This is a story about the Angry Birds, an army of birds taking revenge on the evil green pigs who stole their eggs to feed their hunger, after many plots will this be the Pig King's final plan to get the eggs? Find out on Angry Birds: The Final Plan.

Pig King: Is the plan ready?

Green Pig 1: Yes sir. We will run to the birds telling that there is a monster who eats Birds for dinner.

So, the plan has begun.


The birds run away and leaves the eggs vulnerable for the pigs to take.

Green Pig 1: Sir, we have the eggs.

Pig King: Excellent, now we must run before the birds come.

Green Pig 2: LET'S RUN!

And then the pigs run away with the eggs and the birds realize it's a trick and get revenge.

Red Bird: Did they just trick us.

Yellow Bird: Oh no! The eggs are gone!

Blue Bird: Something tells me the pigs got the eggs.

Red Bird: Let's go!

Black Bird: What are you doing?

Yellow Bird: We're chasing the pigs. They have stolen the eggs.

Black Bird: Come on White Bird, we have eggs to save.

The birds have located the Pig King's location, the forest.

Red Bird: Get ready, Yellow Bird you are up.

Yellow Bird is on the slingshot and now he is launched.

Yellow Bird: Incoming...

Yellow Bird smashes through the building and the pigs die.

Red Bird: Well, that worked.

The Birds wander to a billboard.

Red Bird: It's the Pig King! Launch me now!

White Bird: Uh that is a billboard.

Red Bird realizes that the king is a fake billboard, he's too late and hits 5 billboards and a wall, brick wall.

Black Bird: Well that hurt.

Yellow Bird: It hurts a lot.

So the birds move on, smack through structures by the pigs and encounter the Pig King.

Red Bird: Alright Pig King, IT IS OVER!

The Pig King boasts about his fortress which is completely "indestructible".

The birds try their best but completely fail.

White Bird: It is hopeless, we cannot defeat him like this.

Red Bird: There is one only option we have. Ready the sardines.

The sardines have been fired and the Mighty Eagle strikes and kills all the pigs but the Pig King has one more plan.

Pig King: You may have defeated me, but I'll be back.

The Pig King activates his jetpack and gets 5 eggs from the birds but leave 1 to them.

Red Bird: We have to get the eggs backā€¦

TO BE CONTINUED! And I do not own Angry Birds.