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Emotions run through their veins

Too many to handle, too many to name

Each is like a knife

Wielded right, it could end or make a life

Happiness is overpowered by pain

Sadness and pain are their only certain feelings

They think their lives are full of shame

But is that really what they're seeing?

Each day they cry, scream, and plead for help

No one seems to hear

They start shedding tears

Start screaming, "I can't take it anymore!"

They find themselves lost

Surrounded by darkness, hoping for a glimmer of light

Something to show them the way, so that they can't be bought

Suddenly they start seeing something burn bright

They walk towards the bright light

Find a door

The fall to the floor

On their knees they start to fight

"Open the door," their angel says

"Leave it closed," their demon says

They fall asleep and start dreaming

Start wondering about life's true meaning

Open their eyes

They are still awake and alive

Three reach for the knob to open the door

They find each other and start walking towards their goal

The third hesitates but then reaches for the knob and opens the door

A wave crashes through and floods the room

He starts to swim to the top, towards the light

He can't seem to reach it, and decides to take flight

Trapped in darkness

He decides to take comfort in it

He decides to give up his life

Finally finding his happiness in the after-life

As he fades away he wishes his friends the best of luck and says, "Now I see."

Hopes that they'll live for him

He says, "Life isn't always grim."

"Have hope and live on for me."