I know there are over a lot of one piece one shots, but I thought I'd make my own… Bet you haven't heard that before (; These will be updated whenever I finish a chapter. Just so you won't get bored waiting for 'Grand Line Academy' every Saturday.

These one shots won't always have Nami&Luffy in them. It can be just about anyone in the Strawhats. That way I'll have more to write about than just with two specific people... It'll mostly be Nami&Luffy, though. xP

Title: Protection

Characters/Pairing(s): Nami&Luffy

(Pre/Post) Time skip: Doesn't matter. But if I had to choose: Pre-time skip.

Nami watched as more and more marines began to surround them. The island had a hidden marine base she had overlooked and she felt stupid and ashamed she didn't see it before. They were outnumbered, obviously. The crew was separated since they were out shopping for different needs and the marines had recognized them in a heartbeat. She was stuck with Luffy since she had to make sure he didn't spend his whole allowance on meat again. She blinked when Luffy got in front of her and blocked a few bullets she didn't see.

"Nami! Keep your eye out!" She snapped back to her senses and shook her head. She pulled out her clima tact from under her jacket and stood ready in position. More and more kept coming and she wasn't sure how they were going to get through it. Then again, of course they would. She was with Luffy after all. Her captain may be an idiot, but he can get out of any situation with just instinct alone.

"Nami!" She turned to him, but her vision was blocked when he placed his strawhat on her head. The hat was too big for her and it tilted, covering her eyes. She lifted it up with a single finger. Him handing her his strawhat was starting to annoy her. Why couldn't he just hold on to his strawhat like he usually does everyday?

"Why do you keep giving me your hat? I'm not some hook you can hang your stuff on when you don't need it!" Luffy kept his back towards Nami, keeping his eye on the oncoming Marines.

"Because they know not to touch my strawhat. So now they know not to touch you."

Nami blinked then sighed. Luffy logic. It was lame and corny, but sweet. Has that been why he's been giving her his precious strawhat? So he can protect her? So no one can touch her? Nami chuckled. Luffy can be smart, but he has a funny way of showing it. But then again, she has always known why he has always been giving her his treasure.

"Keep her safe."

Nami nodded. "Ee!"

"I wasn't talking to you."