I don't own Twilight. I wish I did, but I'm just not that lucky even though I do have red hair. That's probably not a sign of good luck since we aren't even allowed in sperm banks anymore.

I've been truly inspired by some of the amazing authors who have been writing these delicious drabble fics recently. I'm very sure that I don't have their talent, but I thought I would try just the same.

This is a slash story with m/m lemons involved. If you're under 18 or that's not your thing, please just hit the red X.

There will be alternate POV's everyday. Jasper will be first and is much more talkative. Edward not so much….. for now.

Chapter 1 - Dad


Why does he always do this to me? Every summer that I'm stuck on this farm, my dad forces me to train another sorry soul in the ins and outs of hard labor. By the end of every summer, I'm stuck doing all the work myself because the chumps he gets can't handle it. I'm sure this summer will be no different. Being the teenage son of a farmer is not easy. Don't get me wrong, my parents love and provide me with everything I need, it's just a lot of responsibility. I've known since I was little that it was my job to help my dad any way I could around here. I don't resent it, I just wish to hell he could hire some decent help for a change.


I can't believe I'm actually going to get away from him for eight hours everyday.

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