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Nick was quite proud of himself. He had been able to successfully avoid Jeff all week. Doing so in class was easy; They were always seated in alphabetical order, so Nick Duval was far away from Jeff Sterling, and closer to the door, making quick getaways easy. Avoiding him in Warbler practice was a little more difficult. The Warblers were made up of only fifteen boys, and they were all friends, but as long as Jeff stuck to using tables and windowsills as chairs, Nick was able to easily choose a couch that faced away from him.

Currently, though, Nick was hiding in the Romance section of the school library. During his first few weeks at Dalton, Nick explored a lot, and had found many little hiding spots that he utilized on a regular basis. He was a little concerned as to why an all boys high school library had a romance section, but upon seeing it empty and everything being covered in dust, he figured no one actually went there, and found it to be a good quiet thinking place.

And that was exactly what he was using it for now.

The topic of his thoughts, while not exactly private, since it seemed everyone knew, was not something he was ready to openly admit to. Nick could avoid Jeff like a pro in person, but it seemed that he was the only thing Nick wanted to think about. The more Nick thought about him, the more he realized that even tho he played it off like he was mad about the kiss, he was more mad at how Jeff acted after. And, while he was being honest with himself, Nick had actually sort of enjoyed it, and if Jeff were inclined to kiss him again, Nick definitely would not be opposed to the idea. You could say that Nick possibly, maybe, sort of had small, crush like feelings for Jeff.

Okay, yes fine. Nick liked Jeff. Nick Duval had a crush on Jeff Sterling. It's been said. Happy now?

Nick wondered, though, what did that make him? He knew he wasn't gay, me most certainly still liked girls. Sure, the technical term was bisexual, but Nick felt strange classifying himself as that. Nick didn't see other guys and imagine what life could be like with them, like he did with girls. The only guy Nick had ever thought that about was Jeff. So he was what then? Jeff-sexual?

Yeah, okay, Jeff-sexual sounded good.

"I need to talk to him. This needs to stop," Nick said. He always thought better when he spoke aloud, and he felt comfortable doing that here, since he was sure no one was around to hear him. Or so he thought.

"What needs to stop?" A voice said from behind a shelf. A moment later, Jeff himself came into view. Nick glared at him. Of course Jeff of all people would find this place. Of course Jeff of all people would hear Nick talking to himself. Of course it had to be while Nick was talking about Jeff.

"What are you doing here?" Nick asked. He could hear the ice in his own voice, and judging by Jeff's apprehensive look, he could as well. Nick had to give him credit though, because after the initial reaction, Jeff continued like nothing was wrong.

"Looking for you, actually. Thad told me you might be here," Jeff explained. He pointed to the empty armchair across from Nick, one eyebrow raised in silent question. Jeff didn't want to be sent away, but he didn't want to test his boundaries either. He figured the way to be safe was to keep small talk, and his sass, to a minimum so that Nick wouldn't get annoyed at him before he said what he came here to say.

Nick gave a slight nod to Jeff's quirked eyebrow, but he was still glaring at him like he was trying to will Jeff's head to explode. Jeff sat with a sigh and hugged his legs to himself to rest his chin on his knees.

"Still pissed at me, huh?" Jeff asked in a way that one might ask about the weather.

"Why were you looking for me?" Nick asked, trying very hard to keep glaring at Jeff. Seeing him sitting there looking like a sad puppy made it very hard for Nick to continue being angry.

"I have a confession to make."

Nick couldn't help the mumbled "This outta be good" that escaped before he even thought to say anything.

"Look, I'm trying to be serious here, and this has kind of taken me all week to build up the courage to own up to this, so can you please stop with the snark for maybe two minutes?" Jeff asked, and, oh there was that kicked puppy look again. Nick shifted in his chair uncomfortably and looked away for the first time since he showed up.

"Right. Sorry. Continue."

"Thank you!" Jeff let out a sigh, taking a moment to compose himself. This was going to be hard; Jeff had never done something like this before, and he really didn't want to fuck it up.

"Is this about the kiss?" Nick asked. He already knew it was, since the only interaction the two ever had was about the kiss, but watching Jeff mentally fighting with himself was almost painful.

"Yeah, it is," Jeff admitted. "Specifically the reasons behind it.

"You told me it was so that I would think about my sexuality, and learn a few things about myself."

"Yes, well, that's what I said. It wasn't what I meant."

"Really?" Nick asked sarcastically. This time it was Jeff who glared.

"Yes! Well, kind of. You see, it ended up being an extension to my original reasons behind kissing you," as Jeff talked, he slowly sank down into his chair, so by the end, all Nick could see behind Jeff's knees were his eyes, which looked slightly afraid, and his hair, which Nick was now realizing was sticking up at slightly weird angles, like Jeff had been running his hands through it all day.

After waiting a minute for Jeff to continue, Nick realized he wasn't going to get anything else from Jeff until Nick responded. Nick ran a frustrated hand through his own hair, and wondered how a boy who could act so sure of himself all the time be hiding behind his knees like a scared child when faced with the truth.

"And your reasons were?" Nick prompted. Surprisingly enough, he didn't like seeing Jeff like this. He preferred the self-assured dancer he normally was.

Jeff hid his face in his arms and mumbled something that Nick didn't quite catch.

"I'm sorry, what?" Another mumble. Nick was starting to get annoyed. "Jeff, I can't understand you if you keep talking to your knees. What did you say?"

"I said I like you!" Jeff said, rather loudly. Nick just sat there blinking at him for a few moments, completely silent. Jeff whimpered and hid his face again. "Please say something."

"I... You... What?" Nick stuttered. His brain couldn't process that information right now. That was the exact opposite of what he was expecting.

"I like you. Like, I really like you," Jeff confessed. Now that he was actually saying it, he was finding it easier to look at Nick, so he could see the confusion written plainly on his face.

"Why though? I'm nothing special." That sentence got Jeff to finally let go of his legs and look Nick in the eye.

"You're kidding, right? You're amazing!" Jeff smiled at the blush he could see creeping up Nick's neck. "I've always kind of thought you were amazing."

"Why didn't you say something, then?" Nick asked.

"I don't know. Nerves, I guess. I was going to though! Last week, after auditions. I had it all planned out, but then I got sick and it all went to hell. So when you showed up, I couldn't let that opportunity pass, which is why I kissed you. But you were so uncomfortable with it that my brain kind of spazzed and spouted the first line of bullshit that popped into my head."

Jeff was adorable when he babbled like this, Nick decided.

"And now I feel like an idiot and you're staring at me like I have five heads." Jeff wrapped his arms around his legs again and whimpered. "Please stop looking at me like that."

Nick hardly realized that he was staring at Jeff with wide eyes, his mouth hung open. What he did realize that Jeff looked close to tears, which was not what Nick wanted to see today, or ever, from him.

"Sorry. Sorry. It's just..." Nick paused and smiled. Here goes everything.

"You really like me?" Nick stood up from his chair when Jeff nodded and walked the short distance separating them.

"So, if I were to, say, kiss you again, you wouldn't be opposed to it?" By now, Nick was leaning over Jeff with both hands holding the arm rests so he couldn't escape.

Jeff, who was slowly turning bright red, squeaked out a quiet "No."

"Good." Nick closed the remaining distance, pressing his lips to Jeff's. He felt Jeff smile slightly before deepening the kiss and putting his hand on the back of Nick's neck to pull him closer.

They broke apart a few minutes later, when air because an immediate necessity. Some time during it, Nick had ended up in Jeff's lap, but neither were sure how, nor did they care.

Nick pressed his forehead to Jeff's, looking into his brown eyes. Both boys were flushed and out of breath, but incredibly, incredibly happy.

"Now what?" Jeff breathed, his smile matching Nick's.

"What does it matter? We've got time to figure it out."

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