It was still the middle of the night but the Adjuchas that had led the low tier Hollows could not be found, most likely jumping through a Garganta before they started their search for him. And unfortunately the information that Kyuubi liberated from them wasn't to useful.

The only thing they had going for them was that they knew the approximate point their Garganta came from. The downside of that was they had traveled quite a distance in a very disorienting path away from their den before making the jump so their base of operations wouldn't be found so easily.

So it now came onto Naruto and Kyuubi to head back to Hueco Mundo and track down this den with at least a hundred Hollows and a few higher class Adjuchas and Gillians. And apparently their leader was a Vastro Lorde that was unknown to Naruto, something that irked him as he kept tabs on every high grade Hollow whether they were Adjuchas or Vastro Lorde.

And it hadn't been that long since they had left. From what Sasuke said that it had only been about eight years since his sudden disappearance and he was sure time in the Soul Society was equivalent to Hueco Mundo. And for one of the Adjuchas he had been watching to turn Vastro in such a short time period was next to impossible.

So that meant he was incompetent and wasn't able to keep tabs on one of the worlds higher ups, something he was not willing to admit, it was indeed a newly risen Vastro Lorde, something he doubted, or finally a Vastro that had keep hidden from him all this time, which was something else he found very, very unlikely.

All in all... This left one irked Naruto as the options just seemed to be against the odds.

However it also left one slightly amused Uchiha and one rather pleased Kyuubi seeing the Hollow King pace around in annoyance, showing even he wasn't capable of keeping track of every little thing. And of course both of their attitudes utterly enraged the Hollow further as he paced.

Needless to say he was going to start obliterating things in the immediate future.

"If you both don't knock those silly grins off your face I am going to rip your lips off!" The Hollow King roared in a rage at the two showing disrespect towards him.

For once glad seeing that Naruto was the one on the receiving end, Sasuke thought about prolonging the Hollow's misery before he sighed. Despite wanting to make this all so much worse for the blonde Arrancar he rather not have Naruto obliterate everything right here and now and say his work was done.

A very possible outcome knowing the short temper of the Hollow.

"As much as I would like to see you try to do that to me... I think we both know what the next course of action must be." The Shinigami King finally spoke to both annoy and attempt to alleviate his old friend's anger.

It mildly worked as the Uzumaki simply twitched and restrained his contempt to the bare minimum. "I know that already! I'm just venting about the fact that this ass has hid from me all this time! I'm gonna fuckin' kill the damn bastard!"

"And... Why are you just staying here and stomping around here like a fool?" Toshiro boldly question the Arrancar knowing that one insult could end in his demise. "Instead you could just hop back to your world and destroy the 'worm' like you've called for this last hour and be over with it."

'And that way we wouldn't have to listen to your childish and whiny ranting anymore.' The white haired shinigami mentally added, not knowing that Kyuubi had the ability to hear thoughts and just happened to be listening to his at that very moment.

Needless to say Kyuubi fell onto her butt as laughter all but consumed her being.

Only to feel immense pain moments later as Naruto clubbed her in the back of the head with a wooden spoon that he 'liberated' from Tsunami. "Shut up and create the Garganta already! We're heading and to hit this guy and hit him hard!"

"What?! Why me?!" Kyuubi hissed out as she rubbed the back of her fox skull and glared at her master. "Why don't you do it?! You're the stronger of the two of us and have far more energy to waste than I so why don't you do it yourself?!"

"Because I told you to do it and like a good little Fraccion you should do what your master tells you!" Naruto smacked the wooden spoon across the top of Kyuubi's skull to set her straight.

"Bullshit! You and I both know that I'm no good little Fraccion! Slutty I may be but I am no good little girl that you can just boss around, master!" Kyuubi barked, fully ignoring the following bash of the spoon on her head outside the small 'UMF' as she was propelled into the ground.

And Naruto continued to hit her with the spoon in order to make the Fox Arrancar listen, not caring at the looks he was receiving from Byakuya and Toshiro and the twitch of the eyebrow from Sasuke. In fact their looks seemed to only add to Naruto's beating of his Fraccion.

It finally lasted until Sasuke finally yelled at the two having enough. "Would you fucking stop it... OW! DAMN IT! WHY CAN I NOT AVOID THIS KAMI-FORSAKENED SPOON?!"

Grinning after the spoon had mysteriously slipped from his grip and smack the Uchiha in the face, Naruto suddenly felt much better seeing Sasuke like this and decided endure his stay no longer. "Alright, now that I'm feeling better I guess it's time to get this started."

Nearly exploding at the mere thought that Naruto purposely threw the spoon at him, Sasuke was only corralled by the mere notion that he was suppose to be guiding the two younglings into better and proper Shinigami. So instead he did responded with his usual grunt. "Tch... Whatever. Just get going already."

Shrugging at the odd reaction out of Sasuke, somewhat amazed that he was able to keep calm, Naruto waved his hand towards the open sky and a black portal ripped open like a festering wound. Without hesitation he lifted Kyuubi, was still in a daze from her beating, and floated towards the Garganta back to his home world.

However there was one thought that crossed his mind as he was just about to pass and being the ever opportunistic scoundrel he was, Naruto yelled out to the Shinigami King just as he went through the portal. "Hey! I wouldn't touch that spoon if I were you by the way! I used it to spoon Tsunami last night! Boo-yah!"

"SON OF A BITCH!" Echoed throughout Eden at the very second the Garganta closed.

"Well... At least I know feel a little better to be home again... Even if home is just a massive sandbox." Naruto muttered as he looked upon the rolling white sands of his world, Hueco Mundo.

"I never really got to know this place." Kyuubi stated, gazing upon the vast desert before her. "I only spent a short time as a Hollow before I ate enough to become a Gillian. I truly don't remember anything after that until I was in this form standing before Kami and being sent to you."

Looking at his fraccion for a moment, Naruto simply shook his head and used his normal sensory to seek out a nearby source without panicking them with his energy flare as he responded. "You didn't miss out on anything. This world is very plain and there hardly is anything of any note. Not even the residents of note unless you like very strange and unusual abilities and even then only the strongest any uniqueness to them."

Figuring as much as she kind of drew that conclusion from what little she knew and remembered of the world. However she was quite curious about the unique abilities of her fellow Hollows. "Anything of note?"

"Quite a few actually." Naruto motioned her forward with a slight grin on his face as he found a good source and was going to head towards it for there was quite a few strong signatures that would at the very least entertain him if they knew nothing of the Hollow he was hunting.

Following after her master, twitching every moment he was silently leading them with giving her any details and noting that her stare was doing nothing as he could see it, she finally cracked. "Well? Care to elaborate?"

"Oh you'll soon find out... We're heading straight for a few of them right now. The survivor must have recruited them rather recently." Naruto commented and turned back to her to show a devilish grin on his face. "But now we really don't have time. I rather get this done quickly."

Before any questions could be asked he used Sonido and Kyuubi was forced to drop it and follow, arriving where her master arrived in a nanosecond with her sonic boom echoing along with her masters.

They just so happened to appear right in the middle of a group of Adjuchas, fighting over a still living human that must have been rejected by their boss or was left for them to fight over, whether for amusement or simple uncaring.

And ironically enough Naruto was standing before the one that was about to start the fight and dive in first.

Shattering his mask with a simple flick of his wrist, destroying him with relative ease, he didn't even bother to look at the disintegrating body as he bored his vision into the one he had felt last night. "So you are the one that encroached onto my territory last night and escaped with a small bounty... Or so my loyal servant tells me."

Ignoring Kyuubi bristling in anger at being called a servant, despite that basically being her title, Naruto grinned at the looked of shock on the Adjuchas let him know all he really need.

They knew he was in that world. And that meant the person that sent him knew who he was and warned them about him. And while the odds were low he had just been proven right. It was a former subordinate of his, one of the first actually. And they wanted revenge.

The only thing that puzzled him now was just how they knew of the dimensional distortion and were able to cross over to Eden. This was something he planned on learning later as undoubtedly these peons would not have such information and were likely just taking orders.

"What does it matter to you, broken?!" One of the other Adjuchas spoke, most likely not knowing who he was unlike the fearful one, and continued its growl. "It's not like your kind needs to feed anymore like we do! You just do it for fun!"

"Mostly true... We still get hungry at times. We just simply don't receive any more power for devouring strong souls any longer." Naruto answered, gazing slightly over and at the one who spoke before his grin turned downright villainous at his proximity to his Fraccion. "However I despise that term... I am no broken and in fact feel more whole than I've ever felt in my entire like."

"Kyuubi if you may..." Naruto left the request open and without hesitation his Fraccion followed his order, with gusto at that as she enjoyed this order.

The head of the Adjuchas rolled off his head as he boney tail sharpened and slashed straight through its neck with little effort. And without even thinking about it she fired a Bala into the mask, obliterating it for the overkill.

The other four Adjuchas' jumped back in horror at what they had just seen. Two of them had easily been disposed and this last one had been utterly destroyed, with literal ease, by the servant. The other three were only just beginning to realize the danger the other knew of.

"Now I will say this once and only once and I expect an answer..." Naruto began as he held a single finger up and a glowing red orb began to form at the tip to signify he would be using a Cero next. "Where is your master..."

"The one that told you of the connection to the new world?"

Not a single one of them answered. He waited for a full moment and instead of getting an answer it seemed that the three were sizing him up instead of doing what he requested. Annoyed with this he held out his charging Cero at the one he knew that would speak. "I suggest you speak now otherwise it will all be..."

Naruto staggered. A cero came and blasted around him and he could do nothing about it. He couldn't believe it. One of the damn bastards actually hit him with a Cero. He would have lambasted Kyuubi for allowing one to even near him but she actually did her job. She protected the human as he didn't need Sasuke bitching about him letting one die.

He could live with that... However he couldn't live with this transgression being unpunished.

So letting his Cero die as the smoke plum around him began to fade, Naruto turned in the direction of the one that fired the Cero and simply growled. "You... You are SO FUCKING DEAD!"

Holding both his hands out a golden ball of energy with a reddish tint in the middle formed with tremendous speed, having Naruto actually focusing his spiritual pressure into it, before he screamed out. "GRAND REY CERO!"

And with that a massive gold and red beam of unparalleled size ripped through the sands of Hueco Mundo, annihilating absolutely everything in its path leaving no trace of anything that stood before the Hollow King. A great gale echoed from the blast shoving everything nearby aside with literally nothing being able to withstand the winds. Even sands beneath him were blown away leaving nothing but a crater where he stood.

A crater that was over a mile in diameter.

And as the grains of sand began to fall back the Hollow disappeared with an echo and appeared before the two Adjuchas before speaking in not a whisper. "I suggest you two better speak quickly... I won't be so lenient again."

"This feeling..." A young woman with silky purple hair that wisped in the sandy gust that engulfed her spoke.

However her face fell as she recognized this feeling and didn't like it. Hardening her face and steeling her resolve she simply spoke to the two that stood by her, not revealing any of her emotions. "Go on ahead... Stall the other but let him come to me."

"I have a score to settle with him."

Watching the two disappear before her, the rag covered Arrancar closed her eyes. And then unexpectedly she sighed. This was not her day.

Not only was she about to die today... But she was going to see him again. And in all fairness that alone...

That alone she was not sure she could handle.

It did not seem that the two Adjuchas knew a thing. They were simply given orders by two Arrancar that killed off their former leader to make them listen. However from what they knew after they brought their kills in it seemed the two Arrancar always took their bounties to the towering mountain of white sand in the distance.

That didn't mean he spared them, as he was still quite pissed he was hit by a Cero. However he did not take his anger upon the human any longer and thankfully since he was unconscious he simply sent it back through a Garganta with a clone of his. He didn't need it around anyways... It would only get in his way.

However for some reason they weren't heading to their destination in a hurry and this confused Kyuubi. She thought in his rage he would just end this quickly but it seemed he was going to do the exact opposite and stomp his way towards the mountain.

It just didn't make any sense. Why didn't he just use Echo Step, destroy the mountain, kill the damn Hollow and be done with it? Why was he stalling? Why was he letting his rage fizzle out?

Following after her master, twitching every moment he was silently leading them with giving her any details and noting that her stare was doing nothing as he could see it, she finally cracked. "Alright! Why the hell are you taking your sweet little time to get over there?! I want this to be over with!"

Seeing him stop before her, suddenly feeling a sense of dread fill her being, Kyuubi took a step back as he turned his head to face her. She feared what she saw before him. It was not just anger anymore... It was something more. And oddly enough...

It seemed like sorrow.

"I don't want to head there just yet. Not the way I am right now." Naruto growled out, still very angry and was trying to let his anger vent.

However Kyuubi mistranslated this. Did the broken comment actually affect him that badly? Was it such a big deal? "Are you... Do you not want him to see you as an Arrancar?"

"No... While I dislike this humanoid figure it matters not to me." He responded with a shake of his head as he trembled and kept his fists from balling. "No... I don't want to see her like this again... I want her to see the real me not the version of me she last saw."

Once again Kyuubi was thrown for a loop. That was the last thing she expected. He didn't want the Hollow to see him this angry... "Wait, the Hollow is a female?"

Almost reaching out to throttle his Fraccion, Naruto restrained himself and instead settled for a face palm. "For the love of... Yes! Yes she was a female! She also was one of the very first to pledge her unyielding devotion to me."

"I can only guess why seeing how you treat me. Seriously you treat me like crap at times." Kyuubi sarcastically responded and rolled her eyes. "Seriously unless you constantly bathed her in the affection you show me in private I can't see why... Unless you made an impression on her in the sac... ACK!"

She stopped as his left hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed tightly. And not to mention he was unloading an unholy amount of killing intent and spiritual pressure upon her.

His oceanic blue eyes pierced into her crimson eyes as she looked up at him in horror, pleading with him as she didn't understand what she had done wrong, before he growled in a light, but deadly tone. "She was never such a thing to me... She was much more than just a fuck buddy."

Releasing her from his intent and dropping her from his grip, he turned and continued on his course to the Hollows he sensed as there was no need to rush. He was even angrier now.

However he didn't make it far when he heard Kyuubi's gasping voice rasp out from behind him. "Just... Just what is this Hollow to you? Why are you so upset?!"

Seeing her master stop and feeling the worst was about to occur she was pleasantly surprised to hear him sigh. This action alone raised so many questions that begged to be answered yet she feared to ask them as Naruto wasn't the most hospitable being around and didn't take too well to anything that annoyed him.

Gazing at his fraccion as she struggled back to her feet, letting his gaze linger over her until she was on her feet, he turned his head to the side and lowered it. "She..."

"She was my first and only fraccion until you were given to me by Kami."

Kyuubi was sent for yet another loop at this confession. He had a fraccion before her? And considering how he treated her, which she admitted was rather nastily at times, she had to admit anyone would put themselves through that. Then again there were the really tender moments which no one saw as he refused to do so with others in the vicinity.

So maybe it was possible... But it didn't seem Naruto was finished explaining himself just quite yet.

"She pledged her undying loyalty to me from the very beginning... See me as the epitome of what a Hollow should be. She was very like you in that regard except that was her entire personality... Unyielding devotion."

"And I betrayed her and almost killed her after fit realizing Sasuke was more powerful than I... But instead what I did was create the first Arrancar when I cracked her mask and nearly killed her."

"I feel horrible about it now and I can't say it is even because of my humanity has somewhat returned... Even with my codes to do what I did to her is unforgivable as she never saw it coming."

"Maybe I deserve this now that I think about it and maybe she deserves her revenge..." Naruto began to wrap up without interruption as he finished with his head raised and gazing towards the moon. "...But I cannot allow the wish she so deeply craves to become true so I must destroy her."

Never knowing that there was such a side to him, Kyuubi could help but feel her steely heart soften towards her master. This was the side of him she wished he showed... The one that reminded her of the person that gave everything to uphold his promises... No matter how suicidal they were.

Moving to his side, she allowed herself to show a slight amount of affection and nuzzled her maw against his cheek. "I might not understand why you are doing this... But I think I understand your relationship with her now and why you're so volatile..."

"My, my... What is it we have here?" A massive Arrancar spoke after a small echoing thud thundered behind the two Arrancar, cutting Kyuubi off from finishing her sympathetic speech.

And this annoyed Kyuubi to no end as she turned on him and violently smashed the larger of the two with her tail, knocking him off his feet. "I was talking maggot!"

"And the moment's gone..." Naruto muttered as he turned and took a good look at the other Arrancar that had now joined them.

He was small, in comparison to the other tall, muscle bound one, and he had a lithe and lean body that seemed to be made for speed. Ironic as his partner seemed to be slow but powerful.

"So... I'm taking it I've been summoned." Naruto spoke after gazing over the two Arrancars for a moment before feeling confident in the situation. "Where is she?"

"Hey wait... Just how do we know you're the one he wants!" The big one, who would now be referred to as the idiot by Naruto, growled as he stood up before glaring at Kyuubi. "And just what was that for you bitch! I should kill..."

All was silent as Naruto brought the two down with a concentration of his pressure for just a moment before speaking again. "Her direction... Now!"

"She... She's over there." The smaller one spoke, pointing just over the horizon and towards the mountain of white sands. "She's waiting for you."

"Kyuubi stay! Deal with these two. I will deal with her!" Naruto barked and turned without another word, disappearing with a Sonido.

"Wait?! What?!" Kyuubi yelled out before she screamed out in frustration. "Oh you son of a bitch! Leave me hear with the jerk offs why don't you?!"

"Damn I hate Gillians... Always so full of themselves." The smaller Arrancar pulled himself back to his feet while his partner did the same. "Do you really think you stand a chance..."

"You two may be of the Adjuchas class... But don't think you are stronger than me." Kyuubi turned with a glare and hissed out at them. "Because I'm a special case actually..."

"I'm not a normal Arrancar..." Kyuubi all but whispered as she allowed her hair to fall before her now glowing crimson eyes.

Confusing the two Arrancar that were sent to keep her at bay, Kyuubi began to grin wildly before she looked up wildly at the two of them. "I am a weapon! I AM THE HOLLOW KING'S TRUE WEAPON!"

"Yo soy la Cadena del Destino, Llora Raposa!"

"So you've come to face me... And left your servant at the mercy of mine." The female Arrancar stated as she gazed at the Hollow King now that he stood before her.

Gazing at her back, taking her image in, Naruto simply grinned. Her body was covered in torn and stained rags that barely concealed anything. Thankfully her bust wasn't anywhere near Kyuubi's but considerable enough to be nearly peaking out of her rags. Even the purple cape that flowed behind her was ripped and torn just like her clothes, barely able to even be considered a cape.

"Don't worry about her." Naruto commented with his slight smile intact. "She'll be able to take care of those two with ease... Especially since she's transforming now... That puts her on Vastro Lorde level at least."

Frowning as she noticed the sudden increase in power and realizing her two loyal guards were going to need some help, she stood from the throne she made out of Hollow's masks and looked upon her King. "I see you are heartless as ever... My King."

Letting his smile fall at these words, his face revealed nothing as he closed his eyes. "I cannot say anything that will take back what I did to you... No word I can say can ever make up for it. So I just hope you will be able to forgive me..."

"Violeta Lirio. Or shall I call you by your real name..."

"Uzuki Yugao."

Translate: Yo soy la Cadena del Destino, Llora Raposa – I am the Chain of Fate, Cry Vixen

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