It was a common occurrence to see notes scrawled on post-its and stuck to doors in the dorms of the Karakura Institute of Advanced Medical and Health Sciences . Some of them were complaints, others reminders. Some where just for fun. However, no door held more scraps of paper than that of Room 203.

Ishida Ryuuken and Kurosaki Isshin were as unlikely roommates as they came. One a calm, cool, and collected student and the other...Isshin...was, well, cool in his own way. One a non-practicing Quincy and the other an ex-Shinigami. They had less in common than an astronaut and a lamp maker. However, if the two were aware of the other's secret profession, they never actually mentioned it. They both knew. Neither of them were that stupid.

As luck would have it, the school's sorting program landed them in the same dorm room, sharing a small bathroom and an even smaller kitchen. They always had to leave a window open to relieve their tiny dwelling of over-powering spiritual pressure. Isshin never mentioned all of the crazy artifacts Ryuuken had lying around and well, if Ryuuken stumbled across Isshin's lifeless gigai a few times, he definitely didn't mention it to him. It was just wishful thinking after all. A Quincy couldn't be that lucky.

Passive Aggressive Note



PND and JudiKicksHiney

The First Note

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Dear Ryuuken,

I'm sorry, but I had to borrow your stethoscope while you were out. Unfortunately, I left it on the roof of some gas station...I don't remember which one. If you check the news, it's the one that randomly exploded around elevenish this morning? Great, thanks again for letting me borrow it.




Stop stealing my shit. You're buying me a new stethoscope or I'm going to ring your neck with that disgusting tie you wore yesterday.


Ryuuken, have you seen my dinner? I left it sitting out for twenty minutes while I was in the bathroom and it disappeared.


I assumed you had left another mold covered plate on the table and threw the entire thing away. Please excuse the error.
...I'm using sarcasm. I hope you're smart enough to understand it.

Har har, I'm not as dumb as I look.

I'm glad that you can admit that you look stupid. It's almost enough to make me proud.

Yeah, Mr. Good Looking-I've-Got-A-Stick-Up-Every-Hole-In-My-Body, I hope you're proud, because I might have set your thesis paper on fire.

Isshin, when I catch you I will kill you.

You totally missed me while I was in. You were asleep, so I took a call for you. It was that hot chick you're always talking to. I told her you were too busy with school for girls, but I got her number for you anyway.

I loath you. But thank you.


Did you eat all of the peanut butter?

Check the cupboard, idiot. Second shelf on the right. We should have another container of it.
On another note, stop desecrating my thesis. I don't want to have to edit it again.

Edit it? It was so great I almost turned it in myself! Oh wait...maybe I did.

...If you did, I'll do more than kill you, Isshin, I swear to whatever god you believe in.

...haha, you're funny, Ryuu-kun. I made you lunch for today. PB&J! Why would I turn yours in? Mine was a better read.

I've been working on that paper for weeks, Isshin! You idiot! Do. Not. Come back to the room tonight.
If I turn mine in now they'll think I didn't take the time to write my own paper. I need to figure out a new topic and finish my thesis in twenty four hours.

I don't see how they'd think that.

...I hate you.

I didn't actually read your paper. I'm sure it's great, buddy.

I'm sure yours is...adequate.


Right. You haven't gotten me a new stethoscope.

I told you where it was.


You should have seen it! It was AWESOME.

You blew up a gas station. I'm not even asking you how it happened. I refuse.

I'm didn't blow it up. A scary monster did it!

I'm sure.

You know, you're really sarcastic. Oh! And FUNNY! because you know I don't have the money to buy you a new stethoscope.

Because you don't have a job.

I'm a full time student.

You're an idiot.
Good luck on your test.

Yeah. Good luck with the Future Mrs. Ishida.

We've only gone out twice, Kurosaki. Don't call her that.

Well, you won't tell me her name.

You'll do...something. I don't trust you.

I'm as sweet and innocent as a baby.

If by baby you mean a baby devil. You're out of control.

Am not. You're just stuffy.

I'm not stuffy, I'm studious.

That's worse than being stuffy.


I'm not continuing this conversation. You're an idiot.


Good? Bad? Should we continue? You decide.