Chapter 1

A/N: Hello. Yes, another story. ANOTHER story. Why? Can't be sure. As a song that I can't remember the name of goes, "I write so much that it makes me sick." But for me, it's "I write so much that it makes me sleep-deprived". So enjoy, you sons of bitches. Oh, and Shinde means Die. I couldn't come up with any better name, so Shinde it was.

"Evil is bad that believes itself good."

-Shadow Fever

A figure stands in the shade, hood up. They hold their clenched fist up to their face, their silhouette revealed by the light of the full moon. Terrifying crimson eyes glow under the shade that their hood casts over their face, and a gust of wind blows it back. Long, silver hair flows out from where the jacket once held it.

"This place..." she relaxes her fist, letting the torn-out heart fall to the ground. "Disgusts me."

She walks out of the alley, blood-stained jacket nearly trailing on the floor. She doesn't bother to step around the corpses littered across the floor, hearing a satisfying crack with each step she takes. A sadistic grin forms on her face before she walks into the light of the street..

No one has noticed. The human race lives on, ignorant of the deadly fact. The fact that there is a demon in their midst, and that she aims to kill them all.

"Another case of... this?" asks Takane, eyes widening at the sight before her. The alley has been closed off, though a small crowd is beginning to gather. She glares at them, but they remain. She turns back to the gruesome scene in the alley. "What kind of fucked up serial killer is this, anyways?"

"I don't know," says the other officer. "Most of them look like they were beaten by a damn machine, but a few of them look... weird."

"Way to respect the dead."

"I mean, they look like they were shot just once, but burned from the inside too."

"How the hell is that possible?"

"They made it possible."

Takane catches a glimpse of one of the corpses, seeing smoke rising from it's mouth, it's eyes. She shudders, turning away, towards the crowd. Far in the back, she sees a hooded figure. Just before the mysterious person turns away, she sees their lips curve up in a smile.

"Hey, wait!" yells Takane, jumping over the caution tape and running after them. The officer behind her yells for her to come back, but she keeps running. There was an unnatural air about that person who had just left, and she had to figure out what it was, and why they were smiling about this. This was murder. The fucking sadist was just smiling. What the hell?

She catches up to the figure, which stops as she approaches. They grin at her, and vanish in the shadows. She watches, disbelieving, at the empty space before her. Up on a rooftop, beyond her reach, she hears the faint sound of footsteps. Then, she hears the sound of wings, though she refuses to admit it to anyone.

Her colleague catches up to her, out of breath. "Why'd you run off?"

"There was-" Takane decides not to tell him. That was just unnatural. "It's nothing. Let's head back to the scene."

Meanwhile, on a faraway rooftop, there's a winged silhouette standing in the sunlight.

"Why is she here again?" snaps Takane, pissed off.

The black-haired woman looks at her with dark eyes, raising an eyebrow. "I can hear you, you know. And I'm here concerning the recent murders."

"How the hell is your supernatural organization going to have anything to do with crime?" yells the police-woman. She's seen this woman before. She's Sei, from Bai-Lan. Her syndicate hunted things that frankly, she didn't think existed.

A thought rings in her head. The sound of flapping wings, echoing over and over. Sei stops it by talking.

"We believe that your mysterious killings are product of a demon."

Takane hears the other officers scoff. She grabs Sei by the collar. She's about to yell at her when she remembers it again; burned from the inside out. She whispers in Sei's ear, her facial expression making it seem like a threat. "Meet me in front of the station at midnight, spirit-lady. I want answers."

She releases Sei, who walks out. With that, she heads back to work.

Jo finds herself sleeping on the sidewalk, too tired to look for another place. She finds herself scoffing at the human's image of demons; the horns, tails, grotesque faces with out-of-control teeth that go all over the place.

Jo looks more or less human, though with some alterations. Her teeth are made of some sort of metal, the edges razor sharp. Rather than nails, she seems to have claws. Also, her wings. They're not always visible, because she can hide them. Finally, her arm.

Her left arm, as well as a part of her back, is covered in thin blood red metal plate, bound to her with chains. Painted on it in black is a wing-like pattern. The dark chains bind it to her, yes, but it's not really an arm when she thinks of it. Empty armor, dark energy giving it structure.

She pulls her black jacket tighter around her and closes her eyes.

"So what 'demon' are you talking about?"

"Right to business then," Sei sighs. "This is an ancient demon, I think. One of the most powerful the world has ever seen."

"I need names, lady."

"Very well." Sei looks to the sky, watching the stars. "Tell me, have you heard about the demon Jo?"

A/N: Sorry that was so short, but hey, it'll be better later. I hope.