Chapter 5

"What is it?"

"Jo, it's called pizza."

"What kind of fucked up word is that?"

"Try it, it's good!"

Rolling her eyes, the demon takes a rather large bite from the triangular mystery food (she refuses to call it by that ridiculous name) and contemplates it for a bit. It's an odd combination of flavors, but she enjoys it. It's fresh, too, she knows, judging by the heat radiating off of it. Meg smiles, taking a smaller bite than Jo did.

"It's missing something," murmurs Jo, looking a bit confused. "Is there anything... spicy?"

Meg seems to think about that a bit before getting an idea. "Wait here." She runs off. While tempted to follow her, Jo decides against it. If Meg gets in trouble, she can summon Jo (in all honesty, she's surprised the busty redhead hadn't figured that out by now. Using the coin would have saved her a lot of time rather than seeking her out personally. Then again, that would make Jo think it was urgent. But I digress.) Jo shrugs it off. Usually, when Meg runs off, whatever she brings back is good. Like ice cream.

Meg returns with a red bottle, tossing it to Jo. It almost falls to the ground, but Jo catches it at the last second, observing it. She seems confused, like she doesn't know whether to drink it or not. Seeing Jo's hesitation, Meg chuckles.

"Jo, it's hot sauce," explains Meg. "It makes food spicier. Go ahead, put it on."

"Jo, not that much!"

Jo looks up from her piece of pizza, which is now drenched in the red liquid. Shrugging, Jo picks it up and eats it. Meg waits, clenching a bottle of water in her hand. Jo, however, just takes another bite as if it's completely normal. Meg sweatdrops.

"Isn't it... too spicy?" she inquires, raising a thin eyebrow at the demon.

Jo seems confused by the suggestion. "No, it tastes good," she pauses for a second. "Should it be too spicy? It seems perfectly fine to me."

"Just... never mind. Are you almost done?"

Jo nods, finishing off the last of her crust. She stands, holding out a hand to Meg, who takes it lightly. Jo seems to think it's perfectly normal, leading her along somewhere. Meg is a bit surprised; usually it's her who leads Jo, and not the other way around. But instead Jo seems to be leading her with a purpose. They stop at a bench, and Jo sits, focusing on something in the distance.

Following her gaze, Meg sees a church.

"Didn't figure you for the religious type," she comments.

"I'm not," Jo almost snaps. "I'm listening to the confessions."


"It's a rare moment of honesty for at least half the people who go there. This man just admitted to betraying his best friend, and he sounds genuinely sorry," says Jo, sharp sense of hearing picking out each individual voice.

"Isn't that spying?"

Jo waves her off. "I repay them by not killing any human that goes into the confessional, simply because they had enough guts to go in."

"I suppose that's fair."

"Hm... I'm feeling generous at the moment," murmurs Jo. "No killing today, and today..." the ends of her fingers glow as she snaps them, the sound of chains breaking ringing in both her ears and Meg's. "I break a curse."

"He's dead?"

The news shocks Sei, to say the least. He'd been living off a seal placed by a demon, and one of the most powerful at that. If he died, then that either meant that the seal was to weak (highly unlikely) or...

No, Jo was too hateful to do that. Clenching her fists, she checks the history of all her grandfather "said" before his death. He barely speaks as his vital signs steadily slow, but it's there. Towards his end. It says:

"She's let me go. I am free."

Unable to know why Jo would even do such a thing, Sei gets up. She's happy that her grandfather was at least at peace and happy to accept death, but she needs answers. Slipping on her long blue jacket, she's careful not to wake Amy as she walks out of the house, in search of a demon.

"What do you want, Sei?"

That voice scares the living shit out of the woman, though she hides it well. She turns to face the demon, surprised to see no trace of blood on her (Jo is known for some gruesome kills). Jo seems apathetic, leaning against a dead tree with a bored look to her eyes. She seems to see right through Sei, sensing her fear.

"Why did you lift the curse?" It appears that Sei is getting right to the point. "What were your motives?"

"Simple," Jo yawns, bored by the subject, it seems. "I was feeling merciful."

"Bullshit!" yells Sei. "You probably just grew tired of it. This whole thing is just a sick game to you."

Suddenly, Jo is right in front of Sei. She jumps, falling onto the floor in her shock. Jo seems a bit angered now, which is never a good thing. Her crimson eyes hide nothing, showing her the emotion in them. Some of Sei's fear shows, not that it effects the demon in any sort of way.

"If it were bullshit," murmurs Jo, the beastly undertone in her voice becoming more prominent. "I would have killed you and your entire organization by now, as well as the rest of this entire shit hole that you call home," she meets Sei's eyes, making the black-haired woman flinch. "Do you understand, Sei, or do I have to give you a sort of visual?"

Sei nods, not trusting herself to be able to form words. She is fucking terrified. Genuinely so. The sheer power that seems to be radiating off of Jo puts her hairs on end, and she can't help but shrink back from the demon's intense gaze. With one last hateful glance, Jo is gone, down the street and walking away from her.

Sei is left lying on her back and propped up on her elbows, and when the demon is out of sight she finally starts breathing. She shakily gets up, wiping dirt off of her coat. She turns around, slowly making her way to her car. She doesn't even know how Jo had found her, and not the other way around. But then she remembers who she's talking about, and merely continues on.

Confronting Jo in any way is a bad idea. Physically, she would demolish them. Verbally, she would, depending on her mood, demolish them once more or scare them half to death. To call her deadly would be an understatement.

Sei stumbles, falling to the ground. She finds herself helped up by a redhead, and blinks in confusion. When her eyes open, the redhead is staring at her. "Are you okay?" she asks in a kind voice, blue eyes. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Not a ghost," Sei shakes her head. "A demon."

"Are you talking about who I think you're talking about?"

Sei blinks again, shocked. "Who do you think I'm talking about?"

"Jo, obviously!"

"You... Know Jo?" Sei is beyond shocked now. "And she hasn't killed you yet?"

"She's not that bad!" assures Meg, holding up her hands. "She has only killed criminals, and she spares anyone who goes to the confessionals. She's actually a real nice person when you get to know her, even if she is a bit odd sometimes. I'm trying to get her to spare the world."

"You make her sound like a God," mutters Sei, not quite believing it.

"It's true, though! She saved me!" she digs into her pocket, looking for something. Then she pulls out the coin. "She even gave me this so I could call her."

Sei recognizes the coin and reaches for it on instinct, but Meg pulls it away, pocketing it again. This is a strange woman, to befriend a demon without so much as a hint of fear. Sei studies her for a moment, checking if she's sane or not before asking her. "What's your name?"

"Meg," replies the woman. "What about you?"

"I'm Sei," they shake hands. "I'm.. investigating demons."

"You don't like Jo, do you?"

"No, no I don't. Though based on recent observations, my point of view may change."

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