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Just a bit of goodness to break up the week - enjoy!

"Stupid fucking stag parties." Edward cursed the shits who messed up his bar from last night.

Today would be one of the mornings he would need a fucking smoke. Just one. He tried to quit 3 times already. This wouldn't count though, not today.

He grabbed the emergency stash of smokes from its hiding place and lifted one to his lips, lighting and then savouring the smooth inhalation. Edward shoved the black out curtains to the side, revealing the Juliet balcony of the second story bedroom and welcomed in the morning sun and fresh air.


He scratched under his grey t-shirt to the light trail of hair that disappeared beyond his pj bottoms and leaned on the railing, taking in the day.

That's when he saw her.

She was all natural and exquisite.

She had on a fitted white tee and too short plaid shorts that lay low low low on her hips. Her hair was piled high and messy on her head and she walked the enclosed wooden fence of the yard barefoot.

"Hey." He said from his perch on the second floor smiling to himself as she followed the sound of his voice, "Bella, right?"

She turned and raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun.

"Oh, hey. Good morning. Edward, right?"

Bella took in the god on the balcony; the bronze colours of his morning hair, the way his pants hung just so off his hips and she softly moaned at the way his mouth curled around the cigarette.

"Coffee?" She asked, pointing at the thermos on the patio table.

He nodded slightly, taking a drag then answered, "I'll be right down."

Bella loved how the sun kissed her skin and how the lawn felt under her toes. She lifted her arms over her head as she walked from one end of the yard to the other, enjoying the clean air seeping through her lungs.

Edward watched a sliver of her skin tease him as the hem of her shirt lifted while she did her morning stretches.

"I brought my own cup." Bella heard Edward say from behind her.

"Help yourself." she said as she walked back to him.

Edward poured a bit into his cup and watched as Bella padded back up the patio, stopping right in front of him.

She grabbed her own coffee mug as Edward handed over the thermos, leaning his fine ass on the ornate iron patio table.

"Thanks for the coffee." Edward said, his fingertips grazing her own.

"You're welcome." She answered in return, her heart beating just a bit faster as his skin lightly caressed hers, even just for a fleeting moment.

They exchanged a slow cheers and held each others eyes as they took their first sip of java of the morning.

Rich Emerald green pierced Warm Mocha brown and held held held.

"So you like the outdoors?" Edward asked with a quirk of his brow.

"I guess. Nothing crazy like mountain climbing or shit, but I love feeling the grass under my toes."

She suddenly wished she had brought a sweater as her nipples fought against the cotton of her tee. She eyed her favourite blue blanket which she brought out earlier and wanted to wrap it around her body.

Edward followed her line of sight and his mouth twitched in amusement. He nodded his understanding, slowly taking Bella deep into his bones; messy hair, natural skin, tight white shirt and all.

"It rained last night, didn't it? Isn't the grass wet?" He recalled the light sprinkling in the early hours of the morning, just when he was getting out of work.

Bella wanted to squirm under his penetrating gaze but oddly felt emboldened.

"Sometimes getting a little wet is not such a bad thing, Edward." Bella was surprised at herself; her voice sounding low and sexy.

She watched as Edward placed his cup on the table and reached for her's from her tightened grip.

"Mmmmm hmmmmm." He eyed her closely as her eyes twinkled and her mouth pursed.

He tugged her closer, pulling at her thin white tee, holding her in place with just his fingers that were now cemented to the cotton shirt. He spread his legs so she could fit between them, "So Bella, how wet are we talking?"

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