Anyone else laugh when Morgana had the hissy fit at the end of 4.02? Well, here's our crack version of her paranoia.

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"I could have gotten away hours away ago," Merlin declared. "I was just... distracted."

"I'm sure," Arthur said sarcastically. "You looked ready to escape when I came in."

Three hours earlier...

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this! I will enjoy killing you. I really will."

Morgana flounced about Arthur's room, playing with things like the desk and papers, the weapons, and the bed covers before getting bored and moving on to other objects.

"You have caused me so much trouble," she continued. "I hate you. I'm finally going to get my revenge."

She pulled a knife from her waist, started walking toward Merlin, then stopped and placed her finger on the blade's point.

"But as fun as it will be to kill you, I relish the idea of finally killing my true nemesis." The witch paused for dramatic effect. "Emrys."

"What?" Merlin, who was now leaving his newly freed arm in midair, openly stared at Morgana.

"Oh, did you really think you were my nemesis?" She laughed. It was supposed to sound imposing and cruel. Instead, it was just high-pitched and comical.

"Emrys is your nemesis?" Merlin said, still unable to believe what he was hearing. He was so shocked that he had completely forgotten that he was still tied to Arthur's bedpost.

"Of course! He stopped Gwen from being snatched by the Dorocha. He also made sure a pathetic knight was sacrificed in the place of Arthur!"

"I think you're giving him a bit too much credit," Merlin commented.

"No, I am not! He is cunning. He is determined to destroy me. I will kill him first! I will not rest until he is dead!"

Thank you, I guess, Merlin thought. But my plans have limited to stopping you from causing trouble. You could find a different hobby, and then we'd be friends again.

Morgana dropped her voice to be low and cool, "You know what else he's done?"

"More than he's aware of?" Merlin supplied.

Morgana rolled her eyes. "This morning, he broke my favorite hairbrush."

"Why?" Merlin goaded. He had once again realized that he needed to escape.

"He's determined to be my doom. He has nothing better to do. Now stop struggling. You might break the bed. I don't want to replace any furniture when I become queen."

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