Hi everyone! I know, I'm being ridiculous starting ANOTHER story, but I can't help it! I'm a total Trans-fan! Anyway, yes I am doing the girl version again. But I SWEAR, I will one day include a MALE Bumblebee in other stories I end up writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!




Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, If I did Bumblebee would forever be the target of the war.

Prologue: Escape

It is a quiet night in Cybertron; for once there are no storms from the excess energy in the planet and the stars shine peacefully. In a large laboratory facility, two figures creep silently to a storage building. One larger and bulkier than the other, the thinner one is holding something within his arms in a gentle, but strong hold.

"We need to hurry. It won't take very long for Security to realize she's gone," the bulkier one states in a hushed tone as they enter the storage room. Inside is a carrier that resembles a rocket ship.

"I know…. We still don't have a place to send her though…" the slimmer one says in a monotone. But the bulkier one can tell there is worry in his voice.

"We have to send her now. Any other time and the storm would get in the way and could offline her. We can only hope she'll find a good home on her own," the bulkier comforts.

The thinner is silent before he sighs and says, "You're right. Here, hold her while I set up." The bundle is passed to the bulkier and he looks inside. Inside the bundle of blankets, is a bright yellow with light blue stripes femme sparkling. The movement awakes her and she clicks tiredly at the bulky mech.

"Hello little one." He coos. He continues to distract the sparkling while his partner starts up the machine.

"I'm done," the thinner announces. Suddenly an alarm sounds throughout the facility, right lights flashing everywhere.

"They've realized she's missing!" the bulkier exclaims over the sirens. Throughout the entire excitement, the sparkling is silent. She's more intelligent than most sparklings and knows it would be best to be quiet.

"We have to send her now," the smaller states with his arms open, silently asking for the little one. When the bulkier one gives her up, the thinner gently places her in the carrier. "Time to go little one," he whispers.

The bulkier comes up behind him and says, "We won't be together for a while, but we'll find you when it's safe and bring you to a real home. Promise." The sparkling clicks sadly, fully understanding what they are saying and waves good-bye.

"Be safe little one. You'll have to find a home on your own. I'm sorry we couldn't find a location to send you. But know that we truly love you with all our sparks," the thinner says. He kisses the sparkling's forehead before shutting the carrier and sending it off.

The sparkling looks down at her creators sadly. She doesn't want to leave, but she knows they wouldn't send her if they didn't have to. Before long, she can no longer see her family and decides she is better off resting.

"She'll be fine," the bulkier comforts. "After all, she's made to be much stronger than a normal Cybertronians."

"I know…" the thinner replies. "But I can't help it. Even if she's powerful, she's just a sparkling. But we did the right thing; no sparkling of mine is going to end up as the sparkless weapon he desires."

"We can only hope she'll end up in a safe place…"

The sparkling is thrashed about in the carrier as it crashes. When the sparkling adjusts to the shock, she shakily steps outside, unaccustomed to the entirely new surrounding she has gotten herself into. Her body sore, but the sparkling doesn't complain. Or rather, she can't; as soon as she has safely left the container, a mass of severely damaged, rusty bodies of crudely built buildings and bots greet her. The sparkling can't believe her eyes. Never in her clean and scientist-infested life has she been forced to come to face-to-face with such disgusting filth and purge-evoking stink. The sparkling will later know that it is the smell of the cheapest low-grade that the inhabitants of this wretched place ingest as if it is the purest high-grade mixed in with purge and rusting corpses. The sparkling has landed in Pithell, the cruelest, poorest, and most impossible place to survive in Cybertron.