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Declare this an emergency, come on and spread a sense of urgency

And pull us through, and pull us through

And this is the end, this is the end

Of the world

And it's time we saw a miracle

Come on, it's time for something biblical

To pull us through, and pull us through

And this is the end, this is the end

Of the world

Proclaim eternal victory

Come on and change the cause of history

And pull us through, and pull us through

And this is the end, this is the end

Of the world

'Apocalypse Please' by 'Muse'


My name is Claudia Morgan, and this is probably my last day on earth.

I was never a fan of writing in general, mostly writing my diaries. I thought the act of writing journals was meant for greater people, for someone who had a very exciting and useful life, that he or she would get a Nobel for or something, but my life was normal. Not so normal considering I used to hunt at some point, but it wasn't that exciting, that I'd waste paper and ink writing about what I used to do. I mean writing down on any particular day that I went out or got milk today instead of orange juice isn't that interesting and won't light up the future of the younger generations. So, other than taking notes, hanging them on my laptop or on my fridge, I didn't do much writing at all. But, as I heard or read once, there is a certain point at IN a person's life that makes them write down about themselves, something very important, for them or for the world, that moves them towards writing, for some people it's the birth of a child, for others it's falling in love, and for a few it's simply to see how writing feels like.

So, what was my breaking point? Simple, I tell you. It was the end of the world, huge deal right?

Of course it's a huge deal; it's the end of everything. The whole world is coming to an end, a horrible one that I wished I died before seeing it. If I knew better, I'd say that death is walking among us; its nasty smell stains everything, its rotten poisoned touch reaching everyone, getting us all sooner or later. You wish that your life ends peacefully, to be different than the rest of us who died violently, only one deadly smack and gone, but no, that wasn't how things came to be. It all became much worse, worse than the cheap horror pictures we used to watch when we were kids, worse than any hunter would have imagined, and it turned into what a sick writer would get its inspiration from, to bring twisted nightmares into our nights. Life was leaving us; it lost hope on us and collected its shiny suns and stars, leaving us in the dark.

It all started three weeks ago, when we heard on the news about this new virus that started to spread across the world. At first I thought it was something like the whole stupid phase we went through, the Bird Flu and the Swine Flu crap, and I didn't pay attention, I had this small rule that if it's away, it won't happen to me, so I didn't care.

But, I was wrong, as it turned out it wasn't just a phase of some Flu crap that was all made up for big corporations to get bigger, no, it was on a much larger scale, it was something coming out of humanity's worst nightmare, my worst nightmare. It was a virus called Croatoan. Something that turned people into monsters, remember these old zombie movies? It was something like that. And all it takes is a direct encounter with someone infected by this abominable virus, once their blood gets into your system, jackpot you've got a day give or take before turning into a freak of nature, a walking zombie with nothing in mind but pure and utter destruction. Though after seeing those monsters in action, I doubt that there is any mind involved at all, it's even hard to imagine they were humans once.

People freaked out, leaving their homes and their comfy lives behind. The truth was, this thing came to stay, and was intend on finishing us all off. No one knew where it came from, or how it was made, or even how to cure it – of course. But, that was what I thought then, when everything was still in the beginning. Later – 10 days later to be exact, I knew that I was one of the many who were kept in the dark, while others knew where exactly this shit came from, who made it, why it was even created in the first place, and most importantly they probably had some tips on how to survive this shit of a virus too. One word, hunters. But I wasn't one of them anymore, and since I cut everything and everyone out, I was kept out of the game.

But how a hunter becomes one and then leaves it all behind? That's a good question.

I didn't become a hunter out of a tragic like many other hunters – most of them actually. Having a friend or family getting killed off by a demon, a ghost or even a vampire which is pretty common in their world, I became a hunter with on own free will. Weird you say? Life is weird man, but we all gotta handle it to survive, and I'm no exception. But how it really started? That has a small little story in tow, stay tuned, it's about to get bumpy…

Nine years ago,

I was 19 years old, young and stupid, I decided to on a road trip on my own, or as I told my parents then 'exploring the country before I go to college and get buried in books' even though it was a bad idea for someone like me, knowing that I don't do well being on my own, it was time to step up and do something different, maybe get into some kind of trouble and have a awesome stories to tell and brag about to my friends. I did take the jump at the joy of my parents, I was excited seeing new things, meeting new people, and really exploring. I used to call my parents now and then to check on them and tell them I was still alive, not a dead body in a swamp or in a car belonging to some serial killer preying on road trip lovers.

Anyway, I went camping with some friends I met, I barely knew the guys but that didn't stop me from tagging along, I knew how to handle things if they got out of control. The problem was, that place was deep in the woods and I couldn't get any phone reception, mostly when we were in the 90s and mobile phones were crappy.

"I can't get any signal from down here," I huffed standing up trying to make my phone work; it was the time to call my family or by dawn my picture was going to be on milk cartons. "I might need to walk out of here a little." I told the guys I was with.

"Claudia, come on, it's not like you're 10!" Emma said standing up as well. "We are going back to town tomorrow anyway, to get some stuff for the rest of the trip, you can talk to your parents then." She said trying to convince me to stay, she was a wild but sweet girl and she introduced me to her friends shortly before going to this camping trip.

"Nope, it won't work, trust me, you don't want cops on our asses, and I know my folks will call them if I don't make that call." I told her, and she rolled her eyes sitting down again, some of them were underage and we had alcohol and drugs, she knew that the last thing we needed was cops coming looking for me. The forest was massive, but not away from civilization, and it also was a favorite spot for local kids to hang around at.

"De, come on, wait a few minutes and I will take you up the hill myself." Said Mike if I remember well, which I should 'cos I didn't like him. Basically, he only wanted one thing, to score with me one way or another. He was the reason I didn't drink any booze at all, I wanted pathetic Mike to suffer and I sure needed to be sober for that to happen.

"My name isn't De, it's Claudia." I corrected him, snapping a little, getting sick of his attempts. "And thanks Walker Ranger, I don't need your help." I mocked grapping my waist bag. "I'll go up the nearest hill, it's the full moon and plenty bright still, plus I've got my torch, I'll be fine."

"Full moon, it looks pretty!" Emma said looking up in the sky; she was wasted, after all the stuff she took, dreaming in her own world. She was more talking to herself than to anyone else, including me.

"Watch out Claudia, full moon," Turk said, he was Emma's always stoned boyfriend. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Werewolves!" He whispered to me, as another guy let out a dreadful howl, "Awoooooo!" Turk joined his friend, and when they were done, both burst out laughing, the rest joined them while I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, so mature," I huffed sarcastically. "There is no such things as werewolves, dork!" I said walking away from them, I won't say their talk got to me, because I was already scared, not that there was anything like werewolves, but the forest around the camp was creepy, dense and dark, god only knows what kind of animals were lurking in there, or psychos.

I kept walking up the hill, it was much higher than I thought and I hoped to get a signal from there. But even with my hiking boots and gloves, it was a hard climb, still I kept on going. Eventually I got to the top, with less bruises than I thought. There was a signal, but so weak I had to settle for a text only, telling my parents that I'd call them when I can, I knew that wasn't going to cover it for them but it wasn't my fault, the place wasn't made for girls with cell phones, and we all had to deal with it, so.

I was getting ready to hike my way back down, knowing that it was going to be epic, as the pretty moon was now hiding behind thick clouds. I had my torch but who said that was of any help in this dense canopy? I knew it was stupid going on my own, I should've listened to the guys or at least let someone come with me, other than Mike that is. But, it was too late now, I was alone and I had to deal with it, so I walked around the edge of the rough path trying to find a less dangerous way to go back to the camp. I was still trying not to slip and break my neck. When all of a sudden, I heard the heart stopping sound of howling. Oh yes, it was as a howl should be, so wolfy, like the stuff we hear on TV, in horror movies or the documentaries on Nat Geo. But I didn't want to wait and see, something in this growl had shaken me, it wasn't completely animalistic, there was something more that I couldn't understand. At this instant all I knew was that I needed to leave and get back to the camp pretty fast, Mike didn't seem so bad anymore.

I tried to hurry up and go back to my friends, but when someone starts to freak out, the last thing they do is to do anything right, and I was one of those people. As soon as that scream made my blood run cold, I panicked as I could feel someone getting close to me, I could sense pure danger was upon me so I ran and ran down the hill so fast I wasn't paying any attention to my steps, of course I slipped and tumbled down that damn hill. I felt the branches scratch my face and my body, my shirt got caught and out of shear panic I didn't even look back I just pulled hard and kept on running, dirt was covering me and got under my clothes as my shirt was now ripped. I didn't realize then that I was being stupid, the sudden move was enough for the dead to rise. When I finally landed to the ground flat on my face, I felt – heard something coming towards me fast, but I was too scared to look, I started to panic and I kept my face into the dirt breathing it, while praying that this thing wouldn't hurt me. I looked like a lost kid, a feeling I didn't have since I got lost from my mum in a Carnival once when I was 9, only that time I wasn't being chased by God knows what.

My breathing was getting steady, not so much, but enough for me to sit straight and breathe air instead of dirt. When I wiped my face and looked around I saw nothing, no one, human or animal. I also saw that my phone and my torch were broken, which made things peachy. Yes the moon was at its best again, but who said it was useful to me, was I supposed to use that faint silver light to reach the freaking camp and what if that thing came back after me? Well it wasn't useful whatsoever.

I had to suck it up and start to walking again, I was only ten minutes away, which in my predicament was probably going to take at least half an hour more. I had keep on going, I wasn't going to stay there till sun comes or any of the idiots to come looking for me, they were probably too stoned to even remember I was with them in the first place. I was dusting up my clothes when I heard the shrill again, the wolf, and this time it was louder and clearer, which only meant it was closer too. This time, I didn't stand still in my place instead, I started to run in random directions, I was too scared to remember where I was supposed to go, fear had taken over me again. It looked like a cheap horror monster movie, that if I was watching, I'd probably mock and laugh about, but this was real, plus, I didn't know what was after me, if there was even anything at all. I didn't wonder for long.

It hollered a loud scary growl and jumped on me, dropping me on my face again. It was heavy and even though I was on my face, I could smell its pungent breath, it stunk. I didn't know what to do, I tried to push it off me, but it was too strong, and suddenly it did something, something strange; something I didn't understand. It made me turn around to face it.

"Holy shit!" I screamed seeing what the animal was, it was a werewolf like the ones we see on movies or read about in books. The whole package, the teeth, the claws and the hairy body, everything was there, it had a yellow animalistic cold hungry stare. My eyes widened seeing that thing was about to bite me, and at that moment our eyes met, I was crying looking into the eyes of my killer. Those thirsty bloodlust eyes were looking down at me while it was sizing my power before starting its night meal. For a second, I thought I wouldn't make it, that I was going die on the food list of a voracious wolf. Shit, even worse, what if that thing turned me? They do that, right? That was it all I needed, I could handle being dead, but not turned into a monster. So, I snapped out of my panic attack and suddenly pushed the werewolf away with all of my strength, I might scare easily but I'm tough, I only needed a chance, and there was nothing worse than this situation.

But my push didn't do much damage; the son of a bitch was strong.

"Hey!" I heard someone demand. There were people around finally; I had to do the only thing I was able to do then, to scream.

"Help! Help me please, HELP!" I shouted praying that this person would hear me, and that the werewolf wouldn't snap my neck right there and then.

The man, I heard his voice, but he didn't talk much, I only heard three gun shots. And shortly after I felt something warm and sticky splashing on my face and neck, as the wolf dropped on the top of me, pinning me to the ground. It didn't eat me, but it was gonna suffocate me under its weight, awesome.

"H-he-ll-lp," I choke, barely able to breathe with the beast's body on the top of mine.

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