Mothering Sunday 1998

"Mels! What are you doing here?" Amy let her best girl friend inside.

"They said I could come over for a little while. I've got one hour."

Upstairs, the girl started to set up for another game of the ragedy doctor.

"Wait," Melody pulled her friend aside. "I've got something for you." She reached into her bag and pulled out a custom made Amy doll.

"Thanks, Mels. It's much better than the one I've got."

Mothering Sunday 2007

Melody came over for another visit with Amy like she did so often. It didn't take long for her to drag her friend away to have a walk by the pond.

"By the way, Amy," Melody pulled something out of her back pocket and handed the wrapped object over to her best mate. "I got you this."

Amy looked at her friend a moment before ripping the wrapping away. It was a replica of the sonic screwdriver she had told her about.

"Oh, Mels, it looks just like the one he had! Thank you so much!" Amy attacked her friend with a bone crushing hug.

"No problem." Melody casually put her hands in her pockets and began to walk again. "It was fun making it."

"Mels, why do you always get me something on mothering Sunday?" Amy sounded a bit suspicious.


"Every year, on this day, you always get me a little present."

"Oh? I didn't notice."


Hey guys. I know it's short, but I hope you liked. Also, I live in the U.S. so I wasn't sure if Mothers day in the UK was actually called Mothering day or not, so don't judge me if I got it wrong.