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Chapter 2 – The strange yet beautiful world

As Harry's feet touched something solid and still blinded by the light from the veil, was unable to dodge the two bodies that were Draco and Luna. Draco and Harry both grunted out "oof", after that Harry regained his eyesight to see that somehow, even though she had been in the middle of the group, Luna had landed on top of both of them in a sitting position.

"This is a mighty lovely place we landed in Harry…" Luna dreamily stated in her usual far off way of talking. To this Harry responded with an "I will once you two are off of me." At which he got an "okay" from Luna, who promptly hopped off of them to stand nearby and look at their surroundings. Harry, after shoving a grimacing Malfoy off him, decided to do the same as Luna and he quite agreed with Luna. The view was stunning; they had landed on a beach of pure white sand and the calmest weather he could imagine. Even Hogwarts on its best day would have trouble beating this weather. The sea that was spread out before them was as calm as could be with a soft kiss of a breeze.

"Nice place, if you like being stranded on a deserted island." Came the sneering voice of Malfoy with his pessimistic viewpoint, causing Harry to pulled himself away from the view of the sea to confirm Malfoy's statement. They were indeed stuck on an island an island that did look deserted. With a quick flick of his wrist and a whispered "Homenum revelio" incantation. He found that the island didn't have any humans on it besides themselves.

"Well, as far as deserted is concerned, there are no other humans within a mile of us. But, we will have to search the island to see if there is anything edible and to see how big the island is. You know what to do if anything gets too dangerous, shot up red sparks and always keep you wands at the ready." With that they untied themselves from each other and set out off the beach…

On another island similar to group 1's

"Ouch. Sorry Neville." Said Hermione as she got up rubbing her forehead where she had banged heads with Neville, literally, when they had landed. Neville had gotten the worse of it, looking like someone had cast a Confundus Charm on him. After checking to make sure their wands were ok and that nothing was missing, they decided to look around before checking in with Ron's mom, who was their anchor to Hogwarts.

A little ways out from a village

Ginny, due to having been not only a Chaser but a Seeker for Gryffindor's Quidditch team, landed on her feet without falling over. Unfortunately for Ron, he was not. However, luckily he hadn't landed on the pile of dung only a few inches away, with Ginny standing on his shoulders where she had landed. He didn't know this until Ginny stepped off of him and pulled him back. Ron mumbled a clumsy thanks to his sister before noticing that she wasn't paying attention to him and had her wand at the ready. Seeing this, Ron went into defensive mode. In front of them, not even 20 feet away, was a group of what could only be bandits in the middle of a forested road. They had surrounded a cart and were doing what was obviously robbing the two riders of their package and worldly possessions. This sparked anger in the two Weasleys, because they knew how hard it was to be deprived of what they wanted most of their lives and didn't like seeing others go through the same thing. As the two crept slowly forward, they could hear the threats and protests from the two groups.

"Do you know who I am! I am Higuma, leader of these bandits; I have a bounty on my head! I have killed 56 people before and I am thinking about changing that number to 58 witth your help." A six foot tall man with a pointed goatee and greasy-black hair that fell around his face yelled at the two cart riders. The two riders were an elderly man and a young woman with long-black hair, she was not much older than Ginny, but still older by years. The old man was the driver, and was masterfully keeping his horses calm and steady even with the threatening blades pointed at them. Ron was thinking about what spell to cast at the group of 10 bandits when the old man spoke in such a booming voice it rattled Ron's teeth almost painfully.

"Ha ha ha. You know not who you dare threaten." Ginny had watched the two strangers closely, seeing if they needed help or not. The elderly man with the booming voice was broad shouldered and carried himself as if his old age was merely an annoyance not worthy of considering. Most of his face was hidden under a dog-like hat, only his neatly trimmed beard and his large grin were visible. The young woman with him seemed to be trying to calm him down. Ginny reasoned the woman wasn't going to fight even if it was inevitable, but the man looked fired up and able to fight them all.

Both Ron and Ginny where use to fights that they were outnumbered in, so they knew best not to just charge into a fight where you underestimate the enemy. "Please Garp, don't hurt them, they would die if they got in a fight with you." The young woman pleaded, striking the group of bandit and the two wizards dumb. The bandits had recognized the name and the two wizards were struck by the oddness of what she had said. Garp looked back to the young woman for a few moments, seeming to calm down. "Ok, but they still need to be taught a lesson in respect of their elders and superiors." With that the old man pulled off his mask and coat to reveal his bleached white marines' uniform and an almost pure white buzz-cut that matched his beard. The bandits were stunned; clearly this man was famous for something. The bandits' leader was either as thick-headed as Draco's old lackeys or was such an egotist that matched that of Draco's father, because he yelled out. "So what, old man? All I have to do is kill ya, then my name will soar in infamy as the man who slayed Vice-Admiral Garp, Hero of the Marines!" at this, Ron and Ginny gathered their wits and dashed out from cover. They had gone unnoticed by all except the young woman; the bandits were all staring at their leader as if he had grown a tail and a second head. "Hey grease-head, leave them alone, it's not cool to fight someone when you outnumber them so get lost." Ron shouted out to the bandits as if with them there it was like they had about 50 men and not just a young girl and a boy that had just turned of age only a year ago.

"Boy! You have good spirit, but just stay there for now; your help is not needed." Garp said causing everyone to look back to him and in that split second he released some kind of force that nearly knocked out the young woman, Ginny, and Ron. The bandits weren't so lucky. Every last one of them fainted on the spot. Garp then turned to the two wizards who were still standing after his blast of Haki, making him see them as having good willpower. He then decided on something then and there. "You two, come with us to the village down the road. Makino here is the owner of the bar Partys Bar, and if we are lucky we will run into my grandson and I can talk him out of his stupidity." Ginny noted that it was a command not a request, and after seeing this man's strength she decided to not disobey him yet. Ron thoughts were, all-be-it far less smooth of an action do to his awe, ran along the same lines as his sister. So they got in the cart and headed towards the little town that had several windmills turning in what could only be a summer breeze.

Back to group 2 on the Island…

"Hermione, we only have fruit here on this island and trees? Should we go looking for the next island with the Point Me spell or wait here until someone passes by?" Neville asked as he looked to the pile of fruit they had spent the last hour taking from the trees and bushes around the island using the spell Accio to collect the ones out of reach. Hermione had used her well known Bluebell flames to burn some drift wood they had found to keep themselves warm as the night approached. She had also advised they use the spell Diffindo to cut down trees to transfigure into temporary huts. Neville had learned early on that though Hermione may be a genius at spell casting, she was no good at finding edible food or at teaching spells to anyone but Harry and Ron who had spent the most time with her. Thankfully during his time in the D.A. he had learned quite a lot from Harry on how to both cast spells and interpret Hermione's way of explaining spells. This had led to his rapped growth in his magical capabilities that helped him survive both the Room of Mysteries and The Battle of Hogwarts were so many others had died.
What had brought up this question about whether to keep moving or to stay for a while was that they had brought their brooms (Cleansweep 11s) which they could handle well enough to get to the next island without falling in the ocean if they used the Point-Me spell to guide them, the problem with this idea was they didn't know if anyone would react to two young adults showing up out of nowhere with no way of getting their or what this world's money was. Harry had given each of them a bag of Galloens( after several arguments, finally winning with the statement that they would need money, and seeing as gold would be the most universal form of money they would need it see as they had none of their own) and a fist full of Sickles. Hermione had snuck in their D.A. coins into each sack of coin so that they could communicate somewhat in case of a separation. Hermione had been worried about just what Neville was just talking about, and now she had to make a decision; to stay for a while, then leave or to leave and find a new, more inhabited island. Hermione sighed. "Neville, we can't just leave this island by broom and use our Point-Me spell over a sea. We need to make a boat, preferably a ship so that we won't be capsized after the first good sized wave. We shall stay long enough to make a stable vessel from our surroundings. I can transfigure some of the bigger leaves from these trees into a good size sail, if you can cut down twelve of some of the sturdier trees we can transfigure them into a boat like our houses and then I can carve some runes into the sides so as to prevent water leakage and minimal damage. We can also increase the size of it if necessary with a couple of Engorgio spells…" She started to ramble off all sorts of things they could do, not realizing that Neville had already set out on getting the trees necessary for the ship, he would have to bring them back one at a time even with a featherweight charm and a levitation charm. He sighed with resignation, knowing that it was going to be at least two more days before they could even have the ship constructed. Oh well…

Ok, I left you with that cliff hanger of a chapter so that you know where we will be heading with Hermione and Neville since I originally didn't give them much to begin with cause I didn't want to be redundant and I wanted to establish where everyone had landed to begin with. Thanks to that I desided to go back to them so they could get some limelight and show that they aren't just sitting around piddling their thumbs waiting to be rescued. Also I hope you guys will like my goodie bags that each has, the each packed different stuff into their bags and as they passed into the One Piece world they got "gifts" that are each unique to each person.

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