don't do that!" she yelled.

"Sorry," he didn't sound like he meant it. "So you can just skip school then?"

"Arrangement with the principal." She pushed past him. "I need to go find Ron so I'll see you later Doctor."

"If you're going to some kind of ancient ruins, I may be useful to you." The idea of something being unearthed and going on a killing spree intrigued him.

She stopped and turned to face him. "What do you know about ancient African ruins?"

"Enough," he said.

Cryptic as always, she mused.

"Don't you have classes to teach?" she really didn't want him tagging along.

"I'm sure that a substitute, substitute teacher could be found." He smiled and started walking down the hall. "I'll clear it with the principal."

When he was out of sight, she bolted through the halls. She found Ron trying to feed a crumbled and torn dollar to a vending machine.

He turned his head toward her. "Oh, hey KP. Can you spare a-"

She didn't even stop. She grabbed his arm and practically dragged him outside where she saw a military chopper idling outside. She dragged Ron inside and motioned for the pilot to hurry up.

When the chopper was safely in the air, she gave a sigh of relief.

"What… was that… about, KP?" Ron was trying to catch his breath.

"The Doctor wanted to come and I couldn't risk him getting hurt." Not entirely honest, but it sounded better than saying that he weirded her out.

"Thanks, that's very kind of you."

Kim practically had a heart attack. The Doctor was sitting next to her in the helicopter.

"When… how did you beat us?"

"You went after your friend and the pilot was kind enough to lend me his cell phone." He smiled. That smile that was really starting to get on Kim's nerves. "The principal said yes by the way. Also something about you having adult supervision for once."

She growled in frustration and stormed to the back of the chopper. "I'm changing into my mission gear. If any of you look I'll kick your butt."

She changed quickly while making sure the boys didn't sneak peeks. Her mission attire consisted of a midriff-baring black top, a pair of gloves, cargo pants, a utility belt and a pouch.

After she changed she told Ron to do the same. His mission attire was basically the same minus the midriff-baring part of his black top.

They arrived at the airport and traded up to some kind of experimental jet that delivered them to their location in a few hours. The trip largely consisted of Kim getting more and more fed up with the Doctor dodging her questions. By the end of the trip she was fuming.

The trek through the jungle was even worse. The Doctor stopped constantly to examine various flora and fauna. The only thing keeping Kim from leaving him behind was the fact that she was a 'hero', though this was one of the rare sitches that made her wish she wasn't.

They eventually found themselves at the ruins. The ruins were covered with statues and carvings of monkeys. Ron, being terrified of monkeys, was cowering behind the Doctor. There didn't seem to be any damage beyond what you would expect, but they did see Monkey Fist leaning over a table looking at some kind of device and a number of men and monkeys sitting all around the ruins, noticeably terrified.

Lord Monty Fiske, AKA Monkey Fist, was obsessed with monkeys. So much so that he paid a large amount of his millions having his hands and feet genetically altered to be like a monkey's.

He looked up when the trio approached, the bags under his eyes showing that he hadn't slept in awhile.

"Oh thank God you've arrived." He ran up to them and hugged Kim. "That thing killed so many of my monkey ninjas. I need help."

Kim shoved him away from her and shot him a very dark glare. "What about the rest of the archaeologists you kidnapped?"

"I ran for my life; they're either still down there or dead." Kim's fist connected with his face.

"How could you leave them behind," she punched him again and he fell to the ground. "You left them to die after taking them away from their families." A kick to his side. "It should have been you."

All the frustrations and stress she had been feeling of late, coupled with the callousness of the monkey-man, tipped her over the edge. She was angry and someone had to hurt.

Ron pulled her away from Monkey Fist. "KP, stop. This isn't like you." Rufus climbed up his shoulder and shook his head 'unh, unh, unh, unh'.

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She surveyed the immediate area and notice that the Doctor was examining the survivors. At least he was being useful.

"Where are they?" she addressed Monkey Fist.

He got to his feet and started walking toward a table with what appeared to be some type of radio. "We discovered an entryway that led underground. That's where we unearthed 'It'."

He pressed a couple buttons on the device before continuing. "I didn't go too far down myself, but I made sure that I was in constant contact with the ones I sent further along. This device recorded our conversations."

The Doctor had returned at that point and the trio listened in.

"We've done it." A man, presumably one of the kidnapped ones, said. "The thing seems to be made of metal. Tests will have to be run in order to tell what, but the fact that something like this is inside such ancient ruins is truly fascinating."

"Well?" Monkey Fist's voice sounded. "Is it what I am looking for?"

"No." the man responded. "It seems to have nothing to do with monkeys at all. So out of place."

They heard some incomprehensible and hurried talking. "What's going on?" Fist's voice asked.

"It seems that it is moving… but that's impossible." The man said.

"Go check it out and keep the line open. I want to hear what's going on." Fist ordered.

They heard the shuffling of feet and excited murmurs.

"Yes. It's moving… It's really moving!" the man sounded ecstatic. "It seems to be moving its 'head' in order to look at us."

The next word didn't come from the man or Fist. The next word caused Fist to tremble. The next word invoked a worried expression on Kim's face. Ron was still jittery from being surrounded by monkeys. Rufus was on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

But most interesting was the Doctor's reaction. His blood ran cold. His eyes were wide and a mix of fear and hate surged throughout his body. All from just one word.


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