Sad and envious burgundy eyes watched as Edward and Bella embraced and the tall vampire that the eyes belonged to, had a feeling that it would be awhile before either of them let go. What he wouldn't give to be able to live the life Edward lived. Where he didn't have to keep up this farce he has been living since his love found him. It's been fifty years since his Harry became his and Demetri became Harry's. They were forever frozen in their mid-twenties. Demetri is a vampire but Harry is an immortal. He knew Harry was beginning to become restless. Harry was an adventurous soul who loved to learn and discover new things, but since Harry mated with him, he hasn't been out traveling outside of the city. It made Demetri feel like the worst type of mate, but Harry never complains saying new books were always being written and he was able to talk to tourist whenever Demetri begins to feel down and question why Harry was still with him.

Burgundy eyes harden when Edward and Bella moved to kiss. Demetri wonders if the love he shares with Harry was enough that Harry would risk his life for Demetri, like Bella and Edward did for each other. Turning away from the scene, Demetri walked to his room, where he knew Harry would be stretched out on their couch reading his latest Defense Against the Dark Art book. A small smile appeared thinking of how strong his mate was, maybe not vampire strong, but he could easily hold his own against several vampires with his magic and he has taken up learning multiple fighting styles. He has mastered all sword fighting styles thanks to Aro, Marcus and Cauis, and has started to learn martial arts from some of the vampires in guard. Demetri knew without a doubt Harry could take on multiple humans and other creatures and take them out within minutes and not be tired. The joys of training with vampires. Demetri has no idea how Harry was able to charm their leaders but he has and he doubted that they, especially Marcus, would deny Harry anything. It is why right now their rooms were furnished with all of the latest technology and they have their own library.

Chuckling Demetri thinks that from the way he has been thinking of his Harry you would think of him some petite human with pretty eyes. But that was far from the reality, well he does have pretty eyes and he is human but he isn't petite. In fact he is just as tall as Demetri standing at 6' or 6'1 depending if it's a good day or a bad day, as Harry would say. Harry was lean and muscled with broad shoulders and narrow hips and a delicious ass. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Demetri opened their door to see just as he expected with Harry sprawled out reading a book, although it wasn't his new Defense book, instead a book on the United States. Arching an eyebrow, he walked over to the leather couch and stood at Harry's head staring down at him. He saw Harry's mouth twitch, so he leaned further down a few inches from his face. Harry twitched again and Demetri touched his forehead to Harry's and Harry's twitch became a full smile and stole a kiss.

"Hello love, how was the excitement today?" Harry asked mate. Demetri has long since stopped trying to figure out how Harry knew when there was something exciting happening.

"It was ok," he said shrugging his shoulders. He saw Harry frown than glare.

"What happened?" Harry demanded sitting up and tugging Demetri over to the couch. Laying down with his head in Harry's lap he looked away from those warm green eyes.

"Just a vampire being foolish about his singer/mate. Luckily she was able to save him but not without condemning her own life," Demetri told him.

"And this has you questioning something?" Harry's hand slowly stroked through long brown hair.

Closing his eyes, Demetri whispered, "Am I enough?"

The hand paused for a moment then continued, "What makes you think you aren't?"

"You've been alive for 137 years, 87 of those years you wandered and explored. Then you met me. I know that for awhile you were content to rest and be with me, but its been fifty years since you have left."


"So, soon you are going to want to wander and leave me behind since it's my duty as Volturi Guard to stay here," Demetri whisper as he started to sit up.

But Harry was pulling him back down and a warm soft hand was brushing his face.

"Love look at me," Harry quietly commanded.

Demetri looked at his mate and saw green eyes burning with love and determination.

"I have lost many people in life, I'm not about to lose or abandon the one person that makes my life complete. I may love to travel but the outside world loses its appeal if I couldn't be without you."

"But I'm holding you back Harry, I know you want to go traveling again."

"I do but only with you."

"They probably won't let me."

"Do you want a change of life my love? Do you want to go explore? Perhaps try a different cuisine?"

"Yes I want a change of life, yes I want to explore, but no I don't want to try a different cuisine, you are too delicious."

Harry leaned down and sought his lips. They were playful nips that soon turned to a heated kiss. Harry broke away and asked, "Is it better when you are in me or me filling you?"

Demetri sat up to straddle Harry's leg before leaning in to answer, "When I want something spicy, I like it when you fill me, but if I want something sweet it is better when I am taking you."

Harry's eyes darkened with lust and Demetri felt his mate's shaft rise fully to the occasion.

"So what are you feeling like tonight Dem?" Harry all but purred, as his hands had wandered down to Demetri's ass.

"A little spicy followed by some sweet."

When morning dawned, a sore Harry was making his way to Marcus. While all three of the vampire leaders adored him, Marcus was the most understanding and protective of him. Harry believed it had something to do with the fact that Harry reminded Marcus of his dead mate Didyme.

Walking to Marcus's room, Harry gently taps on the door.

"Come in."

Harry entered the room and saw Marcus sitting on the couch, Harry convince him to get since it was more comfortable that the previous couch, holding a locket. Harry knew that Marcus was thinking of his mate.

"Hey Marc, which memory are you thinking about?" Harry asks quietly as he sat down, next to him.

"The plans we made to travel the world."

"Oh yeah? You know, I would like to see the world again." Harry heard the sharp in-take of breathe.

"So would Demetri, he hasn't seen it in forever. Quick missions don't count," Harry stated.

"So you would like to leave? Aro may not appreciate it," Marcus said, but Harry understood the meaning behind it: he won't let you.

"Well I was thinking of way that it may be possible," Harry said looking at the portrait of Didyme.


"Well, how do you know the covens are following the rules the Volturi set?" Harry asked.

"Very clever little one. You are proposing that you and your mate make surprise visits and while taking your time to travel," Marcus complimented glancing at him.

"Well I've had 50 years to learn from the best," Harry told Marcus.

"We will talk to Aro, but lets get this planned out so it will be fool proof."

Harry smiled at Marcus and gave him a huge hug, before excitedly telling him about the plans he had already thought of.

When Demetri finally found his wandering mate, he was amused. Harry and Marcus were playing a game of scramble, and Harry was calling Marcus a cheater. Demetri had a feeling only Harry could ever get away with something like that.

"Damnit Marc, you can't use Greek when we are using only Latin words!" Harry exclaimed.

Marcus laughed and said, "Well, Greek and Latin can be similar, Ry."

"Fine, then I'm using English," Harry said pouting.

"What! That's worse than me using Greek!" Marcus replied.

Demetri chuckled and Harry looked up and smiled when he saw him.

"Hello love, would you like to join?" Harry asked him as he walked over.

"Can I use Italian?" Demetri asked with a smirk hugging Harry from the back

"Bloody vampires not keeping to the rules," Harry muttered.

"You love us though," Marcus said with a laugh.

Harry smiled and said, "Yeah. Yeah I do."

Demetri smiled and nuzzled into Harry's neck.

"So what's this I hear about having an informal audience with the Leaders?" Demetri asked from his position still buried in Harry's neck.

"Oh just something about doing some travelling, you'll have to wait to see what its all about," Harry answered finishing his word, expellimarus.

Demetri was about to protest, but Marcus cut him off, "Just wait, you'll be pleased. Your mate truly loves you."

Sighing Demetri knelt by Harry and buried his face into Harry's side, making him laugh.

Three hours later the scramble game ended and it was time to go talk with Aro and Caius about the plan.

Aro, Marcus, and Caius were sitting on their thrones, with Harry sitting before them and Demetri standing behind him.

"So Harry would did you want to talk about?" Aro asked with a gentle smile. Somehow Harry had wormed his way into his undead heart right beneath Marcus.

"Well, I have currently been reading some of the magical updating texts, that I told you about previously and some of the covens have grown," Harry started.

"Really? Most interesting," Aro commented.

"Right so, I propose an idea that would help you out," Harry paused here, waiting for the ok to continue.

"You have my attention Harry," Aro said giving permission.

"I propose that Demetri and I travel to all of the covens, to take heads counts, gift counts and to make sure that they are honoring the vampire laws. We would keep ledgers and send you updates after each coven we visit," Harry said finished waiting with baited breath.

Aro had a look on contemplation. A few moments later he looked to Marcus who nodded his head, he looked to Caius, who nodded but spoke as well, "We could also have them periodically checking in with The Cullens, to make sure that Bella is still on track for being turned as well as keeping our secret."

Aro once again looked thoughtful before turning back to Harry, "While it pains me to think of losing your joyful company and a great tracker, I agree that it would be beneficial to know how those under our guidance are faring. As well as checking in the Cullens. In fact I would like you to make Forks Washington your base. After checking in with one coven, return back to Forks to observe the Cullens. As I know some of the covens are rather hard to find, you will not be given a limit as long as you check in every two weeks."

Harry had a blinding smile; he was barely able to check himself to give a formal bow and answering, "Yes, Lord Aro, Lord Marcus and Lord Caius. We will not let you down. We will leave two days from now to head to Forks Washington to set up our base."

Aro smiled at Harry and said, "Go and begin your preparations."

"Thank you my Lord," Harry said before turning and hauling his shocked and disbelieving mate out of the room.

"I will miss those two," Aro commented.

"Oh?" Marcus asked.

"Harry is so vibrant and happy that he makes the gloomy Demetri break out of his shell. Plus he always had some of the most interesting facts and games," Aro replied.

"Harry is definitely a source of amusement around here," Caius agreed.

Marcus just nodded and thought of how lonely he would once again be, but it wasn't right to keep Harry locked up. He was so free spirited.

When Harry had Demetri half way to their rooms, Demetri finally broke out of shock and scooped Harry up with a cry of joy, and sprinted the rest of the way, with onlookers looking at them with curiosity.

Spelling their door open, Harry barely had enough time before they were through it and Demetri was slamming the door shut. A second late he was thrown onto the bed being savagely kissed.

Finally breaking the kiss, Harry gasped and panted, he maybe immortal but he wasn't vampire. It didn't deter Demetri though he continued to kiss his face and neck before ripping Harry's shirt off. He was so overwhelmed by the thought of what Harry had done from him, them. That couldn't think of anything to say. Harry showed him, just how much Demetri means to him. He was willing to risk audience with Aro to get them to travel, albeit that he had to do some work, but they would be free from the Volturi. They could travel and go on dates, they could be themselves. That meant more than anything. Harry truly loved him. Filled with so much love for his mate, Demetri captured those perfect lips again and tore the pants that his beloved wore. He felt more than heard Harry whisper something. Reaching down to stretch his mate, he found it lubed and stretched. Harry was just perfect and Demetri thrust home moaning when he felt Harry arch into him. He knew that he wouldn't last long, he was so filled with love and awe that a few thrusts later, both Demetri and Harry were screaming for each other. Collasping into Harry's arm, he was still careful to not lay all of his weight on him.

"Thank you beloved," Demetri whispered, and he was sure if he had been human he would have had tears in his eyes.

Harry looked deep into those soft burgundy eyes and lifted a hand to brush a stray lock, whispering as well, "Anything for you. I treasure and love you the most."

Demetri rolled to the side and Harry pulled him close, allowing Demetri to bury his head into his neck and tangle their limbs together. Kissing Demetri's hair, Harry drifted off to sleep, while Demetri stayed with in his arms thinking about their future.

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