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Chapter 1

Harry Potter was lost in thought as he travelled through the corridors of his old school, when he noticed where he was. The damage to Hogwarts was being repaired slowly because of its ancient magic and strong enchantments. Thankfully the school was able to repair itself slowly and minor repair spells still worked on the old castle, but the damage was quite extreme even months after the battle had ended. Even so that didn't stop him from looking at the damage done, but a strange sight greeted him as he walked down the seventh floor's corridor which was quite devastated, except for one door that hadn't been there when Harry had first walked down the corridor. The door didn't even have a single mar on it, nor did it show signs of being damaged at all.

The Room of Requirement had been ravaged by a Fiendfyre during the Battle of Hogwarts. Fiendfyre is living fire that even experienced wizards have trouble controlling, let alone one student with no practice at it. Harry carefully walked over to the door, prepared to slam shut the door if even a hint of flame showed itself. He grabbed the handle lightly, expecting it to be hot enough to fry his skin off, but was met with the pleasant surprise of the nob not only being not the slightest bit warm, it was quite cold instead. Harry had only opened the door a crack when he heard his name being called from behind him, causing him to stop.

Harry turned, and to his surprise, he found not only his best mates Ron and Hermione, but also Ginny, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and a slightly harassed looking Draco Malfoy. They all looked at him, then to the door to the Room of Requirement. They all looked ready to follow him through the door, even Malfoy, who hesitated at first before steeling himself. They all looked to Harry for the next move. It caused a stirring of feelings that made him giddy at their loyalty to him and like a lead weight on his heart at the thought of that they were willing to throw away their lives just to follow him once more. He nodded back to the group before turning back to the door that would change their lives for better or for worse.

"Let's see what is behind door number one this time." Harry said out loud more for himself then to inform the others. They all gathered behind as he opened the door to see what the Room had conjured up for their latest adventure.

The room was dark and circular at first, and then slowly the room was lit up by floating candles, just like the Grand Hall. Harry slowly looked around the room; it brought a small shiver down his spine. It was just like being back in the Department of Mysteries, Harry thought, but as he kept looking he realized that the room had more than floating candles. It had exactly seven ordinary looking duffle bags and, to Harry's shock, a second door. Never before had the Room of Requirement had a second door, a tunnel at one point yes, but never a door. Harry was quite curious about what was inside of those bags. He knew that none of the bags contained any food whatsoever. It was one of Gamp's Five Laws of Elemental Transfiguration; food could not be created from nothing, which applied to the Room itself. Harry, Luna, and Malfoy had walked to the middle of the room before they stopped. Ron had stayed behind at the door to make sure no one snuck up on them, while Hermione and Neville had walked over and were examining the duffle bags quite closely. Ginny was the farthest in, standing at the second door checking it and the surroundings out for clues as to what it might be.

"Hey, Ginny, I don't think it's a good Idea to touch that door just yet. Let's figure out the first room before we move on to the second." Harry said nervously to Ginny, who had her hand merely inches from the door's handle.

"If you say so Harry." Ginny said as she stepped back to show she was listening. She had learned to trust his judgment at being cautious of the unknown.

"There are runes stitched into these duffle bags..." Hermione's voice rang out in the quite room, causing everyone to turn to her. "They are quite complex and powerful runes at that. The runes here are meant for all sorts of things, from making the bags themselves water proof to the Undetectable Extention Charm, just like my purse. I can only imagine what might be inside of these bags."

It was quite obvious the longing and awe in Hermione's tone. Harry walked over to have a better look at the duffle bags and saw that, upon closer inspection, the bags were literally covered in patterns made of runes. Harry also wasn't the only one intrigued at having a look; everyone had picked up one of the duffle bags and was absorbed in their curiosity

"And what are the seven of you doing off by yourselves?" Came the all too familiar voice of Ms. Weasley from the door leading to the corridor. They all turned to see her silhouetted by the sunlight shining in through the castle windows. "Off on another adventure, I see?"

"Actually, yes, Ms. Weasley I think we were, and I think you could help us out greatly." Harry said, shocking everyone. "You see, I was thinking about Sirius as I walked down this hallway, when the door to the Room of Requirement showed up in front of me. I take it as a sign that I should keep looking for him, whether or not he is still alive. I also think that the door behind us is some kind of portal that will take us to where his is at. But, I have run into a problem... we will need someone to keep us tethered to this world in order for us to come back. I was hoping that maybe you would be willing to help us get back if we are in need of it." Harry rattled off to everyone's amazement.

"That's all fine and dandy, but I don't think you should go all the same. But after the Battle of Hogwarts, I can't really say that whatever's on the other side of that door is any more dangerous." Ms. Weasley let out in a sigh.

"Ok, fine you can go, under one condition: if you are ever in life threating danger, then I will pull you out without a single protest. And for a group this this size, we will need more people to tether you seven to this world. I think two more will do the trick, and one more person to help the anchors with things like food and bathing needs."

They all agreed with Ms. Weasley and the answer to the three new people who would be will and able to help sprung was easy enough to know, and the list was; Minerva McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Elphinstone Urquart, husband of Ms. McGonagall. After that was settle settled that someone had to stay in the room to keep it from disappearing, at which Neville and Hermione volunteered to do. Hermione so that she could continue studying her own duffle bag and the door itself, and Neville because of his expert knowledge of how the Room of Requirement works. So they parted ways, each heading out to find someone or something to bring back to the Come and Go Room.

6 hours later…

"Is everyone ready for the journey? Have you packed your duffle bags with the provisions you will need and water just in case you land somewhere like a desert? What about your extra wands in case you lose yours?" Ms. Weasley said in a rush of words laced heavily with concern.

"Mum! Stop it willya, we understand and have already packed what we needed. Stop worrying all over the place, after all you have to keep a cool head on your shoulders if you're going to help us." Ron stated even though his face was bright red, for reasons Harry knew all too well. "Ok, if you all set, then split into three groups so that we can begin." McGonagall said in her strictest, no nonsense voice, but with a hint of a smile gracing her lips. "Remember this, do not let you wands be taken, if ever you do make sure it is one of the fake wands that George Weasley gave you. That way you don't lose your lifeline to the magical world. Also, don't forget to be careful." Professor McGonagall said in her most stern voice that didn't quite cover for the touch of concern in it. The groups were this; Group 1-Harry, Luna, and Malfoy; Group 2-Ron and Ginny; and group 3-Herimone and Neville. The reasoning behind this was that Harry, Ron, and Neville each had been found capable of wielding Gryffindor's sword, and to make sure they stayed focused on finding the other groups if they get separated, also because if Malfoy was in any other group he would have gotten strangled by the others when he started to complain. They all approached the door together; each group had a length of rope tied around their waist so that when they went through, they would land close by. "Here we go everyone…" Harry told the room at large. Harry reached down his hand and grabbed the door handle firmly. It sent a spark of energy up his arm so strong he almost let go of the handle; instead he gripped it more firmly and warned the others to be prepared for the unknown as he opened the door. Harry hadn't expected to see a veil of pale colors floating idly in front of the doorstep, but that didn't stop his reflexes from throwing himself in without a second thought to the consequences. As he was hurtled into the light, he felt a strange sensation close to apparition, except that instead of feeling like he was getting squeezed into a small box he felt like the room had grown twice as big as Hogwarts. But the sensation was over quite quickly.

End of Chapter 1