This is the story of you and Fred. You're name will be Lucy Hardish. Dedicated to all Fred Weasley fans in the world :) Enjoy!

It was supposed to be a happy day for the Weasley family. Their son was getting married after all. But the whole house was submerged in a world of grief and depression. The groom would not be at the wedding. His bride would be alone. The will he'd left, his last testimony, had given his mother permission to allow her into the family.

You sat on the roof of the Burrow, quiet and alone. In your hand was your answer to his letter. The song "My Heart Will Go On" was written upon it. Hermione had been listening to it the other day. Up until then, you hadn't replied to Fred's will. The one he wrote right before he'd died. You dropped the box of Puking Pastilles that you'd been carrying as soon as you heard the song. It was beautiful, and it filled you with hope.

You stood up, not daring to take a glance at the ground below, and released the letter into the air. A warm drifting wind carried the piece of paper higher and higher until you could no longer see it. It was cold outside, but you were glowing with warmth. It felt as though a million tons of guilt and sadness had been lifted off your shoulders.

You stand in front of the podium, looking down. You wore a simple blue dress, the one that Fred thought you'd looked best in. Held in your hand is a single white rose, replacing the usual bouquet. The thorns weren't cut off.

It is cloudy outside, as if the rain is to come down any second.

"Do you, Lucy Hardish, take Fred Weasley as you lawfully wedded husband?" asks the priest.

"I do," you say solemnly.

"And Fred Weasley, you stated in your will for Lucy Hardish to be your wife."

Silence fills the room.

"You are now married."

No one moves. No one speaks. You feel your eyes sting. Then, like a thread of hope, the sun comes out. A single beam of light bursts through the window, illuminating the spot where Fred would be standing. The audience gasps. Whispers bring the people back to life. George looks stunned. Angelina is crying. Harry puts his arm around a dumbfounded Ginny.

And You stand there, staring at the spot where he should be. She feel his warmth, his courage surging through you, enlightening you and keeping you alive.

"I love you," you whisper as a tear rolls down your cheek. A breeze floats by, drying the shining jewel. It is if he is there again, telling you not to cry, not to worry. You heard the whisper in the flutter of wind as it dances by.

"I love you too."

Hope you liked it! I'm madly in love with Fred, and I'm sure that most or all of you guys reading this agree. I cried myself to sleep after reading that chapter. Reviews are much appreciated! Thank you :)