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-Part three: We are Broken.

*I am outside, and I've been waiting for the sun
With my wide eyes, I've seen worlds that don't belong
My mouth is dry with words I cannot verbalize
Tell me why we live like this?

Keep me safe inside
Your arms like towers
Tower over me

Cause we are broken
What must we do to restore, our innocence?
And oh, the promise we adored
Give us life again 'cause we just wanna be whole.

And I'll take the truth at any cost


For 18 long days I was locked in my house not even able to go out. Everything was gone, Croatoan didn't leave anything but dead bodies on its path. The few remnants survivors were bitter and hopeless, terrified in our own barricaded homes, jumping at every sound we heard, barely able to sleep more than a few hours a day when we could sleep at all and never without the company of a gun and a knife, in my case anyway.

For two weeks but what really seemed like an eternity I didn't see the sun because I was afraid to look out of my boarded up window, scared of what I might see outside, another rotting body, or an animal feeding on it? Even better, what about some Croatoans who'd smell me and run to my house to kill me, or maybe one of those raids that randomly kills anything that moves? As you can see, life was full of great surprises, and what a life that was. I tried to convince myself I was a vampire or some other night creature that couldn't go into the sunlight without being hurt by it, hoping it would make things easier on me. Did it work? Not really, I was lying to myself, things were terrible beyond my worst nightmare, and the only thing that kept me from pulling the trigger putting an end to my miserable life, was my niece, Eve who was now in my charge after losing both of her parents. I knew I couldn't let her down – again – she'd die without me, and I couldn't let that happen. We were the only family left for each other, since not hearing from my parents for three weeks, convinced me they were dead. I was being realistic, only stating a fact, because everyone WAS dead.

Eve and I were now on total lock down at my house, we had enough food and water to last us for another while, two tiny girls wouldn't use much anyway.

There wasn't much left of civilization as we knew it, phones were down, even mobiles, no internet, no traffic – not that we needed it – and the only thing still working was electricity, that we kept on all day but only in the one room we were staying in, not to attract any maniacs to the house. Even with the fence and the alarm system, it was still risky, a Croatoan piece of shit wasn't gonna be able to cross, but a human being had a slight chance to get into our place, if they were fit enough to climb.

And what I thought might happen, did happen. Someone paid us a visit, a sudden visit that almost got me dead on the spot.

One sleepless night –which was common by then – I was sitting in my living room with Eve fast asleep in my arms, I left my thoughts drift away for just a second and that's when I heard it. It wasn't unusual to hear gunshots every few minutes or screams or any other heart wrenching sounds but this one was different, it was more of a ruffling noise and it was dangerously close, like in my back garden close. I didn't want to freak Eve out and wake her up crying, so I tried to pull myself from her softly resting her head on the couch instead of my lap, but she whimpered and held on to me, not letting me get up.

"Hey sweetie, I'm going to get some water, I'll be right back." I told her softly and kissed her hair as she got back to sleep hugging a small pillow.

I grabbed my gun, my rifle, and my knife, cocking the first two at the ready. I walked outside of the house, and as I was closing the door behind me, I saw something at the corner of my eye moving swiftly closer. It was walking slowly towards me, a shadow of a man.

"Stop moving or I will shoot!" I said firmly, but my voice was low, the man didn't hear it, I guess. Either ways he didn't stop, so I fired a few shots close to his feet forcing him to stop. "I said, stop moving you son of a bitch."

"What if I didn't want to?" The son of a bitch replied back. I shot a few bullets around him making him jump. His face was still in the dark, I didn't know him, but it was too freaking late to be nice, he was invading my home, I hated his guts.

"I'll fucking shoot you!" I told him angrily.

"You know Shorty, I think shooting me is becoming a habit of yours," The guy said. Did he just call me Shorty? "I thought five years will change that, but I was wrong."

"Dean?" I asked with wide eyes, his voice, the attitude, and no one else ever called me Shorty but him.

"You got that right." He said walking up to me so I could see his face.

"Oh, wait," I said pointing the gun at him.

"Doesn't mean you're allowed near me, how would I know you aren't infected?" I asked. I knew it was Dean, but I had a little kid inside, and I wasn't going to put her in the danger of getting infected, or killed.

"Simple, look at me." Dean sighed. "I'm not infected, clearly. I got passed your security system that must be something."

"Oh yeah, your hunting skills evaluated," I mocked lowering the gun down. "In a million years, I never thought I'd see you again, and now of all times."

"Well, you were on my farewell list." Dean smiled as he walked to hug me. "You look, thin." He said pulling back.

I sighed looking closely at him. "And you look old."

"That's not nice." Dean pouted making me smile. I looked intensely at him, he looked older, and believe it or not, sexier. But something was different about him, that wasn't the cool loose Dean I used to know, he had that sad look in his eyes, a look of a person who lost way too much, even losing the reason to live. A look I see when I look in the mirror. The green in his eyes wasn't sparkling anymore; it was covered by a shadow, the shadow of burden.

"Dede!" I heard Eve's voice, I snapped turning around seeing her standing by the door looking at me with teary eyes, she must have woken up scared and came looking for me.

"Eve, get inside!" I said forgetting everything about Dean, running back to the house.

"I-I didn't see you," Eve said about to cry.

"Oh baby, I'm here." I said picking her up rubbing her back softly that she would calm down. When I looked back at Dean I saw how confused he look, "Come on in, we better talk inside." I told him and he hurried to get into the house.

"Your kid?" Dean asked curiously once we got inside.

"She is now," I said putting Eve back on her feet, "Sweetie, I'm gonna close the door, so no one gets in, okay? I'm gonna pick you up right away." I told her and she nodded softly. I smiled at her and made sure to lock the door well. "Come on baby." I finished and picked Eve up again, motioning to Dean to follow me into the living room.

"Nice house," Dean said walking into the room. "So not what I imagined," he said sitting on one of the chairs, while I sat with Eve on the couch.

"Well, deal with it." I told him, and Dean waved with his hands like he meant nothing. It was really good to see him again, to see anyone actually, the lack of human company was about to kill me. "Eve, this is Dean, he is a friend of mine." I smiled to Eve. "Come on, say hi."

"Hi," Eve said shyly as she snuggled closer to me. Dean smiled and stretched his hand for her to shake.

"Hey Eve," He said sweetly as Eve hesitantly shook his hand back. "Your sister's daughter, right?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "You saw her when she was younger, first time we met." I said reminding him.

"Yeah," Dean said staring at me and Eve for a few seconds, a sad – sadder – look flashed in his eyes as he realized the reason she was with me. "I'm sorry." He said like it was his fault.

"Me too Dean, me too." I said bitterly. "Anyway… do you want to drink something?" I asked him and he shook his head silently. "Eve," I called and she looked up at me. "Why don't you go up to my room and watch some cartoons?"

"I wanna stay with you." Eve pouted shaking her head.

"I'll get you some cookies and chocolate, and I'll be here, just call me and I'll be up, okay?" I asked her hoping that the cookies would make her soften, not that I wanted her away, if it was up to me I wouldn't let her out of my sight for a second, but I knew Dean and I had to talk.

"Okay," Eve nodded smiling. "I'm gonna watch Nemo." She informed me getting up from the couch.

"Great, I like that movie." I told her getting up as well. "Dean,"

"Go, I'll wait for you." He said softly. "Bye Eve." Dean said and Eve just smiled at him as the two of us walked out of the living room.


"Sorry for that," I told Dean coming back into the living room. "I had to get her upstairs, but I got you that!" I handed him a tray that had hot chocolate and cookies on it.

"Seriously?" Dean laughed, and I shrugged.

"I'd have gotten you something else, but,"

"It's okay. Just don't tell anyone I drank that." And he happily picked up one of the cookies.

"If you noticed, Dean, there is no one around anymore." I sighed, sitting back on the couch.

"I know, and I'm sorry." Dean told me.

"It's not your fault Dean," I faintly smiled at him. Dean briefly looked back at me with guilt in his eyes, before looking away. "So," I started, breaking the heavy silence that surrounded us. "I'm happy to see you, but, how and why you're here?"

Dean smiled looking back at me. "That's a long story, Claudia."

"Dean, as you can see, I have nothing but time now." I sighed. "All night baby,"

"I see you're still the same." Dean commented. I smiled at him sarcastically shaking my head.

"Hardly. I'm nothing like I used to be." I sighed looking into his sad green eyes. "What about you? Still hunting?" I asked changing the topic.

"Well, as you can see," He shrugged; pointing at what was going on, there was nothing to hunt or to save anymore, if people are already dying, there was no one left to be saved.

"What about your dad, and your brother, Sam, right?" I asked Dean.

"They are gone." Dean answered breaking eye contact with me. "What about your parents? And your boyfriend?" He asked kind of changing the subject.

"I believe my parents are dead, ninety nine percent sure they are." I said softly. "My sister too as you know,"

"I went to her house first, but it was burned down." Dean told me and I nodded.

"Yeah, they burned all the houses they found infections in, purifying, old school." I said as the sight of my dead sister came to my mind. "And as for my fiancé, he is dead too. But not from Croatoan, it was before."

It was sad how our conversation turned out to be, we were counting the dead, and the worst part was talking about it like it was normal, just a regular talk between two people. Who died today? Was the new how you doing? It sounded so hopeless, so irrevocable.

"I'm sorry, for all of this." Dean said sincerely.

"Me too, sorry about your family too Dean," I said reaching out to pat him on his knee. Dean sighed forcing a smile. "You look tired, why don't you get some rest and we'll talk some more in the morning?"

"Good idea. You always were the smart one, Claudia." Dean smiled. I knew we had a lot to talk about but I wasn't over the shock yet, seeing Dean after all those years, just being around another human being, I couldn't believe how 18 days would change me that much, and how long it really felt.

"But hey, you aren't off the hook," I teased. "We have a lot to talk about."

"It's been five years, catching up is in order." Dean smirked making me laugh a little.

"It is," I nodded getting up. "Come on, you can stay in my old room, Eve and I will be in the master bedroom across the hall, if you need me, just call."

"Need you?" Dean smirked checking me out.

"Wow, five years, and you're still the same." I said shaking my head. "Once a Dean Winchester always a Dean Winchester,"

"You know you love me." Dean teased getting up.

"If you say so," I teased back, "Come on, let's get some rest, and we can flirt in the morning."


For the first time in weeks I actually slept, knowing that Dean was around made me feel a little better, sleeping for five hours was a record. I even woke up earlier than Dean or Eve, and made them breakfast, not much but again, a record.

Being isolated is never a good thing, even if it's for our safety it's still called isolation. That was another reason we felt better with Dean around, even Eve who met him a few hours ago. Dean was nice to her which was a surprise to me, but remembering that he told me about taking care of his younger brother. I was grateful that having him around made Eve better, they kept joking and she felt so comfy around him that she even left my side and wandered around the house without crying.

"Dede, can I go play in my room?" Eve asked me.

"Really?" I asked confused, usually I was the one asking her to do that. Eve nodded smiling at me. "Okay, but if you need anything, call me, alright sweetie?" She nodded again before running straight out of the room. "Easy there tiger, don't run." I called after her.

"Tough kid," Dean told me and I nodded in agreement.

"She is," I said. Dean and I were sitting on the couch, and I knew it was time to have the talk. "So, you gonna tell me what's going on, or?"

Dean smirked at me. "What do you want to know? The reason I'm here?"

"For starters, I mean how would you know I'm still alive?"

"I didn't, but I took my chances." Dean said honestly.

"So, you went to check on all the people you know?" I asked him, mostly teasing.

"Not all of them, only," He paused. "Some."

"To be honest, I never thought I'll see you again, not after that last call. I let you down," I sighed.

"You were right, it wasn't your fight." Dean told me seriously. "And trust me; I'm glad you didn't agree to come with me."

"What happened? Did you find your dad? Your brother agreed to help you?" I asked fast, eager to know what happened then.

"Wow. That is a long story, I'm not sure you want to hear it." Dean told me.

"Dean, again, I have nothing but time, and cookies, but you know that." I winked. Dean nodded smiling, and started talking.

Dean told me everything that happened starting from the moment he brought his brother back in the family business to search across country for their father, killing everything supernatural that got on the way. The vendetta their father started when their mom was killed by a demon when they were young was brought forth when his younger brother's girlfriend died at the hand of the same demon, and changed their lives forever. All that came out of this curse was John Winchester's death, Sam's unearthly powers, and the one responsible for this entire affliction the Yellow Eyes demon – like Dean calls it. That gruesome tale ended with how Sam died in Dean's hopeless arms and how Dean made a deal to bring him back, and got only one last year to live with Sammy before being dragged to THE Hell by hellhounds when that time was up.

"You what?" I exclaimed not able to listen anymore, "No one comes back from Hell Dean; dead people don't come back naturally… Hell? You're a good man, why would you go to hell?"

"Lots of questions," Dean chuckled seeing how confused I looked. "I made a deal with a crossroads demon; I sold my soul, that's why I went to hell." He explained softly. "I had a year to live, Sam tried to break the deal but he couldn't."

I looked at him for a few seconds before I punched his arm.

"What the hell was that for?" Dean exclaimed rubbing his arm.

"You had a year Dean, never crossed your mind to come and see me before you…, you know?" I said not able to say the D word.

"I did." Dean admitted.

"Why didn't you then?" I asked getting annoyed.

"Because I didn't want to ruin your life, I didn't want you stuck with me, I didn't want demons to trail me back to you and hurt you." Dean told me firmly. "I didn't want to get you hurt, again."

"You didn't hurt me before Dean," I sighed knowing what he meant, that fateful last hunt, when it all went sour and turned into a living nightmare, literally. "It was my call, like it or not. You helped me that night, you didn't hurt me. Lame reason not to call or even visit, I hate you for that."

"You can't hate me," Dean smirked. "And you heard half the story, enough to know I was right when I didn't show up, everyone we met in the last five years either got killed, or got tortured and killed." He said bitterly.

"You can't blame yourself for that, it's their,"

"Don't say destiny!" Dean said cutting me off. "Because it wasn't," He added. "It's my fault, like it or not, our bad luck reached out to everyone,"

"Dean," I said getting closer to him; my hand on his knee stopped him from finishing the sentence. "Tell me what happened after you got out of hell, and how you got back if Sammy couldn't break the deal?"

Dean took a deep breathe before talking again, telling me what happened. The angels, the demons, and the seals that was broken one by one to set Lucifer free from his cage, allowing him to walk amongst us. He told me how things got worse from that moment on. Dean found out he was the vessel of an archangel, while Sam was the vessel of the devil. The Winchesters stood up to their hard head reputation by sticking together, and fought long and hard side by side, but it didn't work out for the best. Eventually Sammy gave his trust to a seemingly helpful demon and betrayed his brother by putting that filth before his own blood and leaving him behind with not much hesitation. He blindly let her guide him down a road covered in blood, lies and deception and wouldn't listen to reason – called Dean – until the deed was done and he broke the last seal, setting the Devil free to roam the Earth. Even though Dean was there by his brother side when it all went down, they both knew things would never be the same again, the powerful family bond, that trust was shattered.

Sam suggested he should leave and Dean agreed with it. They haven't heard from each other directly since then. But Dean knew Sam was last seen in Detroit; where he 'lost the battle', that was the term Dean used, I didn't understand what losing the battle meant, did it mean that Sam died? Or he said yes to the Devil? But Dean didn't tell me, he said his family died at first, but now, I bet Sam said yes to the devil.

"And we are," Dean sighed. "Lucifer launched his revenge on humanity, angels are no longer around, and half of the planet is gone."

"Dean, that wasn't your fault, you did everything you could." I said softly trying to make him feel better. But Dean laughed sarcastically.

"No, I didn't! I should have said yes, but I was too stubborn to," He said getting angry at himself. "I had a choice then, but what? I didn't want people to get hurt; look at us now, Claudia. What's left of Mother Earth is a bunch of helpless hunters, and a pile of dead rotten bodies."

"You still can say yes, call again, maybe,"

"They left, they don't care anymore, Lucifer won, he got his vessel, and he got the planet. He has it all now."

"So, Sam said yes." I muttered and Dean nodded swallowing hard.

"He did," He confirmed. "And like every other thing, it's my fault."

"It's the angels' fault Dean, not yours. They were the ones who let this happen, traitors, and what's left of them are cowards, they left us, after starting it all. And now what, it's on you? You're a man, one man. A strong one, yes, but, at the end of the day Dean, you're just one, the angels couldn't save us, how come you thought you would?"

"I let my brother go, if he was here,"

"And he was an adult; you couldn't make that decision for him."

"I'm the one who got all those people killed; I couldn't stop the Croatoan from spreading." Dean yelled at me. "Your family died because of me! You still think this isn't my fault?"

"Is that the part where I'm supposed to get angry and start hitting you like in movies?" I asked him, mocking. "Because I won't, because I know you did all you could, without help, and without family. It's not YOUR fault that you didn't end this."

Dean looked at me silently with tears in his eyes, he didn't believe he deserved forgiveness, he thought everything that happened was his fault, every soul that was taken by Croatoan, and that every shitty thing the angels did was his responsibility. He was lost, beaten and hopeless.

Dean felt guilty for all that happened, and I knew guilt, I could relate. Blaming myself for letting my fiancé go to work on the day he was shot, blaming myself for not calling my parents and ask them to come so we get to be together, and blaming myself for my sister's death, and the guilt of killing her husband, even though it was the only thing left to do. I could relate to guilt and I knew no matter how much I would talk to Dean, it wasn't going to make him feel any better in witnessing first hand everything falling apart around him.

I stared at him for a minute before hugging him, he felt tense and I assumed shocked. "I have nothing to say to you Dean; I thought maybe a hug would make you feel better for a second. I know I missed being hugged. I can't promise you things will get better, because honestly I don't believe they can, but," I pulled back looking into his teary green eyes. "But you have done everything you could, and I don't blame you for what happened, none of it, if that makes a difference."

"Oh, it does." Dean told me, a tear rolling down his cheek. I was speechless, didn't know what to say when Dean looked me in the eyes, as he slowly closed the gap between us, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. "Thank you." He said pulling back.

"You're welcome," I whispered still taken aback from his gesture, feeling myself blushing. "I should charge you for that,"

"For the kiss?"

"No, for the talk," I said smiling wiping my eyes before I start crying. "I should go check on Eve, and then maybe fix us some dinner," I said getting up off the couch, "I can eat, what about you?"

"I can eat." Dean said with a shrug.

"Great then, I'll go get Eve and then we have a nice family dinner." I smiled and Dean nodded getting up.

"Claudia," Dean called. "Staying here all alone isn't safe," He started and I knew where this was heading.

"It's safer than being alone out there," I huffed. "I have enough food, water and protection; nothing can get in or out,"

"I did," Dean said cutting me off.

"Yes, but not an infected person, they won't be fit or with enough brains to do it." I said. "I thought about joining what's left of the town, they are in the church, but I couldn't, I know sooner or later one will turn out to be infected, and by the time they realize it, we would be all dead, it's what usually happens, and I can't risk Eve's life, I promised my sister I will keep her daughter safe."

"Then, there is only one thing left." Dean said firmly. "You come with me."

"What? Come where?" I exclaimed getting confused.

"A survivor's camp," Dean answered. "I built it, and I run it, it's safe and you will be with me, and Eve will be safe, too."

"Dean, I can't leave my house."

"What are you going to do when electricity goes down? Or when food runs out? Or, or," Dean said starting to count.

"I get it, but,"

"No buts," He said firmly. "I came for you, I wasn't sure if you'd be alive but I came, and I won't leave without you. I lost everyone,"

"Can we talk about this after dinner? Please," I asked him. "At least I'll have some time to think about it, and before you say there is nothing to think about, I will tell you that,"

"You're stubborn and you only want this your way, right?" Dean interrupted, teasing.

"Sorta," I smiled. "Let's just get some food, and then we talk. Okay?" I asked him nicely.

"Fine, Shorty." Dean teased.

"Alright, jerk!" I laughed. At that moment I forgot all about what was going on, remembering how things were simple then, it made me feel better for a split second, which in these days meant a lot.


After getting Eve, we joined Dean in the kitchen and helped each other making dinner, I actually had fun! It was a normal 'family' dinner, something none of us had in quite a while. We kept joking and teasing each other with food, Dean and Eve became buddies fast, it was so nice to see her laughing again.

"Come on Evie, finish up so we can get you ready for bed." I told Eve who was done with her food and playing with it.

"Now?" She protested. "Can I stay a while longer? Not that I have a school tomorrow. Please." Eve asked sweetly with her puppy innocent eyes.

"You have school with me, missy." I told her seeing her pout.

"Dede, come on," Dean said poking me.

"Really?" I laughed at him calling me that. "Dean," I started but he gave me his version of puppy eyes. "Fine, but you're the one who will get her to bed."

"Awesome!" Eve giggled jumping out of her chair. "Can I stay in your room?"

"We are staying in my room…" I told her, confused.

"No, the other room, the one with the toys," Eve said, she wanted to stay in my old room.

"You sure? Are you going to sleep in it too?" I asked her and she smiled nodding at me. That was a huge change; Eve did feel better, safer now. "Okay, you can stay in the other room, have fun." Eve grinned at me.

"Can you read me a story?" She asked Dean. He looked at me for help, terrified, and I almost burst into laughter, the guy could handle ghosts and demons but not a little seven year old.

"Eve, I'll read you a story before bed," I told her trying to hide my giggles, but Eve shook her head.

"No, I want Dean to read to me!" She said.

"Okay, I will." Dean said. "But you should know I'm not so good at this."

"Well, Dede isn't good either but I let her read to me." Eve said in a matter of fact, shrugging.

"Hey! I'm an excellent reader." I protested. Dean laughed while Eve just shook her head softly. "I won't read to you again, Eve."

"Dean will. Right Dean?"

"Sure… I guess." He answered her.

"Fine, just go wash up and change for bed," I told her and she nodded running out of the kitchen. "No running!" I called after her, but she ignored me as I heard her giggling still running up stairs.

"She is stubborn, just like you." Dean told me.

"No, just like her mother," I smiled. "She never let anyone read to her, you should feel very special now."

"Oh, I do," Dean laughed. "I'll try to remember how I used to get Sammy to sleep, maybe it will work with her."

"Good luck with that," I said knowing how stubborn Eve was when it came to sleep. Dean smiled at me before going upstairs.

I cleaned up after us, washing the dishes and putting the rest of the food in the fridge. Then I went to my room in order to change, I put on my PJ and wrapped a small cotton robe around me feeling a little bit chill. When I went downstairs I saw that Dean was already there.

"She is asleep!" He told me.

"Already? You have got to tell me what kind of magic you are using!" I laughed sitting down next to him on the couch.

"What can I say? I'm that good." Dean smirked.

"Thank you, really, for everything." I sighed looking into his eyes.

"I had fun, you know, it felt like we are," Dean paused but I knew what he wanted to say.

"Like we are a family," I finished his sentence and he nodded at me with a hint of a smile on his face, a sad one. "That's why I said thanks, Dean." I told him getting closer to press a kiss to his cheek.

"You're welcome then, Dede." He said holding me still. I smiled nervously when he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. I saw that look before, knowing what he wanted to do.

So, I made it easier for him when I brushed my lips to his, and Dean didn't hesitate once, he held me closer to him, instantly deepening the kiss. "Wow, you've been waiting for this." I said smiling through his lips.

"For years," Dean said softly, pressing another kiss to my lips. I pulled back in surprise staring at him.


"Yes, years. I just didn't know then that…" Dean paused. "That I liked you."

"Really?" I exclaimed. "I never thought a guy like you would, I mean, you are, and me, I'm, I just thought," I stuttered.

"You were vanilla when I met you, so normal."

"Exactly, that's why I never thought you would be interested, we wanted different things." I told him and he nodded.

"But," He started giving me a smirk. "Vanilla got spicy."

"Is that so," I raised an eyebrow and he nodded. "And that's why you made your move at the park."

"Yes, but you were already on the hook,"

"Actually I wasn't, I lied." I admitted seeing the glare Dean gave me. "I was seeing Brad, but we didn't, you know."

"Why did you lie then?" Dean asked me looking confused.

"I didn't want to be just another girl Dean, I had to say no."

He stared at me for a few seconds and he smirked. "See Vanilla, that's why I liked you then,"

"Because I said no?" I asked confused, and Dean nodded at me not losing his smirk. "You're twisted."

Dean shrugged at me. "Been said." He laughed.

"But you know," I started as I looked into his eyes. "It's different now,"

"What do you mean?" Dean asked looking at me intensely.

"I mean we don't know what might happen tomorrow, our lives, the world, we know nothing. So," I said softly getting in Dean's lap seeing the surprised look on his face. "Carpe Diem, Dean," I said and before he could say anything I kissed him, I didn't want this kiss to be soft or quick, I wanted it to be eager and passionate, to show Dean how much I wanted him at that moment and I knew it worked when he wrapped his arms around my body pressing me against his, while deepening the kiss.

"That I understand," Dean smirked kissing me some more.

"I bet you do," I laughed a little unbuttoning his shirt. "A little help here Dean," I asked him before tearing the shirt off his body, he laughed and helped me taking off the damn shirt tossing it on the couch next to us. "Better,"

"Why don't we take this upstairs?" Dean suggested. I nodded getting up.

We went up to my room as fast as we could, I closed the door behind us and took off the robe I was wearing being only in my PJ and a small cami. I turned around to look at Dean who was standing right in front of me, he looked into my eyes for a few seconds before I saw the spark again, the spark that I thought was gone forever, and then I knew that he needed this as much as I did.

Dean took one step closer to me, pressing me between his body and the door, and we started kissing. It felt like the years didn't pass by, like it was that moment we kissed for the first and the last time, he kissed me the same way, like it was the first time, but to me it felt like it was the last, and in our circumstances, it could be. And I kissed Dean back, returning every one of them with just as much passion. I pulled back and I pushed him against the wall, a few inches from where I was standing, he looked at me confused but I didn't let him talk, running my hands down his chest until I reached the hem of his t-shirt, he got it, and leaned off the wall helping me take it. We kissed again, that time Dean took my face in his hands. I could feel my heart racing as I held onto him.

I let out a moan when Dean gently brushed his tongue against my lips, knowing I wanted more. He pulled back looking into my eyes with his intense green ones, slowly I started to move backwards to the bed, but before laying there, Dean took off my cami and his eyes lingered on my bare skin that was fully exposed in front of his lustful self.

Dean laid me down on my bed getting on the top of me, we started making out again, my hands were pressing Dean's body closer to mine, while he was holding my face with one hand, as the other was caressing me softly he ran them up to my breasts and down, teasing me, his mouth kissing, teasing, and nibbling all the sensitive parts of my body, he took all the time he needed making sure I liked it, and man I did. I moaned again when his mouth sucked and his tongue teased my breast as his hand gently stroked my other breast.

I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation, as I bit on my lip trying to reduce the sound of my moans. When I opened my eyes again all I could see was his smirk and that spark in his eyes, letting me know he wasn't going to stop there. I wrapped one leg around his waist to hold him still as I dug my fingernails into his bare back. I wanted more, I wanted him to touch me, to kiss me, to make me shiver, to make me feel, to love me, and he needed to know that.

Dean looked up at me, this time he took his mouth off me, but not completely, he only started kissing my body again, lower and softer, until he reached my pants, and without talking, I leaned off the bed as he smirked whilst pulling my pants down, and my underwear, too.

"Your turn, Dean,"

I told him huskily, not letting him enjoy the view he was about to peek at. Dean pouted at me getting out of bed taking off his jeans, following with his boxers, and then he joined me in bed, but this time, I made sure I was on top. I smirked at him and leaned down for another kiss, a quick kiss as both of us were getting impatient. I pinned him down seeing how eager he was, I wanted to tease him a little more, as I kept kissing down his body, his neck, his chest, and taking all the time I wanted with his abs, the abs I wished to touch years ago. I was kissing, licking and racking my teeth all over his body, hearing Dean's groans while his hands stroked my hair keeping me close, I knew he loved what I was doing to him.

"I love a woman in control."

Dean gasped his voice husky and deep. Our eyes met and I smiled at him, seeing the need in his eyes, I knew what he wanted, leaning down to give it to him.


Keep me safe inside
Your arms like towers
Tower over me

Cause we are broken


"Claudie," Dean panted as he lay on the bed next to me.

"I know," I replied, panting too. I snuggled closer to Dean, resting my head on his chest, feeling his arms wrapping around me pulling the cover over our naked bodies. "Better than I thought." I said listening to his heart beats.

"What? You thought about us like that?" Dean asked, sounding confused. I laughed looking up at him.

"Dean, not because I didn't sleep with you then, meant I didn't think about it." A moment of silence passed, nothing but the sound of our breathings. I closed my eyes relaxing on the sound of Dean's heartbeats, as I traced random shapes over his chest and stomach. I felt calm and relaxed. I almost forgot what such an inner peace was, being snappy, angry and on alert all the time.

"Well," Dean started breaking the silence; I opened my eyes and looked up again at him. He smirked down at me, "It was different than I thought," He told me and I frowned raising an eyebrow. "In a good way, don't look at me like that."

"As long as it's in a good way," I teased leaning up to press a kiss to his lips.

"Yeah, it is," Dean smiled kissing me back, his hand stroking my back softly. "I only thought you were…," He paused and I waited to hear what he had to say. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you had that innocent look all over you,"

"So I was told," I laughed.

"Big surprise if you ask me," Dean chuckled looking into my eyes. "You turned out to be a very bad girl."

"And you loved it," I teased and he nodded eagerly.

"Hell I did." Dean admitted pulling me into another kiss.

"Good to know," I laughed puling back, "I should go check on Eve before we get to sleep." Dean nodded at me un-wrapping his arms from around me; I smiled before I got out of bed slipping my robe back on. "Be right back." I told Dean, giving him another smile before I walked out of the room.

I went to Eve's room to check on her, walking in I saw that the lights were still on, she must have asked Dean to leave them, so I turned them off but kept the night light on, I didn't want her to wake up screaming, it was her first night in a different room, alone. But the sight of her curled up in her bed, peacefully asleep while holding a teddy bear brought a smile to my face. I walked out of the room, keeping the door half-open, for more light, and for Eve in case she woke up in the middle of the night.

But before I went back to bed, I went downstairs checking one last time on the locks and the security system, I didn't want to get comfier and forget all about safety. If these were normal days, I'd be called paranoid, but these weren't, and acting like that was the only reason I was still alive, knowing the second I'll let my guard down, will be my last mistake.

After doing all that, I grabbed a small bottle of water and ran upstairs, feeling the cold wearing nothing but a robe.

"I was about to go downstairs and look for you," I heard Dean saying once I walked into the room, I raised an eyebrow looking at him confused.

"Why? I just went to check on Eve, the house, and got some water." I said simply, closing the door behind me.

"I told you I already checked the house," Dean said. I shrugged putting the bottle on the nightstand, taking my robe off.

"A second check wouldn't hurt, better safe," I said getting under the covers with him. "Just admit you missed me." I teased pulling the covers over my body.

"Missed you? Right!" Dean teased back; I felt his arms around me. Getting closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist resting my body against his. "Things are good?"

"Yep," I answered. "Eve is peacefully asleep, doors are locked, and I'm ready to sleep!" I chuckled.

Dean laughed pulling me tighter against him as he kissed my hair. "Good, even though I meant to be greedy tonight."

"Greedy? After all that, you're going to hell Winchester, again." I teased pulling back from his arms, sitting next to him on the bed; I hid my chest with the sheet, making Dean pout.

"Thought you wanted to sleep," Dean said confused, finally taking his eyes off my body and looking me in the eye.

"I do, but I wanted to tell you something first," I said and Dean looked even more confused.

"You are finally going to declare your love to me?" Dean asked, again teasing. I laughed and shook my head.

"No," I told him seeing the smirk he gave me. "I wanted to ask you about the camp, how things, you know, function there?"

"Good, now we are talking," Dean smiled. "Well, I run the damn thing, but since I'm here I left it to one of my commanders,"

"Commanders?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, if you didn't notice we are in a war, demons on a side, and Croatoan on the other," Dean said like he was talking to a kid. "Basically, me and some hunters, and people who are willing to do the job, are keeping the place safe, for survivors, it's as simple as that. We usually don't get out of the place, only for supplies, like food or weapons; I only left for the long shot of finding you alive."

"And you think Eve and I will be safer there?" I asked him, I didn't want to be alone anymore, I felt better with Dean around, and the idea of him leaving me was horrible.

"Yes, you will be with me," Dean said firmly. "I will be your personal bodyguard." He smiled. "Plus, there are kids Eve can play with, and other human beings, you know The Shinning atmosphere you're living in will get you crazy."

"Not that I had a choice, Dean." I rolled my eyes. "Everyone died and left me, I didn't ask for it. I didn't love the idea of me not getting out of the house for all this time, but I'm kinda forced not to, so."

"Now, you have a chance!" Dean said making me sigh. I took a moment of silence to think, I knew what was best for me, but I was still not completely sure about it.

"Claudia, this is for the best, and you will be with me most of the time." Dean assured me. "I'm the leader," He winked and I laughed. "You will stay in my cabin, and if you want to, you can stay alone, you also can go out with us in hunts, or just stay back in the camp with Eve. I will not make you do anything you don't want to. Just listen to me, it's for the best, I don't want to see you dead, not now."

"Fine, I will come." I said finally making up my mind. "Only tomorrow, we talk to Eve, and tell her we are moving."

"I already did." Dean said with a cheeky grin. I raised an eyebrow and he laughed at me. "When I was reading her the story, I told her about the camp, and she said she would love to go, if you said yes."

"You sly!" I sighed lying on my back next to him.

"You mean smart," Dean laughed. "I knew you would say and do that, so I took a shortcut, that's all. You know it's for the best, you can't stay here on your own, the camp is safer, and, I mean that's what we do, save people."

"Got it, got it!" I rolled my eyes lying on my side staring at him. "Thank you, I was about to go nuts, being alone sucks, and all the stress, it's nerve-wracking."

"I know," Dean nodded. "And I don't want you crazy; you're like the only one left of all the people I know, so, you better stay alive and sane."

"I will do my best," I smiled leaning up to press a soft kiss to his lips. "It's only you and Eve now." I sighed.

"We will be fine." Dean promised returning the kiss, with a passionate one, a kiss that made me melt in his arms.

"You know," I said biting on my bottom lip, "Maybe I should stay awake for a while longer." I said resting my head back on the pillow ushering Dean to follow. He smirked at me.

"I think that's a good idea," Dean said getting out from under the covers, removing them off my body as well, as he got on the top of me. "Actually, it's a great idea." I giggled watching Dean leaning towards me with a cheeky grin on his handsome face.


I hate me, for breathing without you. I don't want to feel anymore for you
I long to be like you, sis, lie cold in the ground like you did
There's room inside for two. And I'm not grieving for you


The next morning me and Eve started packing. Dean told us to take only what we needed the most, he would come to get the rest later, but that for now we should only gather important things. So, clothes, a lot of clothes and Eve's toys and some of my books, we also took some food in case, it wasn't going to help anyone since the house was about to be empty. But, I got an idea when I was packing; why not get more supplies on the way? To go to the local store, and to my café and get some food from what we had there, the electricity was still working so lots of the goods were going to be fine, and the rest of people at the camp could use them.

"That's a good idea," Dean paused thinking. "You're thinking like a first lady already." He teased.

"Oh, shut up," I said, as both him and Eve laughed. "Only now, where is Evie going to stay, because I'm going with you?"

"Eve can stay here, right Eve?" Dean asked and she nodded. "I was about to ask you to come, I would need another pair of eyes."

"Yeah, I know but I can't leave Eve here." I said looking at her watching us.

"I'm gonna be alright," Eve said. "I'll stay in my room and lock it, until you come back."

"Dude, no, you can't stay alone." I shook my head hearing her huff.

"Dean checked my room last night, and said there aren't any monsters in it, and no one will get in there," Eve said stubbornly, fishing her pockets for something. "He gave me this too. He said it will keep me safe." She said showing me an amulet, the one Dean used to wear.

"You gave her that?" I exclaimed looking at him.

"Yeah, not fair you are the only one wearing protection, right?" He said with a smile. I smiled looking down at my wrist, at the hunter's bracelet Dean gave to me years ago.

"Yeah, fair enough." I smiled standing up. "Even though it won't work." I whispered to Dean.

"She doesn't know that, all we know is that we should keep her safe and make sure she won't freak out when we are out, it's only for 20 minutes." He told me.

"Fine!" I sighed. "Come on sweetie, let's get you in your monsters proofed room, we will go get some stuff super quick, and be back before you realize we are gone."

"Okay!" Eve said simply walking in front of me.

"Good girl, play until we come back, or watch something." I told her and she nodded getting into her room. I closed the door behind me, taking a deep breath; I walked downstairs to Dean who was already waiting for me by the door.

"She is okay?" Dean asked and I nodded softly, grabbing my weapons.

"Yeah, she is more than okay." I smiled walking towards him. "Don't know what you told her, but it's working better than magic." I said and Dean laughed guiding me out of the door.

"And don't worry about her, she will get even better." Dean said closing the door behind us.

"Hope so," I sighed walking next to him. We got our weapons ready before making a move, "You've got a car that can handle the supplies, or?" I asked looking around, only seeing the Impala outside of my house.

"No, only my car, but it will take enough, until we come back again." Dean informed and I nodded. He handed me a knife, "Take that too."

"I have a rifle, and two guns Dean," I said as he rolled his eyes on my response.

"Just take it, alright!" He said grumpily, he was getting into the leader mood, and I could see he wasn't a democratic one.

"Fine," I huffed grabbing the knife staking it in the back of my jeans. "Even though it won't make any difference," I muttered to myself, "Let's go."

Dean nodded and walked next to me outside of the house, to his beautiful car, she was dusty and pumped but still as badass as it's always been. He got into the driver's seat and I sat shotgun. "Keep your eyes open, I know your town was purified but, you never know."

"I know, don't worry, I still remember the rules." I smiled nervously. Dean nodded with a plank look on his face, and started the car.

The drive to the store was silent, gloomy and I was shocked from what I saw. Most of the town was burned to the ground, houses, facilities, everything. The only few buildings left were a few houses, the church, and the local store, even my diner was trashed.

"I'm sorry." Dean said softly seeing how sad I looked. I sighed glancing up at him.

"I should have seen that coming," I said fighting tears. "When the forces came, they shot, burned and fucked everything. They cleaned up the town; I only didn't know cleaning up means torching every fucking thing, they gathered what was left of the people in the church, and left them there."

The forces were the Croatoan police, a new shit ass police that existed for the sole purpose of purifying cities from the virus, and supposedly to help people. It was far from being true though, those new cops only shot randomly, and burnt down places they suspected to have infection, no questions ask.

"I'll come back for them, I promise." Dean said.

"I know you will," I smiled sadly at him, the sight of my used to be beautiful and peaceful town – shocked me, remembering all the losses we suffered, the people who died, we all had so much to look forward to and it all got ruined, trashed, and gone forever. At the instant I knew for sure that going with Dean was best for me, I couldn't live in the shambles, grieving.

"That's the store?" Dean questioned as we reached the place.

"Yeah," I said getting my gun ready. "Be careful, it's massive, an army could hide in there and we wouldn't be able to see them."

"I know, and that's why we are not separating," Dean said firmly. "We will have each other's back at all times."

"Great," I said getting out of the car. "Let's just hurry, tell me what you want,"

"We are going together!" Dean said cutting me off. "Keep your eyes up and your gun at the ready."

I looked up at him and did what he asked me to. Dean nodded at me one last time before going into the store. It was wide open, as the glass doors were trashed on the ground, no security no nothing. It was a big store, and it was going to take us forever to get everything we needed, so Dean suggested we only get the vital things needed at the camp, all we could take in the car without letting go of our guns.

It took us around half an hour to load up the truck three times. We still had one run to make, the only free space left in the car was on the backseat.

"Dean, we gotta go further into the store, the stuff you want isn't up front." I informed him walking back towards the store on my own before hearing Dean.

"Claudia, wait." Dean growled hurrying after me. "Didn't I say stay next to me?"

"Dean, it's okay, I'm fine," I said turning around to look at him, but the look on his face scared me, he wasn't only angry, he was shocked!

"Claudia, watch out!" He snapped aiming the gun at me. "Move, move!" He shouted and I ducked not knowing what was going on, hearing the gunshots blaring across the empty store. Looking behind where I was standing I saw a dead body. "That's why you should have listened to me!" Dean growled.

"I'm sorry; I didn't know there was anyone inside." I said getting up.

"Shhh!" Dean hushed me. "Get up, we aren't alone anymore." He said taking my hand helping me to get up.

"More of them?" I asked and Dean nodded cocking his gun. We shot one Croatoan but there were more, they were hiding in the back of the store, in the storage room, and they came out upon hearing the gunshots.

Dean and I backed off seeing the zombies coming out slowly of the storage, bloody and dirty, that repugnant rotten stink was oozing from them. "Shoot!" He ordered and we started shooting the bastards, we shot them frantically. I didn't care if these people were once my neighbors, or friends, I knew too damn well they were long gone. I was doing them a favor, giving them what they deserved, death, wondering around, hungry for blood, harming people whilst rotting alive was not an option.

"The forces did a fuck of a job here, purifying my ass!" I snarled as I kept shooting.

"Back off slowly, we need to get back to the car." Dean told me, lowering down the gun.

I looked back making sure there was no one out. "Fine," I said, "Do you think there is," I cut off my sentence, I needed no answer, not anymore. I saw three more zombies behind Dean. "Down!" I ordered shouting, as I started to shoot. Dean turned around and started shooting with me; the three were on the ground in a matter of seconds.

"Shit! How many of those are out there?" Dean cursed muttering to himself. "Fucking forces, they left them alive and only burned down the houses!" He exclaimed angrily.

"My thought exactly." I replied panting, I felt like sitting on the floor but I didn't, I only bent over resting my hands on my knees, taking a few deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

"Come on. Let's get the hell out of here." Dean told me. I stood up straight and nodded.

"Good thinking, but," I paused looking back at the rows were the dead bodies were laying. "Are we gonna leave them like that?" I asked. "They deserve better Dean."

"We don't have time for this." Dean said firmly.

"Come on, we make time. We can't let them rot like that. At least we hide them or burn them." I told him. Dean glared at me.

"We can't burn the whole place." He told me.

"I know, we still need it," I agreed. "But we can take them outside and burn them." I said and Dean looked at me silently, pointing for me so I move back into the far back where the bodies were. "God, they smell." I said disguised.

"Welcome to Croatoan land." Dean told me sarcastically. I rolled my eyes walking around the pile of dead bodies in front of me. "Stay here, I'm going to check the storage." He ordered and I nodded watching him walking into the dark room.

"Oh god," I sighed recognizing one of the bodies, a neighbor, one of my sister's. I kneeled down next to the body, to close her eyes. "I'm sorry." I whispered about to get up, when I heard the gunshots from the storage. "Dean!" I snapped, standing up fast, running into the room.

Walking in, I was blinded, from both smell and darkness. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, my grip tightening around the gun. "Claudia, better wait outside." I heard Dean saying.

Opening my eyes, I saw Dean standing in front of me, but he wasn't alone, three dirty Croatoan bastards were about to attack him. "No way in hell." I said and started to shoot, but in the dark I was being careful, I didn't want to shoot Dean. I moved further into the room, two of the three were down now.

"You should have waited for me outside." Dean said, shooting the last guy.

"I just saved your ass, so shut it!" I told him looking around; I knew the shit wasn't over. "We need to get out of here Dean. Fuck the bodies, let's just go."

"So I said." He muttered. I felt his hands on my waist. "Let's go."

I walked out with Dean, but before we could get out of the room I felt something grabbing my leg. "Dean!" I screamed falling to the floor. One of the guys we just shot was still alive, and he managed to get me, I was on the floor now and panicking, I tried to reach for my knife, since my gun was on the floor. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

"Claudia, move away, I'll shoot it!" Dean said nervously, but I couldn't move, and he couldn't shoot, knowing I could get hurt as well.

"Dean, I got it." I said ending my sentence with a scream, the son of a bitch bit me. I was in pain, and I was angry too. I kicked the guy so hard that his neck snapped and he rolled next to me on the ground, which was Dean's chance to shoot him, for good this time.

"Hey, hey, are you alright?" Dean said helping me up, holding my hand.

"He bit me." I told Dean, my voice was shaky.

"What?" He said in shock, checking my arm Dean saw the bloody bite. "He bit you." Dean repeated plainly. "Let's go!" He said like nothing happened, dragging me out of the storage to the main store.

"Dean, Dean, wait!" I called trying to stop him.

"We have to get back to the house." He told me, as he kept walking.

"Dean, STOP!" I shouted pushing him away, taking my arm back, "He bit me, I can't go back to the house."

"We will find a way, just," Dean said angrily.

"No, I can feel it already," I yelled cutting him off. "I'm infected; it's a matter of hours Dean, before I become one of them, a zombie."

"No, no you won't, you won't die we will find a way." Dean said fast, he was in denial. We both were in shock; I really thought this was about to end, and not that type of ending. But I was infected and there was nothing we could do about it, I could feel the virus rushing through my veins, I felt weak, and, and angry.

"Dean, snap out of it. You know there is nothing you can do, and I won't wait until I turn." I told him.

"Come with me, we are going back home first. Then we talk." Dean said, shifting. He grabbed my arm cruelly and walked me out of the store. "We will see if you are really infected, not because you were bitten means you're." He grunted; he didn't want me to argue.

"I'm coming, but when I lash out and bite your head off, don't be mad." I growled in anger.

"Get in!" Dean said shoving me into the car. He closed the door and walked around the hood, getting inside as well.

"Stubborn piece of shit," I cursed him.


And it's time we saw a miracle
Come on, it's time for something biblical
To pull us through, and pull us through

And this is the end, this is the end. Of the world


We arrived at the house, when Dean took me in, forcefully. He locked us in the small office on the first floor, and he started to check my wound.

"Dean, you don't have to be stubborn, I told you, it's over." I said, "He bit me, and I got infected, and now, you know what you should do." I said firmly.

"What the hell?" Dean snapped letting go of my hand. "You're supposed to be freaking out now, begging me to let you go, anything, not so calm and ready to fucking die!" He shouted.

"It would be a waste of time, Dean." I said softly. "I don't want to die; I don't want to leave you and Eve alone. But, there is nothing I can do, I should be freaking out, but," I couldn't finish my sentence, chocking with my tears. "Being one of them is worse than dying; I don't want to be like that Dean. I can't. I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt Eve." I cried feeling his arms wrapping around my shoulders, as I cried into him.

"We, I-I'm gonna find a way." Dean said rubbing my back. I shook my head and looked up at him. "You can't die Claudia, we are almost,"

"No, Dean," I interrupted. "There is no way, and, you know what you should do."

"No, I can't." Dean said shaking his head, "I won't kill you." He snapped letting go of me standing up. "I'm not going to shoot you."

"If you don't do it, I will." I said seriously. "Please, Dean, don't make this harder on me."

Dean stared at me for a minute, turning around he punched the wall. "This isn't fair." He shouted. "Everyone is gone, you were the only hope I had to have some kind of a family," He said, losing control, on the edge of a breakdown.

"Dean," I called getting up walking to him. "That's fate," I sighed putting my hand on his firm arm. "Please, go out, calm down, I'm going to be here, decide how you are going to fix this." I said calmly even thought it wasn't how I felt. Acting tough doesn't mean I was, I was broken and, I don't even know how I felt and still feel, I was about to die.

Dean looked up at me with teary sad eyes, nodding; he walked out of the office leaving me there on my own.

My name is Claudia Morgan, and this is probably my last day on earth.

I was never a fan of writing in general, mostly writing my diaries. I thought the act of writing journals was meant for greater people, for someone who had a very exciting and useful life, that he or she would get a Nobel for or something, but my life was normal…


And that takes us to where we started. Being on my own for over an hour brought me on writing what I felt, how it all happened and, predicting what might happen too. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what was going to happen, and I had nothing to do but to accept my death, I was going to die sooner or later. Either way, all roads lead to Rome. And I was about to go to Rome.

I wrote three letters, two for Eve and one for Dean. I wanted to apologize to Eve for leaving her, to tell her how much I loved her, and how it was breaking my heart that I was leaving her alone in this fucked up world. I wanted to reassure her that hope lives with her. The second letter was all about her mum and dad, I told her how they met, and about their love story, and how her mother died for her to live, I told her how much they loved her and that they wanted her to be strong for their sake.

The other letter was for Dean, I wanted him to know what he meant to me deep down, what he gave me, that he was a good friend; I learned a lot from him. And that I don't blame him for what happened to me, it was my call and I know that he did his best to save my life. He saved my life more than once but, it all ends on a certain point. And that was mine.

Well, at least I will be with my family again…

Claudia walked out of the office and headed to the living room, where she knew Dean was with her niece. She only hoped Dean was calmer, so he would handle the situation better. Claudia felt weaker by the second, knowing that soon enough the virus will kick through her veins turning her into a bloodthirsty creature, and her only mission will be destruction, she knew she couldn't let that happen, if she was going to die, she was going to die as a human.

"Hey guys," Claudia smiled weakly.

"Hi," Eve smiled at her aunt while Dean sat there silently. "Dede, why didn't we leave yet? Dean isn't answering me." The little girl asked walking to Claudia.

"Evie," Claudia sighed kneeling to the girl's level, trying not to break down and to be strong. It wasn't only that Claudia was about to die, but she was leaving Eve alone, after she promised her sister she'd take care of her daughter. Her heart was breaking with every look or word Eve was giving her. "I won't be able to come with you, only you and Dean are going."

"What?" Eve exclaimed, her blue eyes sparkling with fear and shock. "But, you said you're coming, and, and I ca,"

"Eve, listen to me." Claudia interrupted the little girl, holding both of her small shoulders. "I'm sick. Remember..." she paused; she didn't want to scare her. "I'm going to heaven, with mum and dad, you remember Brad? I'm going to see Brad again." She told Eve, faking a cheerful tone of voice, but her face said it all, her eyes were tearing up, the half smile she had on her face reflected more pain and sorrow.

"Why are you crying then?" Eve asked her in confusion.

"Because I'm leaving you and Dean alone, I don't want to, but I have to. You know I wouldn't leave you Eve, right?" Claudia asked and the little girl nodded softly at her. "Good because I wouldn't. Not if I didn't have to." Claudia said, more to herself than to the little girl.

"Can I come with you? I miss mum and dad too." Eve asked innocently, she was confused not fully understanding what was going on, she knew something was wrong, but her young brain couldn't figure it out.

"Oh baby, no." Claudia sobbed holding the girl to her. "No, you will stay here, with Dean, you will be safe."

"But," Eve interrupted, nearly in tears.

"Nope, hey, Evie, be a good girl, we're all going to be together one day, but we will have to wait, alright?" Claudia smiled. "Now, I want you to promise me you're going to be a good girl, listen to everything Dean tells you and do it, alright?" The little girl nodded. "Good girl, I love you Eve. Always remember that."

"I love you too aunt Dede." Eve smiled hugging her aunt one last time.

"Eve," Dean called getting up from his chair. He tried to pull off his best poker face, but the situation was too much, even for him. "Go grab your stuff, we need to go." He asked the girl softly. Eve smiled at him breaking free from Claudia's arms.

"Okay." The little girl told him walking away, smiling one last time at her aunt.

Claudia broke down on the floor, sobbing. Once she heard Eve's little footsteps walking away, she couldn't hold her tears anymore.

"I'm sorry," Dean said solemnly getting on his knees next to her. "I'm sorry for letting you down, I couldn't save you."

"Dean, it wasn't your fault," She sniffed looking up at him. Claudia wiped the tears off her face, faking a small smile. "I don't blame you for anything." She sighed. "We don't have much time left. I got three letters in the office, two for Eve and one for you. Eve can't understand everything now, but you can read them and decide when to give them to her. And the other letter is for you, you can read it whenever you want."

Dean helped her up, without talking. He only stared at her with his sad teary eyes, he wasn't able to talk, or argue, he knew he was helpless then, he couldn't save her.

"Dean, don't look at me like that." Claudia said. "You did everything you could, and you will take care of Eve for me, right?" She asked and he nodded at her. Claudia smiled; a real smile this time. "Great, promise me Dean, promise me you'll keep her safe."

"I will keep her safe, as long as I'm alive, she will be safe." Dean promised. His voice rough and sad, "She will be safe." He repeated.

"That's all I need to hear." Claudia smiled at him. She titled her head towards the office. "I think we should do it inside, the living room is the only way to the door and, I don't want Eve to see, you know."

"Yeah, yeah," Dean said taking a deep breath, "Let's get inside."

The two of them walked into the office and Dean locked the door behind him, while Claudia collapsed on the small couch in the middle of the room.

"Can you hug me?" She asked weakly.

"Claudia!" Dean sighed.

"It's okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." She said defending herself.

"You aren't scaring me, you are breaking my heart." He admitted.

"I- I," she stuttered, feeling her tears forming again in her eyes. "I just want to feel your arms around me, for the last time." She told Dean, looking up into his eyes, seeing the tear that ran down his cheek.

"I hate you for making me cry," Dean said, hurrying to wrap his arms around her, for the last time.

"I hate me for getting myself killed," Claudia joked, chocking with a sob. "But I don't want you to hate me Dean Winchester, or blame yourself for my death." She said pulling away.

Another tear ran down Dean's cheek as he looked at Claudia's tired eyes. She smiled at him one last time. "I would have kissed you, but," She shrugged. "I don't want to pass it to you." She said sadly. "Now, I'm not sure how this will go, but I'll lay here and close my eyes, you just, do it."

"I'm really, really sorry." Dean said, on the edge of breaking down.

"I told you, it's not your fault." Claudia said. "One last thing," she asked glancing up at him. "Can you hold my hands? I don't want to be alone, not now, please."

Dean nodded at her as he held her left hand with his, holding the gun in his right hand. He aimed the gun at her, he hesitated for a second, but Claudia smiled at him and closed her eyes, but not before she put a small cushion on her chest, to make it easier for Dean. "Do it, Dean." She asked him calmly, like her voice belonged to another world, a world she was about to become a member of, she accepted her fate, and she was ready to move on.

Dean took a deep breath, his fingers squeezing hers, while the gun was now pointed at her heart, pressed against the cushion. He glanced at her one last time, before pulling the trigger.


I long to be like you, sis, lie cold in the ground like you did
There's room inside for two. And I'm not grieving for you
I'm coming for you...



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