In a darkened room, a tangle of bodies lay sedate and happy holding on to each other. One would expect it to be like previous times where the immortal was in the middle with his two vampire mates cuddling in close as if they need the warmth to survive. However this night was different as the immortal was the one in need of comfort and reassurance as his vampires held him close petting and stroking his warm skin whispering their love and devotion to him. They had broken down their immortal's emotional wall and were helping to rebuild it better with them included inside. Every loving caress was a brick being made stronger. The tender words were re-enforcements in the foundation.

Harry lay in the middle of their bed buried into Demetri's side, face hidden in his neck with Jasper plastered against his back sweeping his hands down Harry's side pressing soft kisses to shoulders and neck as Demetri held them close.

"You can sleep love, we will guard you close till you are ready," Demetri whispered lovingly as his fingers petted the untamed hair.

The vampires didn't hear a reply but felt their mate slip into sleep as his breathing deepen.

Jasper was still recovering from the reeling of emotions that were unleashed this night as intense emotions of love, trust, despair, and hurt had been released from their immortal. Demetri and Jasper returned the feelings of love and trust just as strongly if not more as they allowed the despair and hurt to flee into the night, vanishing and hoping to never return.

"I wasn't prepared for the rush of emotions," Jasper quietly told his other mate.

"Neither was I, but I am thankful we were able to withstand and overcome it," Demetri replied pressing a kiss to sweat-matted hair.

"He has been hurt far too many times," Jasper stated pressing more chaste kisses to his immortal's back.

Demetri 'hmmm' his agreement as held his immortal love just basking in the trust that his mate has given this night. The sight of his Harry breaking down and submitting allowing him and Jasper to be the ones to catch him and guide him back was humbling and for once Demetri felt that he could be a pillar of light for his immortal mate.

The two vampires lapsed into silence as they watched over their sleeping mate knowing that tomorrow will be a new day.

As Harry came to, he was cocooned in arms protecting him with his face buried in a neck. Sniffing slightly, Harry smelt Demetri, his mate, proceeded to nuzzle said neck licking it, sucking it and smiling as he heard a moan emerge from his pale dark-hair beauty. Slowly moving from his position of being cuddle to that of seducing as he shifted between Demetri's knees, Harry continued to lavish sweet kisses across Demetri's neck and torso and scratching his nails down Demetri's side allowing his nails to sharpen just a little so Demetri could feel it.

As Harry left no spot of Demetri's chest untouched and kissed, he shifted lower so as lavish those loving kisses down to Demetri's manhood. Harry smirked in satisfaction at the moan and jerk of hips as he surrounded his love's length in the warmth of his mouth. He felt Demetri's hands in his hair as they tightened and released as Demetri's pleasure heightened. Harry slipped a finger inside his love, allowing some stretching before he entered.

Hearing his Demetri's moan grow with each bob and lick, knowing he was close, Harry slipped off with slight pop before straightening and aligning his member at Demetri's entrance. Pushing in Harry sighed in relief to be in his love as hearing the pleasured sounds had caused his erection to throb. Leaning down and capturing Demetri's lips in a searing kiss, Harry slowly began to move in a teasing way loving the way Demetri clutched at his back, and arched his hips silently asking for more. Harry gave his love what he wanted as he let loose slamming his hips into his love and moved to kiss and bite the pale neck that was exposed. He felt Demetri holding him close, keening in his ear as they reached their climax together frozen as they shuttered their release.

Coming down from their high, Harry rolled so Demetri was laying on his heaving chest feeling the thumping of his heart knowing that Demetri loved the comfort of hearing the steady beat.

"How are you feeling love?" Demetri questioned looking up at his mate.

Harry smiled and pulled Demetri up his body so he could ravish his love's lips.

Releasing Demetri's lips, Harry smiled, "Good, better, free. Merlin I love you."

The two laid in there calming down but Harry felt the need to go see his other love, Jasper. Glancing down at Demetri, Harry smirked at the blissed out expression and knew from past experience that his love will not be moving for some time as he tries to regain his consciousness.

Slipping from the bed with a kiss, Harry quietly but quickly sniffed out his mate allowing his tiger senses to come through. Smelling Jasper's scent to the kitchen, Harry sped up and stalked his prey knowing that he only had a few moments of surprise before Jasper knew he was there. Peaking around the corner, Harry saw his other lover at the counter preparing something. Smiling predatorily, Harry pounced as he pressed up behind his Jasper rubbing his hard-on against Jasper barely clothed body. Grasping Jasper's hips, Harry leaned in sucking on Jasper's ear.

"You're up.." Jasper breathed out unsteadily.

"Very up," Harry replied wandered one hand up Jasper's chest caressing and pinching at pale pink nubs smiling at Jasper's moans, "What are you doing up?"

"Ma…making you breakfast," Jasper barely replied as Harry slipped a hand inside the gym shorts he was wearing to stroke his straining member.

"Mmm, thank you love. How about a break?" Harry whispered biting Jasper's neck while pushing the offending shorts down revealing Jasper beautiful body.

Jasper couldn't form a reply as a lubed finger circled his entrance before slipping in and stretching him. When he thought he could reply another finger slipped in stretching him further and his reply became a drawn out moan.

He could feel Harry chuckled beside his ear as he lavished the ear with his tongue sending pleasured goosebumps down his body. Pressing against Harry's fingers, Jasper whimpered when they were removed but sighed in pleasure as he felt Harry entering him. Arching slightly so he could wrap his arms around Harry, Jasper relaxed into Harry's arms relishing in the touches and thrusts Harry lavished on him. Harry's fingers skimming Jasper's chest down to slowly stroking his own neglected member all the while kissing and biting his neck.

To Jasper's delight, Harry released his tight hold on his emotions allowing the love, happiness, peace and freedom slam into him as Harry's hips slammed into him as well. Being stimulated both emotionally and physically brought Jasper to the edge of release and was pushed into as Harry twisted his head in for all encompassing kiss where tongues clashed, stroked and sucked.

Jasper cried his release into Harry's mouth as Harry continued to pump once, twice more following Jasper into ecstasy.

As they came down from their high, Jasper melted into Harry's arms. Even though he was a vampire, he felt as if his body couldn't support him without Harry. Jasper's love for Harry grew as his mate continued to let his emotions through not blocking them. Jasper sighed in happiness, content to let his love hold them while they recover.

"I love you Jasper," Harry whispered lovingly into his ear, "Thank you for last night."

"I love you Harry. Any time love, any time," Jasper replied quietly pressing a kiss to Harry's jaw.

Harry smiled and continued to hold Jasper basking in the freedom of his emotions that he has long kept on a tight leash. He never realized just how much he actually kept in. Frowning slightly, Harry buried his face into Jasper's neck kissing it lovingly.

Jasper felt a wave of sadness and turned in Harry's arms bringing his own arms up to circle Harry's neck.

"What's wrong my love?" Jasper asked looking into Harry's green eyes.

"I just…I can't believe how much I actually kept in. I'm starting to wonder if I have hurt Dem by it," Harry revealed brushing a curly blonde lock away from the angelic face.

"You haven't. I think Demetri needed healing first before you so we could help you together," Jasper answered not giving away that Demetri was walking towards them.

Harry smiled at Jasper and leaned down for a kiss when he felt Demetri slip up behind him.

"You were there for me when I fell apart and stayed strong until I came back together. You were always looking after me and making sure I didn't lose my way on the path. I never once felt hurt by you, always cherished and loved," Demetri confessed into Harry's ear.

Harry smiled and pulled Demetri in for a kiss hoping to convey all of his love for Demetri while letting his love for Jasper pulse out hoping that Jasper understood how Harry loved him too.

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