Summary: The Holy Knights are at a ceremony; Storm has to choose between sitting out the dance and winking at all the women in the hall, or dance with one of his fellow knights. Unfortunately, the only one available is Earth…

Written for the prompt, 'Storm & Earth, "Let's Face the Music and Dance"' for No True Pair. Died laughing when I saw I drew this prompt. XDD

One Dance

By Dark Ice Dragon

Smiling, Storm glanced around the table. The music had already started, Sun had grabbed Leaf as soon as the announcement had been made, Fire wouldn't do it, Cloud was…missing (probably in a cupboard, if he knew him), which left Earth.

He had the choice of dancing with Earth, or spending that time winking at all the women in the hall.

For Storm, the decision was easy to make, but would Earth agree? He knew Earth wasn't quite as he seemed (not with the number of priestesses that so happened to find their way into his room, one way or another) so chances were Earth might want to sit out the dance, covertly looking at the women.

And if he didn't make a move soon, he was going to end up sitting out by default!

Storm leaned over, hoping he wouldn't be too obvious. At least Earth was seated next to him. "Do you want to…?"

While Earth blinked at him, Storm could tell he wasn't happy by the way his shoulders stiffened. "A-ah, um…" Earth ducked his head. "I-I'm not that good a d-dancer, sorry."

He wasn't going to let this go without a fight; this was his eyes he was talking about! "How about," Storm hissed, leaning in closer, "if at the end of the dance, we'll stop right by that clump of priestesses to our left?" The same group of priestesses that were currently huddled together, excited by something, and shooting glances at them.

Earth blinked again, slower this time, and casually looked over his shoulder. "S-sure thing, Storm!" He beamed at him.

Good, Storm thought as he stood up. Now he just had to hope he didn't end up with swollen feet because Earth had been too distracted.

While they were dancing, studiously keeping as much distance between each other as they could, Storm noticed the group of priestesses continued to avidly watch them. Huh. They wore the same expression as the women who watched him when he was talking to one of his fellow knights…