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The Possible Storm

Chapter Five

Enemy in Need

Amy and Rory loved the Possible family.

This little unexpected stop on their honeymoon was proving to be a major pain in the ass and the annoyance with a certain Doctor was hitting a new peak.

Luckily for them, neurosurgeons and rocket scientists made a generous amount of money. They were also lucky that the Possibles were damn nice people. They were so nice that they paid for a nice hotel suite for the young couple to at least enjoy some time alone together. And spend time doing what a honeymoon was made for.

As you can imagine, alone time is hard to have when a certain, now annoying, Doctor barges into your room when you're having a moment. The discussion turning to the incident in the ruins didn't do much to mitigate their current feelings.

The couple was seated on a love seat while the Doctor was leaning back in a recliner.

"So the Daleks are dead, right?" Rory asked. "No 'exterminating', no running, they're gone?"

The Doctor took some time before he answered. "Most likely."

"Oi, what's that suppose to mean?" Amy said while shooting him a look that said 'get out soon or else.'

"I've killed the 'last' of the Daleks so many times that I've lost track." The Doctor said this with a solemn expression. "Can't be sure, honestly." When it came to the Daleks the Doctor never joked; he was always serious.

"Okay then." Amy said.

The Doctor found himself outside the suite's door. Apparently interrupting Amy when she was with her man got you thrown out before you could finish your story.

Oh well, he mused. It's probably best that they don't know; don't want them worrying about Kim too much when they could be enjoying their honeymoon. He left the hotel and started heading nowhere in particular.

After Kim regained enough of her senses to stand the Doctor led her slowly to where Ron led the survivors. She was in no condition to say or do anything when they met up with Ron at the nearby village. She kept muttering that she was a monster or other variations of it. The Doctor believed that what happened should be kept between the two them, at least until Kim got back to normal.

It didn't help matters much that Monkey Fist managed to escape, but that was the least of their worries.

Kim had locked herself in her room after the Dalek incident. She refused to eat and it was doubtful that she slept or showered. It had been almost a week and her family was worried sick.

Ann used her connections to contact a therapist, but that proved to be a futile effort. A therapist can't do too much when the patient outright refuses to speak or leave her room.

The Doctor was filled with guilt. She shouldn't have had to deal with the Dalek at all. It was his fault she was like this, but there was nothing he could really do. So he and the rest of the family pushed forward and did their best to find any help they could.

The Doctor spent most of his time grading assignments. Never again would he pose as a teacher, especially an English teacher. Half of the students in the class seemed to not know what they were doing or didn't care, wasn't really important which one. He refused to be beaten by them and resolved to improve their average. They weren't making it easy.

Worst of all was that his fez was blown up. Again.

He spent the time not in class working on the TARDIS. It was strange. She should be working. All of her systems were online so there wasn't a shortage of energy nor was the energy being completely blocked. Only his ability to dematerialize, and most likely rematerialize, was blocked. That fact was what was really disturbing.

Since Amy and Rory were put up in the hotel, the Doctor was allowed the guest room. He spent most of his time laying awake and thinking about all that was happening. He needed to find help for Kim no matter what it took. He was responsible; he would fix it.

Shego was in hell. Well, more like she was raining down hell and was annoyed by the results. She was testing the last batch of Dr. Drakken's new henchmen and really hated the doctor right now.

Apparently when Drakken said 'off the street' he literally meant that he kidnapped these guys off the street and practically forced them to work for him. They didn't complain too much though; he was paying them after all and he gave good benefits too.

Carter was standing slightly behind and to the left of her. He was holding a clipboard and jotting down various notes. Mostly the notes pertained to whatever grade Shego decided to give the scrubs, as she called them, and the reasoning behind the grades.

She let out a piercing whistle to get the attention of the five men practically collapsed on the floor in front of her. They didn't move until she threatened them with a plasma enema; they decided to slowly get to their feet. Two of them were being supported by the others.

"Name." she pointed to the first man.

"Nathan Clark, but call me Nate."

"D and I don't care what you want to be called." she said and Carter copied the information down.

It went on like that until she went through them all: Trent Duffy-D, Mathias 'Matt' Treme-C, Mark Glaston-C, and Alistair 'Alex' Rhodes-D.

"Hit the showers and get the hell out of my sight." Twenty-five scrubs, five groups, and only two individuals qualified for a B grade. Pathetic, she thought.

"And another batch of guys who can't fight," Carter commented.

"You got an F, dumbass."

"A gentleman's F." he smirked, "So how about a date?"

She punched him in the gut and walked off. "Don't date guys. And even if I did, I wouldn't date an F."

"Worth a shot." He said while doubling over in pain.

Should of messed with the scrubs more, she mused. At least then I wouldn't have to deal with this crap.

Currently she and Drakken were in a warehouse where so kind of engineering thing, she tended to zone out when he started ranting, was stored. She really wasn't a fan of the warehouse robbing crap. She preferred museums, collectors, anything that proved somewhat of a challenge. She was a damn good thief and this warehouse stuff belittled her. At least it would get Dr. D off her back for a while though.

"So what's this new invention you won't shut up about actually do?" she asked dryly. She didn't really care, but better to be in the know and be able to make rational decisions than let the idiot keep his secrets and get them all blown up.

"Shego," he whined. "You really should listen to me more. I am your employer."

"Don't care, Dr. D."

He pouted. "You don't have to be so mean, you know."

She fired a plasma blast that he barely managed to duck. "Okay, okay, just don't hurt me." He took time to compose himself before continuing with a sense of pride that threatened to go into a full blown rant.

"My new invention will guarantee that the world will bow down and accept me as its master. I will rule over all and show those 'geniuses' who said I couldn't hack it." He started laughing manically.

"You don't know what you're building, do you?" She deadpanned.

"Of course I know what it is, Shego…" he trailed off when he noticed her glare. "Okay, so it came to me in a dream and I keep waking up before the part where it shows me what it does. Happy?"

"Came to you in a dream, eh? Nothing could go wrong there." Shego was well known for her sarcasm; she rarely tried to hide it.

"Words hurt you know."

Eventually they found themselves at a massive crate. Drakken peeked inside and was practically jumping with glee. "This is it." He pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button.

A hole was blasted into the ceiling and a relatively large hovercraft lowered cables to allow the crate to be flown back to the lair.

"Stop right the… wahh," Ron Stoppable tripped and face planted. He was never good at graceful entrances.

He stood up and started rubbing clutching his face. Rufus scurried out of Ron's pocket and moved up to his shoulder to pat his head; it sometimes soothed him.

Shego thanked God that they showed up. She had a habit of tripping the silent alarms so that she could fight Kimmie. It became the best part of her job and given the week she'd been having, she really needed to blow off some steam. No better way to do so than to fight the only one she would call her equal.

But when Kimmie showed no sign of showing up she decided to hurt her buffoonish sidekick until he told her where she was. She grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the nearest crate.

"Hey sidekick," she said with venom. "Where is Kimmie? Speak now or," She held up plasma charged hand, "you will really hurt."

Ron wouldn't normally tell her, but without Kim there to help him out and his Mystical Monkey Powers being incredibly unreliable, he knew that he wouldn't be able to get away from Shego. He also thought that Shego wouldn't be the type to kick someone when they were down.

"She's… in her room… she hasn't left… for a week." He managed to get the words out despite the fact that an angry Shego scared him more than an army of monkeys ever could.

She didn't take it too well. She pulled him away from the crate and slammed him back into it. "Why is she doing that?" Kimmie skipped out on fighting her; she was insulted.

"I'm not sure, alright? She wouldn't tell us anything." He was a tad more composed in his speech, not much, but at least he wasn't stammering. "She was crying after a mission and wouldn't talk. She just went up to her room and hasn't come down, even to eat."

Shego scowled at the boy before letting go of his collar. "Dr. D, I'm going on vacation." She shouted at the mad scientist.

"But Shego, we're in the middle of something." He whined.

"There's no Kimmie, so you don't need me." She shouted at the man as she started walking off. "I am outta here. Don't bug me for at least a week or I will send you to a burn ward."

She left the warehouse and two gobsmacked men behind. No Kimmie, no fun, no reason to bother.

The Doctor returned to the Possible residence in time for dinner. He had yet to find a way to help Kim. She refused to unlock her door, mostly because she wouldn't leave her bed, as far as they could tell. Though his screwdriver could unlock in an instant it was irrelevant; she needed someone to talk to, not someone to barge in. Well, at least until her health became too worrisome.

Their saving grace was that Kim had enough of her faculties to at the very least accept water, which had to be slipped in through her window. Though they knew she hadn't slept nor eaten in almost a week; combined with the trauma she experienced her current level of sanity was coming into question.

The Doctor sat down at the dining room table and greeted the Possible family. They were all in a somber mood, but did their best to hide it. The twins were off at a friend's house for a week long sleepover. They didn't want the twins to worry about their sister and the friend's parents were very understanding; they were more than willing to look after the twins for a while.

It was pizza night again and James went up to Kim's room with a pizza box in hand to try to get her to eat. Ann decided to inform the Doctor about something that happened earlier.

"We got an interesting letter slipped through our mail slot today." She started the Doctor gave her his full attention. "It came, I'd say, a couple hours after the mailman did. It's from the school psychologist and she requested that Kim go and see her tomorrow after classes."

The Doctor picked up where this was going. "I'll drop by and talk to her. It's the least I can do." The Possible family wasn't aware of the exact details of what happened in the jungle; all they knew was that the Doctor insisted on taking the blame for Kim's condition. They didn't even know why Kim was reacting the way she was.

When the Doctor arrived at the school the next morning he felt…something. He couldn't quite place it, but there was something in the school; a tingle, a feeling, almost fleeting, but there was no doubt that there was something unusual in the school.

He thought that it warranted checking out, but first he had classes to attend to; lunch period would just have to do.

It was lunch period and Monique was headed to the cafeteria when she noticed Ron at Kim's locker. The door was open and Ron was speaking to Wade.

"Hey Ron, Wade." She greeted them with a smile.

"Hey Monique," Ron greeted her as well though his tone was more sullen.

"Kim still hasn't left her room?" she questioned; her tone took on the same sullenness that Ron's did.

"No," he said. "She hasn't eaten or left her bed. We don't even think she's slept."

"She didn't tell you anything, Ron?" Wade asked. Wade was incredibly worried not only because Kim sequestered herself in her room, but also because she disconnected every electronic device inside the room. This left him unable to contact her in any way.

"No. She just kept mumbling something about being a monster instead of a hero." He sighed. "That's all I know. Even the Doctor didn't say much, just kept saying that it was his fault and it shouldn't have happened."

Wade thought that the conversation needed a change and the relatively good news he had might help a bit. "Speaking of the Doctor," this got the others attention. "I managed to track down a lead. I still need to verify its authenticity, but at least it's something."

The Doctor in question was opening lockers in the same row as Kim's. He unlocked them somehow and waved his green glowing thing over the inside and closed the doors again.

When he made it to Kim's locker he waved the device over everything. "Locker inspection, don't mind me." He left and they saw him continue his 'inspection' on the other rows of lockers.

"That was a bit… different." Monique mused.

The Doctor moved from locker to locker waving his sonic screwdriver over the inside of each one. There was something in this school and without having any clue as to where this something was, he was left with having to scan everything he could. He would push past students to scan their lockers while saying variations on "locker inspection."

He threw open a janitor's closet and saw two, now very surprised, students making out. "Locker… closet inspection, sorry for disturbing you." He closed the door, but before the couple could continue he opened it again. "Excuse me again, sorry, but it is lunch period so maybe move to a classroom. Cannot be sanitary in here." He left again.

He spent a good half hour going through lockers, closets, classrooms, and offices and he finally came upon the school's psychologist's office.

His screwdriver showed that the something was in there. He thought that it was a bit of a coincidence that he had to speak to the psychologist and that the something was in the office as well, but he had long given up on the idea of coincidences.

He went through the door and was greeted by the back of a high back, black leather chair. From what he could tell the psychologist was bent over in her chair going through the files in her file cabinet. She didn't appear to notice him enter, but before he could speak up, she said something.

"You gonna stand there all day?" she said dryly.

"Can't. I have a class in about half an hour, though I will thank you for the offer." He said with a smile on his face. "Aren't psychologist supposed to be warm in order to get patients to open up?"

"Are you a student? No. So I don't have to do the whole nice crap." She really had an attitude. "Oh and by the way, psychologists refer to them as clients not patients."

She continued rifling through her files, not even giving the Doctor any sort of regard.

He sighed, might as well start with the something. "Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary lately? You know something out of place, strange, unusual, other synonyms."

The chair turned slightly and she looked at him out of the corner of her eye before turning back to her files; he didn't get a good look at her.

"You mean besides the bow-tie wearing weirdo talking to me at lunch." She said sardonically.

"Hey now, bow-ties are cool," he said as he adjusted it.

"Whatever you say."

There was a brief silence. The Doctor didn't need his screwdriver to know that this was definitely the place; he could feel it in his bones. He just couldn't quite place the source.

"Anything else, weird guy?"

"Weird guy is a bit rude don't you think?"

She sighed. "Fine then, what's your name?"

"I'm the Doctor." He said while cracking a grin.

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

"Okay 'Doctor', do you want anything else? I'm kinda busy here." Her tone was of bitter annoyance. A tone that suggested he hurry up or he might get hurt.

"Well there is something else," he said. "I'm here on behalf of Kim Possible."

That seemed to get her attention. She stopped what she was doing immediately and sat up in her chair. "What do you mean? Where is she? I asked for her not some annoying 'Doctor'."

"She won't leave her room, she won't eat or sleep and we aren't sure she's left her bed, " he paused in thought. "Come to think of it, that does leave some interesting hygiene questions."

"I know that, but she would definitely come to me… DAMMIT, I didn't sign my name on the damn letter!" she shouted. "So freakin' stupid!"

She spun her chair around, stood up, slammed her hands on the desk, and glared at the Doctor. "You're going to take me to her right now." She wasn't shouting, but the cold anger conveyed her mood more than enough.

This was the first time he got a good look at her. She was dressed in a black suit jacket with a matching black skirt and belt. She wore a green shirt and had a matching headband in her hair. She had long, flowing, raven hair with what appeared to be green highlights, piercing emerald eyes and black lipstick. Her most noticeable feature though was her skin; it was pale green.

"Sorry Miss…"

"Gooding. Now take me to Kimmie."

"Sorry, can't, have a class and all that," he said.

In a flash of speed he almost didn't think possible, Miss Gooding grabbed him by the collar and pushed him up against a wall. "Now listen here 'Doctor', I want you to take me to Kimmie now or I swear I will hurt you."

"You could do that, but would you really risk assaulting me in the school?" he said with a certain smugness. "You'd lose your job for sure."

She let go of him seemingly defeated… before slugging him in the gut. He doubled over in pain.

"Consider that a warning," she said. "If you're not back here by the end of school then I will have to kick your ass, understand?"

"Understood. A-okay. No confusion whatsoever. Going to go now." He said while clutching his stomach. He left and proceeded to his next class. She's almost as scary as a Dalek, he thought.

He met the scary lady at her office after his last class. She practically dragged him to her car. He was never good with cars; never needed to be. All he knew was that her car was some kind of sports car that was painted a combination of black and green. Judging by her clothes those seemed to be her favorite colors.

He would never have imagined that riding in the car could be so terrifying. She drove like a madman… madwoman… madperson… one of those. She was going at least double the speed limit and was weaving through traffic and running red lights.

It was when she slowed down and started driving like a sane person that he got a bit curious. "Not that I don't like risking my life as a passenger, but why the sudden bout of sanity?"

She motioned to what looked like a GPS embedded into the dashboard. It was a typical GPS, but there were blinking lights that alternated between red and blue.

"Most cop cars in the city have GPS. I use this to track them so I don't get caught."

The Doctor was somewhat satisfied by the answer. And then another thought occurred.

"You seem a bit too young to be a psychologist. Wouldn't you need some kind of doctorate?"

He found that now would be a good time to get these answers, mostly because it kept her from driving like a maniac.

"Technically," she said. "I managed to have this job be considered part of my supervised internship." She chuckled a bit. "Donate enough money to a university and a practice and they're willing to allow things like this; within reason of course. It is still supervised. As for the age thing I graduated from high school in three years with numerous AP courses and finished my undergrad courses in two and a half. Mom always said that if I applied myself early on I could slack off as much as I want to for the rest of my life." He chose to stay silent for the rest of the trip.

In all honesty the Doctor did know who she was. Shego, one of history's greatest thieves and one who was empowered by a certain rainbow comet; the latter he learned of just last week. That power of hers must've been what he sensed because the feeling was still with him.

After his first genuine encounter with Kim Possible when she bought him his now sorely missed fez, he made a point of learning as much as he could about her various enemies. What kept bugging him though was how her supposed 'arch-enemy' seemed so concerned, but he would get his answer later. For now he was jolted out of his thoughts by Shego, who slugged him in the bicep when they had arrived at the Possible residence.

"Ow," The Doctor was rubbing his bicep. "That was unnecessary don't you think?"

"I need you to vouch for me." She said as she left the car. The Doctor slipped out and caught up to her at the door to the house.

The Doctor used his screwdriver to unlock the door and let the two of them in. Ann was in the kitchen apparently doing some type of paperwork for her job. She heard the door unlock and went to greet her guest. She still hadn't found out how he got in without a key.

When she entered the foyer though, she stopped dead in her tracks. Behind the Doctor was Shego. Even if she wasn't wearing her trademark catsuit and was wearing her hair differently than normal, which honestly made her look almost entirely different, she still had the pale green skin.

"What are you-" she started to say.

"This is Miss Gooding, the school psychologist. She's here to see Kim and I thought that I'd take her to her room and let her be alone with Kim so they could talk without distraction." The Doctor cut in with a smile on his face.

He led Shego up the staircase, leaving a flabbergasted Ann behind, and to the loft that served as Kim's room. He ascended the stairs to the loft and used his screwdriver to unlock the door and allow Shego to enter.

"I'll tell you when I'm done." Shego said sternly. "No interruptions."

The Doctor decided to leave her to it and went back down to reassure Ann. Kim's archenemy coming to help her must seem completely unbelievable. When he saw that Ann was back in the kitchen calmly doing her paperwork he realized that a true rarity had occurred; he was wrong.

"Well," he started, "don't normally see someone's mother seem so fine with an archenemy being alone in their daughter's room. But what do I know? Haven't been around this time in a while so can't be too sure."

There he goes about the time thing again, she thought dryly. "Shego could've killed Kim a long time ago, but she didn't. I'm not sure why, but as far as I'm concerned Kim's never been safer."

He smiled and sat down across from her. "Oh good, you agree with me. I had a whole speech completely unplanned, so this is good; streamlines the process."

The first thing that hit Shego when she entered Kim's room was the smell. She had to use a large portion of her willpower to not vomit. She then took in the room which was littered with empty water bottles. At least she's been hydrating.

Her eyes fell on Kim and her appearance explained the smell. From the looks of things, Kim hadn't changed her clothes or left the bed since she got back from her mission a week ago.

Her hair was stringy and horribly unkempt and she was pale and looked thinner. She had massive bags under her eyes, which by the way seemed very bloodshot. Her eyes even looked like they had lost their luster.

Kim was her rival; her measuring stick, if you will. Even if Shego had more experience and overall skill than Kim, the young cheerleader was still able to go toe to toe with her. Shego had never found someone that she could call her equal and took pride in being part of the reason why Kim was so good at what she did.

When she first saw Kim she thought she was just some stupid kid that would get herself killed in a week. And she didn't seem too far off at first.

Her first few encounters with Kim were more akin to chases than actual fights. Kim would use her cheer skills and limited martial arts know how to evade her attacks. Normally Shego would just beat on someone like her 'til she gave up; Shego didn't kill no matter what. But Kim was different.

Sometime in-between a few of their earlier encounters Kim got better. She adapted to how Shego fought and even though she still didn't stand a chance, she managed to last a decent amount of time in a fight.

Finally being able to fight Kim face to face allowed Shego a better look at her. It was then that Shego saw it. The fire in Kim's eyes, the determination, was damned impressive. As their fights went on Kim continued to improve and it got to the point where Shego stopped trying to beat her down and instead tried to raise her up. Shego saw in this teenaged cheerleader a possible equal, someone who had the same powerful drive that she herself had. So Kim became Shego's unknowing apprentice. And then she managed to become Shego's most worthy opponent.

Shego had come to respect Kim more than anyone. So seeing her in such a state was heartbreaking to her. She wanted to know what could take such a strong young woman and basically break her.

"Kimmie?" she addressed the girl.

Kim didn't acknowledge her; just kept staring off into space. Shego walk over to the bed and addressed her again, with the same unresponsiveness.

To hell with this, she thought. She grabbed the comforter Kim was wrapped in and threw it off of the bed. She picked Kim up and slung her over her shoulder. This elicited some response.

"What's… going…," It wasn't much response, but Shego didn't expect much from someone who had been forcing themselves to stay awake.

She carried Kim to the en suite bathroom and gently set her in the tub. The gentle part ended as soon as she started the shower. It was ice cold and Kim practically screamed at the shock to her system. This did elicit a response.

"The hell," she shouted and squinted up at her 'assailant,' "Shego… what are you…"

"Shower. Now." Shego ordered and slammed the bathroom door as she left.

Shego scanned Kim's room to see what needed to be done. The bed, bed sheets, comforter, etc. were stained in varying degrees; a product of not getting up to relieve oneself. She tossed the various sheets and what not out the window and into the backyard. She then proceeded to slice the mattress and bed base in two and had them follow the sheets.

She stepped away from the bed frame and started to clean up the bottles before she went back and cut the frame into pieces. At this point, she didn't even trust the damn frame. The pieces soon followed the growing pile in the backyard. The pile grew even more when she decided to say 'Screw it' and toss the water bottles out as well.

The room now free of noticeable filth, Shego went to check on Kim.

Kim hadn't moved. She was still fully-clothed and was hanging her head. It was then that Shego decided that the girl could not be left alone. It was also when she started to believe that this was a major overreaction.

"Okay Princess," she said in a calm manner. "You just can't be trusted." She lit her hand up and hit Kim with a stream of plasma.

Kim closed her eyes in fear, waiting for the warm sensation to become searing and put her out of her misery. The warm sensation was replaced, not by a searing one, but of freezing cold water. She yelped at the freezing touch and wasn't sure which would've been worse.

She looked down and immediately got to her feet and wrapped the shower curtain around her now naked form. "Shego, what the hell are you doing." Her entire body looked to be flushed with embarrassment.

"Language, Kimmie." Shego said with mock admonishment. Kim glared daggers at her. "Now I want you to clean up while I tell your mom to start dinner. I'll be back in a few minutes to check on you and I swear if you're not cleaning yourself up when I come back, I'll wash you myself and I don't think you'd enjoy that." She looked at Kim with a lecherous grin. "Of course, I might just do so anyway." That should light a fire under her ass, Shego thought as she walked away.

Shego kept true to her word about checking up on Kim, who was doing just as ordered. When Kim finished her shower she dried herself off and slipped on a bathrobe and kept her hair wrapped in a towel.

When she exited her bathroom she noticed that her bed was gone. In its place was the bed from the guest room. She was a bit curious and thought that her sleep deprived state was causing her eyes to play tricks on her.

Feeling a chill, she went over to her open window to close it. She managed to catch a small glimpse of something out side and looked down at the ground where she saw the shattered remains of her bed with notably scorch marks where they were cut. She was going to kick Shego's ass.

At that very moment said soon to be ass kicked villain poked her head up into the room, looking straight at Kim. "You decent?"

Kim hugged her bathrobe tightly against her body. "You're supposed to ask that before you look." She said that with a slight blush on her face.

Shego climbed up into the room with a smirk on her face. "Now where's the fun in that, Pumpkin."

Kim rolled her eyes and took a seat on the ottoman at her vanity. She unraveled the towel around her hair, which proved to not even be considered damp yet; water droplets were dripping everywhere.

She reached for her hairdryer, but a warm sensation on her head stopped her. She turned to look behind her and saw that Shego had pulled her computer chair up behind her and was now running a plasma-coated hand through her hair. She panicked.

Kim pushed back into Shego and sent the wheeled computer chair rolling back into her bed. She turned and adopted a fighting stance; not a very good one considering she was using one hand to keep her robe together, but a fighting stance nonetheless.

"What the hell are you doing, Kimmie?" Shego shouted.

"You were trying to fry me with your plasma." Kim shouted right back.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Princess, I blasted you with my plasma when you were in the shower. All I did was torch your clothes. Think about that for just a sec."

Kim sat back down and Shego could just see the gears turning in her head. Kim may not have slept for a week, but her reactions were insane. If only that worked with her thoughts as well, Shego thought.

"So you weren't trying to kill me?"

Shego frowned. "We'll talk about the whole, 'you think I would kill you,' thing later, but no. I was trying to dry your hair. Be faster than that crappy hairdryer of yours."

"It is not crappy!" Kim shouted.

"Being defensive over a hairdryer?" Shego raised an eyebrow. "You really are out of it in the head department."

Kim shot her an angry glare before turning around in her seat in a huff. Shego watched as Kim just sat there, not sure what to do.

"Well?" Kim suddenly asked.

"Well what, Princess?"

"Are you gonna dry my hair or not?" she asked more insistently.

"Oh so now you want me to dry your hair," she said. "I thought 'Wittle Kimmie' was afraid of me."

"Will you stop being a bitch and just dry my freaking hair already."

Shego was stunned. Kimmie just cursed. Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes. The perfect little angel of pure pureness of purity just cursed. Note to self, don't mess with Cupcake when she hasn't slept, she thought. And then it hit her; Kimmie just called her a bitch.

"Oh I'm a bitch?" she shouted. "I'm helping you and you call me a bitch."

"Will you just dry my hair."

Shego opened her mouth, but nothing came out. This went on for a minute or two before she finally just relented. "Ugh. When you get out of this funk of yours Princess, I'm kicking your ass."

Shego rolled the chair back to Kim who turned and stuck her tongue out at her. Shego's eye twitched and she started to move a plasma-covered hand through Kim's hair. "Stick your tongue out at me again and I'm gonna take it from you."

After Kim's hair was dry she managed to convince Shego to brush it too. Shego did so while grumbling the entire time. When her hair was nice and brushed Kim turned to Shego and stuck her tongue out again, only for Shego to grab it between her thumb and forefinger.

"What did I say, Princess?" she said with an evil smirk.

Kim kept trying to pull away to no avail.

"Now what should I do with my prize?" Shego was tapping her chin with her finger while looking off in thought. "Any suggestions, Kimmie?"

Kim sighed and said 'swowry.'

"Sorry ain't gonna cut it this time." Her smirk grew. "I'll let you go on one condition, understand?"

Kim nodded.

"GJ is staking out my house, Dr. D's lairs, all the local hotels and motels, which I really think is a little bit overkill when I'm innocent, don't you think so?" she chuckled, knowing that Kim couldn't really answer. She received an angry glare for that. "Anyway, I've had to sleep in my office at the school and shower there too. So I'm asking for a place to stay until this whole kidnapping bullshit is settled, capiche?"

Kim reluctantly nodded and Shego let go of her tongue.

"Good to know." She stood up. "Get ready for bed. I'll bring our dinner up here and after we eat you're going to get some sleep, or else." And with that she left the room.

Kim went to her closet and pulled on her sleep clothes: a pair of pajama pants and a tank top. When she finally had a moment to herself after all the things Shego put her through, she sat down at the edge of her 'new' bed and realized just how hungry and tired she was. Her eyes burned and she had a massive headache. Her stomach hurt so much that she thought, jokingly, that it must be eating itself. The smell that started wafting up into her room didn't help matters. She loved pasta and now she was drooling.

Shego poked her head into Kim's room to ask what she wanted to drink. Kim practically begged for a soda. Water was good and all, but she felt that she overdid it when she was lying in her bed.

Shego returned later with her mother in tow. Shego was carrying a pair of duffel bags which she proceeded to stash in Kim's closet while her mother set a table in front of Kim. They left and returned a short while later with a large pot of pasta, a skillet with a red sauce with ground meat in it, and a couple of sodas that Shego balanced on a pair of plates.

After everything was set up, Shego fixed herself a plate of pasta and sauce while Kim just sat there. Shego raised an eyebrow. "You gonna eat, Princess?"

Kim nodded and emptied the skillet of sauce into the pot of pasta and started devouring the food. Shego just stared at the display until Kim started choking. She moved behind her and used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the offending piece of pasta.

"Your mom ever teach you to chew your food?"

Kim smiled sheepishly at the villainess. "I'm just so hungry and I love pasta."

Shego rolled her eyes. "Just be careful. I'm not helping you out of your funk so you can choke to death." They resumed eating with Kim being sure to chew while she gorged herself.

They finished eating and Shego went about putting everything where it belonged before returning to her spot next to Kim.

"Okay Princess, time for bed." Shego really did like giving orders that Kimmie would follow; bit of a power trip.

"But I don't want to go to bed yet, Mommy," Kim pouted. "I want to stay up and watch late night TV like you." She burst out laughing.

"Very funny, Pumpkin." Shego deadpanned.

Kim stopped laughing and started massaging her temples. "God my head hurts. Sleep sounds good now."

Kim slipped under the covers of her bed while Shego went to the closet for her stuff. Shego closed the closet behind her and emerged a couple minutes later. She was wearing a green camisole and black boy shorts. She walked around to the other side of the bed and slipped in next to Kim.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked with an air of suspicion.

"Going to bed. What does it look like?"

"Uh hello, my bed."

"Technically it's the guest bed." Shego said matter-of-factly.

Seeing that Kim wasn't going to lighten up, Shego stood and went to leave the room. "Fine I'll go sleep in the guestroom; without a bed of any kind."

Before she could reach the trapdoor that served as the loft's entrance, Kim shot up in the bed and shouted. "Wait!"

Shego turned to her and crossed her arms over her chest while raising an eyebrow. "What now, Princess?"

"Please don't go."

"Where'd this come from all of a sudden?"

Kim sighed. "The reason I didn't sleep was because I was having nightmares…and…I don't want to relive it again." The last part was said more desperately and her eyes were starting to water.

Shego's eyes widened. Whatever did this to Kimmie really screwed her up. Kim was hanging her head and tears started escaping her eyes. Oh great, way to make her cry dumbass, Shego berated herself.

Shego went back around the bed and sat down under the covers with Kim. She drew her into a hug and stroked her hair while she took a few minutes to calm down.

"Thank you," Kim muttered.

"Whatever." Shego said like the whole thing was nothing. "But you owe me big time for this."

They settled down under the covers and Kim wrapped her arms around Shego. She laid her head on Shego's chest eliciting a 'what the hell' from said thief. Before Shego could do anything about it though, Kim had fallen asleep.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Damn brat."

She decided that she might as well get comfortable and she pulled Kim closer to her while resting her chin on Kim's head. Well there goes my rep you stupid brat, she thought as she closed her eyes. It didn't take long for her to join Kim in the land of dreams.

A land of dreams, now free of nightmares, for one Kim Possible.

Hope you all enjoyed the chapter and the story so far. I am a tad concerned with the characterization I used with Shego. I wanted to show that she had a compassionate side while still keeping her edge, but I fear that it may seem like she doesn't have enough of the 'edge' I wanted to include.

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