Time had passed by so slowly. It was so lonely in this forsaken desert. There hardly was anything to eat much less a soul to speak with.

It was that way for such a long time. Waiting for so long just to talk to someone… Or at least eat something. There was nothing here and with nothing to do… There had to be a way out.

Of course there was and my loneliness died for a short while after I somehow summoned forth this odd portal before me. That portal allowed me to a realm of many living souls… Yet very few could even see me let alone talk to me.

This left me anguished for I wanted to talk to someone… Anyone. Yet there wasn't a soul around that could even speak to me. My loneliness consumed me further and in an attempt to make contact without one of these people I decided to collide with one.

The result at least entertained me.

Somehow I was able to make contact with them and the person I ran into was flung into a building, through it and eventually splattered on the inside wall of the building. And if I could make contact with them… I very well could eat them.

I tested my theory on the body as people gathered in shock at what happened. They weren't able to see me so it did not matter and I carried out my plan. Obviously they could not see me but knew what was happening. I was devouring the body.

Well… At least while I can't communicate with them, I could at least feed. I had been starving for so long that I had almost gone mad with hunger…

Scratch that, I did go insane with hunger. I slaughter every person that had arrived and devoured their bodies. They were unable to put up a fight against me for they could not see me and their attacks did nothing to harm my body.

But it was strange… What was this? How could they use such power yet it not effect me? Anything from fire, water and earth to wind and lighting and even illusions they wielded against me yet not knowing my position. Only the most powerful attacks were even able to delay my progress. It was as if the attacks weren't completely meant to hurt a body like mine.

After feeding on the flesh of many and having slaughtered many more just for the fun of it, I grew tired and full. The next moment I wanted to scream out in pain as my body ruptured around me and began to grow. It felt like nothing ever before even when the most powerful attacks these weak souls harmed me.

It was something else entirely yet despite the pain… I felt more power entering my being and by the end of it… I remember nothing.

I wish I did. But during that time of my life I did not have the cerebral function to even understand anything around me outside of hunger. All I know of what I did during that time was feed… And feed upon helpless victims that stood no chance against my power.

I soon regained my memories through yet another painful experience but this one left me with my intelligence once more and the memories of my first form. Yet once more… I felt hungry yet these pathetic beings no longer did anything to stave my hunger.

Considering them no longer worth my time, I would have left if I had not noted something interesting before me. Apparently there were many bodies I had not devoured yet there was a chain attached to them… And attached to them was a being that looked exactly the same as their slaughter bodies… If they were recognizable.

And they could see me!

I was overjoyed! I could finally talk to someone! Yet I soon came to realize they saw me as nothing but a monster. One could understand their reasons for this due to the fact that I did kill them and now they could see me but do nothing about it. But I could care less and it only made me angry.

After all this time the first beings I could talk to cowered in my presence and only spoke in fear! I would not tolerate this in the slightest for this… For this brought some form of hatred out of me that I could not explain. However I could not let this transgression against my person go!

I made them suffer and devoured their souls for the sheer entertainment value I got from seeing the others reactions.

However it was soon that one of them showed up to stop MY evil doing. I did not see what I had done was wrong. They had deserved it for fearing me when I just wanted to speak to someone! It was not fair!

But this black robed man was strong… For the first time I felt pain however I am quite sure he felt more.

For every time his sword cut into my flesh, I had struck him with my claws almost a hundred times! If it wasn't for his impressive speed and his immeasurable endurance he would have fallen to me before fleeing.

I laughed as he fled, ignoring the sense of danger I felt emanating from him. I felt it was appropriate to make the man fear me so that he would never come back. However I had a small feeling that my gloating could come back to make my lifetime sooner or later worse.

Yet at that moment of time I did not care for I noted he had done some interesting things during our battle. For one, all those that had died he had tapped his sword's hilt on their heads and after flash of light they had dispersed.

Something told me that he had sent them away to somewhere where I could not go and it annoyed me to no end for there was no doubt he had taken them to his realm, most likely to train them to combat me. I would not stand for this and I would find a way to counter him!

Yet I did not know how… But slowly things like I once was began to appear in both the world I came from and the world I visited to feed. They by far were more powerful then any of those weaklings I had slaughtered but unfortunately most did not have a mind and tried to attack me.

Of course I dispersed of them easily and devoured their beings and it filled my stomach only slightly more then what those so called humans had done. No part of me found it wrong to devour them even though they were like me. But what I didn't understand was where they came from so I set out to investigate.

The first thing I noted was that every one of my race had a strange mask covering their face, replicating some sort of creature, fiend or monster. As I continued to feed on my own kind I quickly noted that everyone had a hole through their body in different places… Not all located at the heart like mine was.

I found this odd and wondered what caused this sort of randomization. Obviously at first I wasn't able to find out since many of my race had cerebral development slightly above my own when I was in my second stage. The ones that did however… I let them live for information.

What I got made me wonder even more. From what little they knew they said that something was connected to that portion of their body before it was eaten away and they became what they were before me. Letting them live and feed on humans and our own race to become stronger as I saw it fit that our race should be intelligent, I went back to the world of living to test some theories I had came up with.

It wasn't long till I was able to test them. After all the only thing I had to do was kill someone and wait until their soul appeared. Once it did, I noticed the chain on it after a short period of time I noted that it slowly was beginning to disintegrate.

However I was inpatient and could not wait for it to completely dissolve and instead shattered the chain with my claws. It had the result I had wished for.

He became one of us… But unfortunately he was just like many of the others I had seen before and was unable to keep much of his living intelligence… If he had any to begin with. So I devoured him and began a new path of slaughter followed by the destruction of many chains to create more of my race…

To create an army to combat that Shinigami's!

After a while, making sure to weed out the weak and let the intelligent survive, these Shinigami arrived yet again with the one I had defeated before. The others were weak… Very weak. I disposed of them and devoured their corpses before their leader, who had yet to draw his blade against me believing I was inferior to him now.

It was when then when he unleash this new ability and his sword morphed into something more and took on an electric form. His power increased dramatically… Far more then I could have predicted and it wasn't before long… I laid beneath him…


Yeah it was his arrogance of my defeat that cost him. He began to blab on about everything he had learned and what he taught to the souls he had brought to his realm, the Soul Society as he called it. To him we Hollows were nothing but mindless creatures that devoured innocent souls.

I wouldn't have called them innocent for a few had brought forth my wrath upon them for ignoring my being… But his point was valid. They no longer mattered to me for I had created enough of my kind to make sure this battle would not end in vain. Soon enough there would be others like me and would bring this man to his end…

But yet… I didn't want it to end then. Something in me told me if I died at that moment everything I worked for… Would come to a complete collapse and would end in this Shinigami's victory.

That was something I WOULD NOT allow.

And during his monologue I took my chance and struck, injuring him and gave myself enough time to escape from his clutches and escaped through my portal.

I knew I had to get stronger… But how was my question? Just how was it that I kept getting stronger and stronger every day?

While I was recovering from my injuries I had an epiphany. Every time I had become full I would turn into something different… Something stronger. So by satiating my hunger I would become stronger. And the more powerful the being… The stronger I became.

Yet there were hardly any beings of strength even worth my time to devour. In the end I settled with the very Hollows that I had allowed to live and become stronger so they would follow me. Some had even reached my stage but most were currently in their mindless stage…

I killed and devoured my minions and waited for the others to transcend into my stage and devoured them too. Yet it wasn't enough… It wasn't nearly enough! I still felt so damn hungry!

It seemed like forever that I kept waiting for others to ascend so their power would be worth my time. Yet doing so taught me patience… It taught me that something good takes time. So I waited and took every opportunity to feed on another powerful hollow. It took a lot of time…

And then it finally happened.

I turned once more. I guess there was pain this time but I cared less, for the power I was granted was immense! It was nothing like I had ever felt before… I felt invincible! There was nothing that could stop me from delivering my justice onto that deplorable Shinigami!

After I explored my new techniques and powers, I once more returned to the world of the living, but this time I would not feed. I no longer even felt the need to do so. My power was absolute and I would prove it very soon. But first to get his attention…

It seemed that humanity had changed in my long time away. They no longer had the same stench of power they once had and lost their abilities. Yet they still warred with one another pointlessly like I had seen in the past. Now instead of those techniques they now used swords, spears and shields.

Yet none of that mattered to me as I annihilated city after city. I chose the cities that seemed to be the most militant and destroyed them since it would be most likely that souls with stronger Reiryoku would live there. Shinigami were sent… But not the one that I was hoping for.

They were all weak until I ran into yet another that had unlocked the Shikai of his sword after I destroyed a rather important city… I believe Troy was its name.

Whatever the name of the destroyed city… I fought this Shinigami. Yet however in this new form he provided no challenge for me and I easily dispatched of him. Finally after many cities had fallen… He came.

However this time he brought reinforcements. He recognized me despite my change of form and immediately activated his Shikai and warned all his Captains to be warned for I was no ordinary Hollow and was considered the Hollow King.

I would have laughed at the title but it was truly fitting for I had long but realized that I was the first Hollow and I was the strongest by far. Then again… I made sure I was by feeding on every possible opposition that could have reared its ugly head.

Each of his men, and few women, had their own sword transformation and were strong as he was when I fought him long, long ago. Yet before my new power it meant nothing. Nothing they could do was strong enough to inflict any major damage that simply healed over in a matter of seconds. I made sure not to loose a limb for that took much longer to recover.

But soon after they realized that they could not defeat with their sword's release… Each and every damn one of them activated a second release!

It took me what was probably a millennia to gain this power yet these bastards were able to gain such power that made each and every one of them dangerous to me! Sure I was more powerful but with the numbers they had against me…

Knowing I could not win, I drug a few into my world that I had dubbed Hueco Mundo and devoured them. However I was severely disappointed that my power did not increase like it had so many times before.

All of this was useless! My power was maxed and I could not get stronger by the one way I knew how! It took me such a long time to reach this state and what… Was it all for nothing?

Yet as I reflect upon it… It was not. I had yet again to learn patience for only my rival, the Shinigami King, had the power to match my own. The others were far below my power and I could defeat them easily… If I picked them off one by one.

So I was biding my time again, sensing when a Captain came to the living world. And when one did I made sure I was there and slayed them before slipping back home before any reinforcements could arrive. I felt insulted after killing so many that only two or three captains were sent at a time, instead of the King himself…

I was frustrated. I wanted to get him in combat alone yet it seemed he was willing to throw away his pawns' lives to avoid combat with his equal. After killing a few more, just to see if he might show himself, I gave up.

He was a coward that feared death and would not come after me again. There was no reason to continue killing his men for he would not respond. No doubt he was waiting for a moment where I would be too injured and come down himself to finish me off.

There no longer was a point to fighting the Shinigami unless I could somehow make it to their realm. And even then I would need an army at my side… Something I did not want as now… I did not care for the company of others.

Besides, I did not feel like gathering pawns to do my work. I would not use someone as a pawn for it was demeaning to treat them as anything other than being what they were. Everything was inferior to me anyways so it was like it mattered anyways.

A young pup soon came and declared himself the God of Hueco Mundo, the name of our world having spread in ages past. I thought of going over and showing him a thing or two about being a God but in the end I just really didn't care. It really didn't matter any longer.

I was a thing of the past… I was not but a legend now. Why reveal myself and what I truly am to these pathetic beings that don't even match half of my full power?

So I wasted away as there was nothing left for me to accomplish. I watched as my world slowly began to put out more and more Vastro Lorde that were not even worth my time. They were all pathetic and just as strong as a Shinigami Captain.

But then… One of those captains crossed the barriers between Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. I was to kill him for trespassing on my land but it seemed he was up to something so instead I hid my presence and decided to watch him. After all I could wait and kill him later.

Soon after multiple visits… I learned of his plan and had to scoff. He was seeking to over throw the Shinigami king! That was preposterous! He had nowhere near the power to do it for that would take someone worth five captains to get lucky.

Yet after running into one of these so called Vastro Lorde that had replaced me, I was shocked at what happened after the Captain defeated her and took off her mask.

I couldn't believe what I saw… The female Vastro Lorde became stronger! Her strength nearly doubled! So it was possible for me to reach even higher heights then what I had currently reached!

Not once in my life had I felt so excited… So thrilled at such a prospect! There was still a way to get stronger and all I had to do was rip off this mask!

There was no hesitation in my actions as I reached up and without another thought I ripped the mask off.

On second thought as I look back… I should have given that a little more thought.

My cover was obviously blown as my power literally burst around my being, rocketing up into the desolate sky and letting all in Hueco Mundo know of my presence. However… That didn't really matter as pain unlike anything else filled my entire being as the images passed before my eyes.

It was like I was dying but why did these images seem so familiar… Yet distant? However I put that aside for now since there was NOTHING BUT PAIN!

And oh how I hated not paying attention to THAT KEY DETAIL OF THE TRANSFORMATION!

Because for the first time in my life… I actually lost consciousness unwillingly.

I was not happy.

"Oh… I am so killing that Shinigami." The Hollow King spoke as he rose from his slumber clutching his head for some of the pain still lingered in his body.

"I hope you are not referring to me… Foul beast." A familiar voice spoke that had a slight edge with it.

The newly formed Arrancar couldn't help but groan. The very moment he turned into this new form of his and was unconscious… He had to show up.

It was just his luck.

"Oh my no… Why would I worry about you when I did the stupidest damn thing my life?" The Arrancar growled as he looked to his side and faced his long time nemesis.

The Shinigami King.

There were many things that irked him about this man before him. However he would simply stick with basics.

Number one; he hated that raven colored hair in the shape of a duck's ass!

Number two; he hated that pale skin and those black robes that covered his body!

Number three; he hated that smug and arrogant glint in his eyes making it seem like everything was beneath him!

Number four; he was smug, arrogant coward that refused to fight him on his own and waited for the moment he was weakest, like now.

Number five; he was a damned Shinigami!


"Past life…" The Arrancar suddenly stated with narrowed eyes as he had no memories from anything since before he was a hollow.

He did not remember a thing from his human life before he became what he was now standing before the Shinigami so how in the world did he even know of such a thing!

"I see you are beginning to remember too… Of our lives in the past." The Shinigami stated before turning from his fellow King and closed his eyes. "To think that we had such a connection from the beginning… Uzumaki Naruto."

"DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME, SHINIGAMI!" The blonde haired Arrancar screeched as a golden beam of light with a reddish tint to it began to form on two fingers he stuck out before him. "Let's see how you like my Grand Rey Cero, Uchiha Sasuke!"

"ENOUGH!" A power voice boomed all around them and Naruto's attack ceased but not from choice.

Both the Uchiha and Uzumaki fell to their hands and knees as a power of overwhelming presence seemed to spill around them. Neither was able to budge from their spot as they attempted to fight back such pressure before it increased more in an instant, forcing them to lay flat. "I will take no more of your bickering! I summoned you here before me and you will treat me with respect, mortals!"

"Oh quit your bitching… Geez you sound like Kyuubi, omnipotent force." Naruto groaned from his spot and even if he wasn't able to move his body an inch outside of his mouth, he would not stop resisting.

He was the Hollow King. He took orders from no one!

Or so he thought…

"OH SON OF A…" Naruto yelled out before he screamed as the bottom half of his body was disintegrated in an instant. "YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH!"

"WILL YOU LISTEN NOW?" The voice boomed from all around them seeming quite ticked at what was transpiring. "Or shall I leave you in such a condition instead of fixing your mistakes?"

"I have no regrets in my life, Kami!" Naruto roared despite half of his body having been destroyed and looked definitely before him for he knew who they were speaking to. "My human life was the only mistake and I rather live without it so TAKE THESE MEMORIES AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS!"

Sasuke was sure that Naruto was done far. For all of the things to do… He was almost literally spitting in God's face! And if he could he was quite sure the Hollow would do it if Kami had a physical body before them.

However… He was quite sure that Naruto had cut in line a few times to get a few extra pair of BALLS! He had no fear despite his condition!

But the other half of his rival was not disintegrated like he expected it to be. Instead… A joyful laughter filled the air around them and the pressure on their beings let up while Naruto's body had suddenly reformed as if nothing happened.

Being somewhat frightened at the current events and how Kami was laughing, the blonde Arrancar wasn't sure if he was to take this moment of reprieve to be a good thing or to run of his life, hoping that he could open a Garganta and get out alive.

Sasuke was in the same boat, hoping beyond hope they were given some kind of escape for he wasn't sure what Naruto had done but he was sure of the result. This was just the calm before the storm.

They were going to die.

But once again he was surprised as the voice boomed around them once more. "You always had a fiery spirit and a cunning mind, my dear Hollow King! That is why I am giving you this option to fix the mistake both of you caused with your actions!"

"What?" Sasuke growled out, not liking that he was at fault for anything and would rather choke than admit something along those lines. "Unless you are referring to me stopping his rampages in the living world, which I did what was best for both their world and Soul Society, I see nothing in my life that is a mistake besides…"

"Your human lives." Both Naruto and Sasuke could swear that Kami was grinning at them at these words. "You were not suppose to die at each others hands you fools. You both were suppose to live and team up against Madara and end his tyrannical reign. Because of your actions that denied the world peace for another four thousand years…"

"I sanctioned you to become the first Hollow and first Shinigami and to be more powerful then any other so you could lead your kind and repent for your foolishness." Kami continued with a slight annoyance in his voice. "But even then you could not do even that and I realized that while you two were suppose to be the children of destiny… It took all these years for you to finally get your acts straight!"

While both the Arrancar and Shinigami were fuming at what was being said, for now with their memories returned they had absolutely no intention of joining forces to stop Madara they stayed quiet and let the lord of creation continue for there was still more to say.

"However… I have looked back into these events through both of your memories and I have found… That something went gravely wrong." Kami mentioned and obtained a raised eyebrow from the two kings. "Yakushi Kabuto… He was suppose to die at your hands when you killed the snake sannin, Shinigami King!"

Scowling at this information, having wished he did kill Kabuto for the pedo had tried to possess him near the end of the war, Sasuke stayed silent before giving his rival a light growl seeing his smug grin. There was no way he was the only one that made a mistake here outside of ending each others life.

"Without his death… And with his knowledge he was able to surpass everything the snake before him had done and bent even my laws by resurrecting people from heaven and forcing them to live their lives sealed away and without contact of others." Kami growled for both men bent his laws but the raw hatred for Kabuto was seemingly multiplied.

"Because of him my ultimate plan was ruined and peace was forced to wait so long and instead a false peace that ended up destroying the very foundation of Eden and forced the world to shift to the way it is today." Kami hissed out while the pressure upon Naruto and Sasuke began to gradually increase once more.

"This is why I brought both of you here… I want this mistake fixed! I want Eden to return… That is why I will recreate this scenario once more in a parallel world to the living realm from when these events began… And I want you two to be my avenging angels so you will fulfill your intended destinies." Kami finished with a smug sound to his voice near the end.

"And what makes you think I want to return?" Naruto responded as he crossed his arms and glared before him. "My human life was more of a living hell then I realized at the time and only the bastard beside me and a few others can say their lives were officially worse. Why would I want to go back and save such a worthless species?"

"As much as I hate to agree with him… I have to." Sasuke growled out as every fiber in his being went against agreeing with the hollow. "And what good what that do? What would we have to gain from this? We would be stuck back in our teenage bodies, possibly our pre-adolescent bodies… And for what? To follow the same story and just slightly alter the events?"

"Fuck that… I rather die here then go back to my old body then. I rather lose my power in death than be a powerless being ever again." Naruto added despite that every fiber of his body hated agreeing with the damn Shinigami that was once his human rival as well.

Laughter was not what either was expecting. Then again it should have been since Kami had been rather… Unique to speak with so far. "Do you think I would do such a thing? Why do you think it is that after all this time I have now summoned you if I was going to do that?"

Letting those words sink in, Kami's laughter boomed even louder then before. "I couldn't reach either of you until you ripped off your mask Naruto, allowing me to reach to both your power and your fellow King's. It was because you both were now LIVING GODS that I was able to reach you!"

"And I want that power unleashed upon those that destroyed Eden… My paradise so that I may have one day lived amongst the living and the fruits of my creations." Kami finished almost in a whisper.

"So wait… Are you saying I get to keep my power and cause havoc upon the world?" A devilish grin spread on his lips at the thought of causing anarchy to those that caused him hell. "As long as I keep it mild of course… I'm in under one condition."

"Humor me, my dear Hollow King." Kami responded, amused.

"When this is all over… I want to return to Hueco Mundo." Naruto stated with authority as this was a condition that would be met. "I no longer care for humanity and to be honest… World peace isn't my thing any longer. I will do this for you, but I want to return to my world and take care of that rogue Shinigami that dare thinks he can control us Hollows!"

"Rogue?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes at hearing this and instinctively knew that somehow Naruto used what information he gained to turn into this… Humanoid form.

"I will allow it. As of now… I cannot see a being such as you living in paradise and being happy. When this ends I will grant your request." Kami responded in a low tone that could be taken as a threat to do his job first.

However Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He couldn't help but feel as if there was sorrow in Kami's voice. But that couldn't be…. Kami couldn't have a soft spot for Hollows… Could he?

Shaking his head, Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes. "I will agree to your request however I wish for the same only to be placed back in the Soul Society so I can root out this so called Rogue."

"Very well, it is done." Kami stated quickly, tiring of talking to these two mortals.

Seeing that both of their bodies began to glow, Kami spoke one last time. "Do be warned… While I'm letting you keep your bodies and features… You will no longer be of your age any longer. You will be twelve once more and will grow like a normal child… With the exception that your powers are now absolute and can no longer be raised any higher."

"Thank you… That will make it easier to blend in if we are replacing ourselves." Sasuke bowed as the light around him began brighten further.

"That's a little late… YOU SON OF A…" Naruto screech was cut off as the light around him absorbed his body along with Sasuke before dispersing all together, sending them to the newly created world to make sure what happened wouldn't.

Moments passed and finally a silhouette of a figure appeared, wrapped in a white void that made it impossible to see any feature but one. "I'm so sorry Naruto… I truly didn't want to make you suffer like this. …But I needed you to be fearless and without mercy for those that did not deserve it."

Surprising Kami's was much softer… And feminine?

"I guess I failed too… Since I didn't calculate what Kabuto could do in my plans. But now it is certain… No one can stand to the fury of the Shinigami and my dear Hollow King. Eden will come to pass…" Just then, the silhouette's eyes opened and her eyes sparkled as her face seemingly lifted up.

"And there I may live with my Hollow King."

And in an instant, Kami had dispersed into the entirety of the realm once more. However if one had seen her eyes…

They would note how beautiful her emerald gaze was.

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