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The Fourth Note

AN: Sorry, this has been written since...January? I just never put it up. Sorry!

Dear Dumbass that I Room With. (That's you, Kurosaki.)

There is a perfectly good door that we can use to get into our room. We're on the third floor. Did you really think climbing through the window was a good idea? I'm glad you sprained your ankle, idiot. Don't...

Nevermind. I wasn't worried anyway.

If you happen to see some of what might be your things decorating the campus...well.

I hope it takes you awhile to hobble around collecting them.

I got the hottie teacher's assistant to help me pick up my underwear that somebody-Ryuuken-thought would make good lawn ornaments. I have a date on Saturday. She thought the Hello Kitty boxers were cute. She's apparently a fan.

I still find it disturbing that they make those. Grown men with Hello Kitty fetishes should be on a watch list.

Better my boxers than your tightie-whities. Geez, you have some sort of creepy obsession with white, by the way.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I wear blue as well.

Oh, two colors! Everything I've thought about you up to this point of time has been a lie!

At least my clothes are clean. Wearing the same shirt four times before washing it is really quite classy, Isshin, I commend you.

If it ain't dirty, don't waste the detergent.

You spilled enchilada all down the front of one of them. You just couldn't tell later because the color the shirt was initially was the color of old enchilada sauce.

I love that shirt.

That shirt is disgusting.

I'll buy you one just like it for Christmas.

Just what I wanted.

That was sarcasm in case it wasn't clear.

I'm an idiot, not stupid.

God forbid I get that confused.

I know, it'd be a devastating blow to your uppity tidiness.

I sincerely hope that your uncleanliness ruins a romantic opportunity for you.

If that doesn't, your bitterness will.

I have nothing to be bitter about, aside from the fact that you continue to try to set me up with men who dress like women.

I have a girlfriend.

Stop that.

But she thinks it's funny!

You're a horrible friend. I sincerely hate you.

I love you, too, Ryuu-chan.