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Chapter 100 - Goodbye


Walking back in the house, I look down and see Rose's disgusting shoes by the door. I guess I should feel terrible for what I did to her, but I just can't. After what she's done, and what she said in the barn about Edward, I think she deserved what she got and so much more. She didn't think a thing about ruining Edward's life just to get some revenge for him not wanting her. Maybe this will make her think twice before she does it again.

I don't even want to think about what she's going to do when she finds out Edward and his mom are staying here. Guess, I better fix that hole she drilled in the wall so Edward's mom can have some privacy.

As we pass the bathroom, Edward and I can hear Rose in there yelling and screaming. Guess she just saw herself in the mirror. Looks like she'll be wearing a lot of hats for a while.

"I can't believe you did that to her. I couldn't have come up with a better punishment. What are you? Some kind of evil genius?"

"Hush you. You're going to make me blush."

We get to my room, and I peal off my dirty shirt and replace it with a fresh one. Edward is eyeing me with interest, but I don't know how much time we have to be alone. Of course, right then I hear my dad holler up the stairs for us to come down so we can talk.

I don't know what they're going to say about what I did to Rose. They didn't act mad in the barn, but that doesn't mean they're just going to let me off the hook for doing that to her.

When we get downstairs, mom, dad, and Rose are waiting for us. I try not to laugh when I see her wearing a crocheted hat on her head. I hear a noise come from Edward, and I can tell he's having the same problem.

"Okay, now that we're all here, let's talk about what happened today."

Dad is in serious mode, so we sit down quickly on the couch and wait for him to get this crazy, fucked-up meeting started.

"Rose, I want you to explain yourself to the family. Why did you go over and tell Edward's father about him and Jasper?"

"He isn't family. I refuse to talk about this with him here."

She's looking over at Edward with such hate, it makes me want to hurt her more than I already have. How did my parents think we could have a civil conversation with her?

"Rose, I'm about 5 seconds away from doing something you're going to regret making me do. I don't want to send you away for your senior year, but I'll do it."

She looks shocked, and real tears start to form in her eyes. It was all fun and games when she was daddy's little girl. Now she has no hold over them, and she's going to have to cooperate. I bet it's killing her inside.

"Daddy! You wouldn't dare!"

"Don't push me, Rosalie. Do you have any idea what you've done today? This has effected 3 people's lives, not to mention ours. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I wanted Edward to be mine! He's meant to be mine, and Jasper stole him away from me!"

Edward sits up a taller next to me, and leans forward.

"Rose, I'm sorry if we hurt your feelings, but I was never going to yours. I'm gay, and not you or any other woman is going to be able to change that."

"Don't worry, I saw you kissing my brother and your sappy I love you's. It was enough to make me sick!"

Mom speaks up now, and looks a little confused.

"How did you see and hear them together, Rose? They've never shown any sort of affection in this house that we've seen."

I glance over at Edward, and see his blush. Yeah, not that they've seen. I guess what has happened in my room doesn't count. I decide to jump in the conversation now, since I'm sure Rose isn't going to tell them the truth.

"She drilled a hole in the wall between her and Edward's room so she could spy on him in there. She's sick, mom. I really think she needs help or something."

Mom and dad look so upset and worried. I think they're starting to realize just how fucked up their daughter really is.

"Okay, your mom and I are going to need to discuss this together before we make any decisions. Rose, you are on permanent isolation from now on. No phone, no car, and no visitors. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to see about getting you some counseling. We'll see if you can stay home through that, or if you need to go to a facility that would be better suited to help you."

Holy shit, is he talking about having her committed or something? Hell, it's not like she doesn't need it, but I really didn't think they would figure that out so quickly.

Rose jumps up and looks like she's about to start arguing, but Carlisle stops her before she can.

"No. I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth. Go up to your room and get your phone and car keys."

She looks defeated as she slumps out of the room with her head down. If the threat of sending her to a mental institution doesn't help her stop being a bitch, I don't know what will.

After she leaves, mom turns to me and Edward.

"It's worse than we thought, isn't it? She's done terrible things and we've just been too blind to see it."

"Mom, it's not your fault. You know about it now, so maybe you can get her the help she needs."

"Will you tell me what she's done?"

That is not a conversation I'm looking forward to having, but I nod my head.

"Edward, we're so sorry for what our daughter has put you through. I can't believe she would even think about spying on you like that."

"It's okay, Carlisle. It's not your fault."

"Well, Jasper, you want to help me patch up that hole in the wall?"

"Sure dad. I'll help."

We both stand up and start out of the living room. All the patch stuff is outside in the garage, but before we can get out of the room we hear loud footsteps on the stairs. Edward's mom is almost running down them. When she gets to the bottom, she rushes over to Edward with a huge smile on her face.

"Honey, I've got some amazing news. I just talked to your Aunt Maureen, and she wants us to come to New York to live with them!"

I think my heart just stopped.



I don't know what to say. I want to so badly to jump up and run into Jasper's arms so he can comfort me. I can't leave! I can't not be with Jasper, but I can't let my mother be all alone either. She's going to need me now more than ever.

Oh my God, what am I going to do?

"Edward? Baby, what is it? What's wrong?"

I can hear my mom talking to me, but it's like it's coming out of a fog. I feel her hands on my face, as she turns my head back toward hers.

"Edward, I know this is out of the blue, but your aunt said we could stay in that little house they have on their property rent free. This is my chance to finally be free of your father. I can't live in this town with him here. I'll never be able to feel at peace."

I don't know how I'm able to form words, but I hear them coming out of my mouth anyway.

"I understand, mom. I want you to be able to start a whole new life without him in it. When does she want us to come?"

"As soon as we can get there. She's so excited for us come there and be close to her and the kids. Won't it be wonderful, Edward?"

"Mom, I…. I …. don't think I feel very well."

Jumping up, I rush out of the room and up the stairs. Running into Jasper's room, I throw myself on his bed and let the tears fall.

Why is this happening to me? Finally, I get away from my dad and everything seems like it's going to be perfect, and then the worst thing imaginable happens. I'm going to have to leave Jasper.

I can hear my cries as they get louder. I didn't realize pain like this was even possible.

I feel him as soon as he gets close to me. I hear him shut and lock the door behind him, and then he's on the bed holding and rocking me.

"Baby, shh. It's going to be okay. We'll figure something out. It's only for a few months, and then we'll be together at college. We can do this."

Sitting up, I'm suddenly very angry.

"But I don't want to do this! I don't want to leave you! I can't stand not being with you!"

I lay back down and let him console me. I listen to his words of encouragement telling me that we'll be fine. That he'll come and visit and we'll Skype every day, but nothing he says makes it any better. My heart is breaking, and there's nothing that can ever make it better again.

Taking a deep breath and wiping my eyes, I turn around to see his face for the first time since mom's announcement. He's smiling, but it doesn't reach his eyes. I can see so much pain there, just as much as I'm feeling. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pull him to me.

"I love you, Jasper, so much. Please promise that we'll be together forever. I don't know what I would do if you forgot about me and found someone else."

"Never, baby. That will never happen. I will love you forever. There will never be anyone else for me but you."

Tilting my head up, I capture his lips in a fast and frantic kiss. It's like my body knows what it needs, and what it needs its Jasper. I hear a whimper come from him, and his hands fisting my shirt until it comes up and over my head.

"Baby, I need you. Please say I can have you."

"Yes, Jasper, yes. I'm yours."

My clothes disappear quickly, and he's off the bed shedding his as well. When he crawls back to me, he doesn't hesitate settling in between my open thighs. Our hard cocks are rubbing against each other, as he slides his hips forward and back. I know I can't take any teasing right now. I need to feel him inside of me.

"Jasper, please. I can't take it."

He must feel the same way, because he doesn't hesitate leaning over and getting the lube out of the bedside table drawer. When I feel his slick fingers inside of me, my head flies back and I can't stop the yell of his name that comes from my lips. I don't let him prepared me for long.

"Now, baby. I have to have you inside of me now!"

I know I'm being loud, but I honestly don't care. If this is the last time we're going to get to be together, then I'm not holding back.

I watch as he uses more lube to get his cock nice and slick for me. He looks so beautiful looking down on me like that. I want to remember this moment forever.

Leaning down over me, he places a kiss on my lips as he lines himself up.

"I fucking love you more than anything, Edward."

Then I feel him slowly push his way inside of me. The burn is there just like that first night, but it's not near as bad and doesn't last as long. He holds still when he's pushed in a far as he can go, and watches me for any signs that I'm not okay.

"Jasper you feel so good. I'm so fucking full! Move, baby. I need you to move."

And move he does.

At first he goes slow, but when I start pushing up to meet his every thrust, he increases his speed and force. Every snap of his hips brings the head of his cock against my prostate, and it's absolute heaven.

"Fuck, yes!"

I scream out, and Jasper lays down on me and his tongue explores my mouth. If he's trying to keep me quiet, he's doing a damn good job of it.

With the change of position, my cock is trapped between our stomachs and the friction feels so fucking good. My constant leaking is making for a nice wet place for my cock to slide. I can feel myself start to fall over the edge.

"Baby, you're gonna make me come…"

He starts fucking me harder, and it's more than I can take. Screaming out, I come hard between us. I coat both of our stomachs as he thrusts even faster inside of me. I look up, and see him starting down at me. He's looking at me like he wants to remember what he see forever.

"I love you, Edward."

He says it in a low pained voice, and then he falls back down on me and stills. I can feel his come shooting inside of me, and I hold him tight until he recovers and comes back to me.

After a few minutes of just holding each other, he lifts his head and kisses me softly. When he slips out of me, I whimper at the feeling. I want him to be back there and never leave.

I watch him as he leans over the side of his bed and he brings back a couple of disposable wet cloths. I guess he thought it might come in handy to have them here in the room with us. Carefully, he uses the wipes to clean us both up. Watching how he takes care of me just reminds me of what I'm losing.

I want to just curl up and start crying again, but I know I can't do that. Getting out of bed, I get dressed silently, and I watch as he does the same.

Unlocking the door, I turn back to Jasper who is still standing in the middle of his room. Even though this is his room and his house, he looks lost.

"I need to go back downstairs and talk to my mom."

He just nods, and walks up to follow me out. Holding hands, we enter the living room and see our parents deep in conversation. I don't care if they know what we've been doing up in Jasper's room. Mom can punish me all she wants. It won't matter at all to me now.

"Boys, take a seat. We need to talk to you about something."

We sit down, but I'm barely holding it together at this point. What more could we have to talk about?

Mom grabs the hand that isn't being held by Jasper and squeezes it until I look at her. I don't want her to see the sadness there, but I can't help it.

"Honey, I'm so sorry. I wasn't even thinking about how this move would effect you. I was just so excited that we had a place to stay."

"I know, mom. It's okay."

"No, it's not okay. Edward, I've been talking to Carlisle and Esme, and I think we've come up with a solution to our problem."


"Yes, silly, the problem that you don't want to leave Jasper and move all the way to New York."

As much as I hate what I'm about to do, I can't have her feeling guilty for wanting to move on with her life. She deserves a chance to start over more than anyone.

"Mom, it's fine. We'll work it out. What's important is that you're happy. I want to be there to take care of you."

"Honey, I think for once in my life, it's about time I started taking care of myself. I need to get away from here, but you don't. You're whole life is here."

She reaches around me and takes Jasper's other hand.

"Mom, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that Carlisle and Esme have offered to let you stay here with them for your senior year."

My eyes shoot to Jasper's parents who are sitting together in a chair opposite of us. They are both smiling and Esme and nodding her head up and down very enthusiastically. I start to cry, but this time it's tears of joy.

"Mom, are you sure? I will not leave you by yourself after everything that's happened."

"I won't be by myself. I'll be living right there with my sister. I'll be fine. I'm going to miss you like crazy, but this is where you belong, Edward. You know it's true."

I haven't been able to look over at Jasper, but now I stop myself.

I see his tears mirror mine, as I let go of my mom's hand and wrap my arms around the man I love. Talking into his shirt, it's muffled, but he can hear me.

"Do you want to me to stay?"

He just chuckles, and squeezes me even tighter against him.

"Baby, I'm never going to let you go."

I sigh deeply in relief and feel myself finally relax. This is where I belong, forever in his arms.

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