I didn't like Percy at first. He seemed annoying and irritating. At first, he wasn't even funny. I never noticed the things I notice now, not the things I love about him.


When we became friends during our quest, he started to tease me, and I teased him back. We became more at ease with each other, and learned the other's fighting style. We became unstoppable together.


I noticed his mesmerizing sea green eyes, his messy jet black hair, and his handsome face. I realized at this point I wished it was no longer just a friendship between us. My feelings for Luke kept me away from him, and when Rachel met him, I was crushed.


When we finally started to date, I loved it when he kissed me. I loved it when he was next to me. I knew I'd do anything for him. Our relationship was blossoming. My Seaweed Brain was getting older, and so was I, but we didn't grow apart. We bonded even more than I thought possible.


I first realized I loved him when he grinned at me after one of our silly arguments when we were sitting on the beach. I realized I'd already memorized his whole face, every scratch, every scar, and the exact shape. I could probably sketch his face with my eyes closed. When I whispered, "I love you," and he said, "I love you, too," I felt my heart leap, and flutter away. I remember kissing him, and him creating that underwater bubble again. I just hope Poseidon didn't see or any of the fish around us told him, because then I'd be really embarrassed in front of his father.


When he proposed I felt alive and my heart felt free. I remember crying with tears of joy as he slipped the ring on my finger, and kissed me passionately afterward. The ceremony was completely white, and most of the gods attended. I remember his goofy grin after he kissed me, and how his eyes were brimming with happiness and love. I bet mine were the same.


The children we had were amazing. Blonde hair, green eyes, or black hair and grey eyes, or any combination. Percy and I's children were obedient, but that probably was only because we managed to bribe Chiron into whipping them into shape. I remember that summer when Percy came home with the kids and they looked stronger and tougher. Thank Zeus for that, or I would've had a handful with the children.


Now as I see Percy's smiling face in his coffin, my tears fall. The sea green tux he's wearing, the same jet black hair. I can't see his eyes, or the rise and fall of his chest, or the way he used to look at me. I remember the doctor saying he had only four months to live. I remember doing everything together. I tried to stop myself from crying when he told me to be happy for what time was left, but I knew at times he'd been crying as well. I knew he wouldn't last long with the cancer ravaging his body.

But, as I stand here, in front of his blue coffin, with blue flowers set on his coffin, and I look at his face one last time before it is closed and his body was buried in the ground forever, I realize one thing. He was mine forever.