This is a little Niff fic that wasn't supposed to be a Niff fic, but ended up as a Maybe-begining-of-Niff-if-you-read-it-like-that Niff fic. R&R please?

Warnings: Only a head-canon where Nick and Jeff aren't best friends

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Nick didn't want to be here, standing in front of the door of his competition. It wasn't even like him and Jeff were good friends. They got along well enough, and talked a little at Warbler practice. They never really interacted without other people around, and if they were both trying out for a solo, they didn't at all. Nick considered it sort-of-friendly competition. So standing at the door to Jeff's dorm after said boy had missed Warbler practice was something Nick never expected himself to be doing. He didn't even know what he would find. Was Jeff in there, was he sick? Maybe he was dead.

Dead, Nick? Really? Stop being silly and get this over with.

A sneeze from inside the room made Nick flinch and take a step back. He turned to leave; he didn't want to get sick too, but the miserable groan that followed stopped him. He returned to the door with a grimace and raised his hand to knock.

"I'm going to regret this," Nick said to himself, then knocked softly three times. "Jeff? It's Nick."

"Whuddya want?" Was Jeff's muffled and slightly nasally reply.

"Can I come in?" Nick called through the door. There was a slight pause before Nick heard the other boy groan. A moment later, the door opened to reveal a glasses-clad and decidedly miserable looking Jeff.

"You look like crap!" Nick said before he could stop himself. But it was true. Nick had only seen the Warbler in his Dalton uniform, perfectly groomed and dapper looking, just as the dress code called for them to be. Now tho, he was wearing over-sized pajamas and his blonde hair was sticking up in all different directions.

"Please tell me you didn't make me get out of bed to tell me what I already knew." He even sounded miserable. Nick floundered for a second; he had no idea what he was doing, before replying.

"No. I, um, I came to check on you." It came out as more of a question than a statement, making Nick feel like an idiot.

"Why?" Jeff asked as he retuned to his bed. Nick followed him into the room, but stopped just inside the door. This being the first time in this room, he instinctively took in the surroundings, and his first thought was 'How can he live like this?'

Simply put, the room was a mess. It seemed that most of Jeff's clothes were on the bed of the roommate that Jeff somehow lucked out of getting, but somehow his blazer was hanging inside out from the closet door, and his tie was wrapped around the curtain rod. Books and papers covered the small desk and spilled onto the floor, where there was a trail of used tissues leading to the garbage from when Jeff obviously tried to toss them in. Very few actually made it.

Nick flinched out of his observations when Jeff sneezed again, and he saw the blonde boy looking at him expectantly.

"You weren't in school, or at Warbler practice, and today was audition day, and you've never missed an audition day," Nick rambled quickly. He was so out of his element right now, and wanted to get this done was a fast as possible. He flinched for a third time and frowned when Jeff sneezed again, this one sounding incredibly painful.

"Have you taken medicine or something?" Nick asked. Jeff sniffed and shook his head. "Why not?"

"Don't have any."

"Why didn't you go get some?" The only response was a half-hearted glare that looked more adorable than intimidating. "Right, stupid question. Wait here, I'll be right back." As Nick left to go to his room he heard Jeff mumble "Where the hell do you think I'm going to go?" He quickly grabbed cold medicine, water, and tissues from his room and returned to Jeff's in less then two minutes.

In the time he was gone, Jeff had curled up into a ball on his bed and was already half asleep. Nick almost decided to leave him be and let him sleep, but a pathetic sniffle changed his mind. Nick sat near the head of the bed and poked Jeff in the shoulder.

"C'mon dude. Up." Nicked poked him again when Jeff mumbled at him to go away. "I brought more tissues and drugs." Jeff sat up with a reluctant sigh, keeping his eyes closed while Nick shoved the pills and tissues into his hand.

"Can I go back to sleep now?" Jeff asked once he was medicated. Not waiting for an answer, he flopped back towards his pillows before Nick could move out of the way. He landed on him, forcing the brunette to have to lay down too.

"What the hell, dude?" Nick yelped as he tried unsuccessfully to sit up.


"Get off me!"

"But you're comfy," Jeff whined pitifully. Nick looked down at the half asleep boy. He felt extremely awkward having the blond warbler that he barely knew sleeping on him, but he was also finding it hard to deny him anything when he looked so miserable.

"Fine," Nick sighed. "But if I get sick, I'm blaming you." The only response was a happy sigh as Jeff snuggled closer to him. Nick forced himself to relax and fall asleep, knowing he wasn't going anywhere soon. He just hoped he wouldn't get sick.

Nick could hardly say he was surprised when he woke up with a sneeze a few hours later.

I've always seem to think of Jeff as a clingy sick boy, therefore you get Clingy!Sick!Jeff!