Chapter 1: Terror Rising

Ichigo Kurosaki stared up towards the moon. Dread filled every inch of his body.
Being near the river where his mother would always take him somehow filled him with peace, despite knowing she was killed here.

'What'll happen tonight? Will I do it again?' He thought silently to himself.
He heard an echoing laugh inside of his head.
'Let's find out...'

A sharp pain stabbed Ichigo in his head. He felt like his skull was being split in two. Ichigo fiercly grabbed his hair and pulled on it.
He fell to the ground, breathless, and began to scream in pain. He kneeled on the ground, gripping his head as he felt himself slipping away.

His reaitsu flared as Ichigo began to lose control over him.
'I can't lose control... not again. I WONT LET YOU OUT!'
Ichigo fought against him, to subdue him. But his desperation only made him stronger.

Darkness began to engulf his left sclera as his eyes became a terrifying yellow.

Slowly yet surely, Ichigo was losing control over him.
'Why can't you just leave me the fuck alone! You are'nt getting out, you bastard!' Ichigo screamed again as the pain worsened.

'Who's gonna stop me? You?' He began to laugh uncontrollably as Ichigo lost his inner war.

'Guess what, Ichigo? The first thing I'm gonna do as king... is make our little princess the Queen.'

Ichigo felt like the life was being sucked out of him. 'Orihime!... you stay away from her! If you do anything, I swear I'll fucking-'

'Kill me?' He snickered at the ridicoulous statement. 'You can't even stop me from taking over, yet you intend to kill me? Hah!'

A heavy and dark silence followed his voice.
'Don't worry, Ichigo... I'll take very good care of her.'

Tears fell down Ichigo's face, knowing what he would end up doing.


Orihime sat in her living room, finishing up her masterpiece. It was a heart shaped necklace she made from a seashell she found on the beach.
But the most important detail was that the seashell was given to her by her love, Ichigo Kurosaki.

"There. Now I'll give it to him..." She sighed and looked at the necklace sadly.

'But he still won't know the meaning behing my gift. I love him, but I guess he doesn't know it...'

Outside it began to rain.

She turned off her light and went to her bedroom... She slipped off her shirt and let her shorts fall down to her ankles. As she stood in all her beauty, in a bra and panty, an evil laugh filled the room.

"Damn! I knew you were beautiful... but I never expected you to turn me on so much!"

Orihime's eyes widened with fear as the man walked towards her. He had Ichigo's face, his voice, everything... except his eyes.
His eyes were dark and evil. She knew who he was, just by those piercing yellow eyes that made her want to scream.

"What do you want?" She asked, dreading the answer.
She stumbled back and he inched towards her. When she hit the wall she tried to run away but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him.

He moved his hands down her waist and leaned in close to her ear. He ran his finger over her skin.
"God, you're so enticing... that fool Ichigo didn't know what to do with you. But I do!"
He pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She squirmed underneath his tight hold but he used his legs to seperate hers.

He forced his mouth onto hers and ravenously kissed her. Tears began to fall down her face as her made his way down her body, planting burning kisses along her body.

"Ichigo, please stop. Please..." She begged him.

"Ichigo isn't here anymore. That weakling never had the balls to do this to you... to make you feel loved."
Her breathing halted. He smiled seductively. He knew he struck a nerve.
He waited for her to surrender. But that was the last thing on her mind.
"I don't care what you say! I'll never be with you!" She cried. Her gorgeous gray eyes stared back at him with determination.
He lowered his face till it was hair away from hers.

"Then I guess I'll have to force you then."

Orihime practically died when he said those words. She thrashed around as he pinned her down harder and ripped the top part of his shihakusho off.
He kicked her legs open with his knee and forced a kiss. She tried to fight it but his tongue slipped into her mouth. He played with her tongue as he kissed her.

While he kissed her, he lowered his hand to her sensitive area and ripped her panties off.
With a smirk, he began to pleasure her. His fingers rubbed her pussy and she screamed in pleasure and pain.
'Ichigo... is this what you wanted deep down inside?'

He worked faster and faster as her breathing became more rapid.
He slipped his other hand underneath her bra and began to play with her nipple. He flicked and rubbed it as he caressed her womanhood.

He stopped kissing her to bring her breast to his mouth. He kissed and licked the soft mounds of flesh.
Orihime let a moan escape her lips as she felt so many sensitive touches around her body.
When he was satisfied with his work, he began to kiss down her stomach until he reached her pussy again. This time, he moved his tongue over clitoris, bringin ecstasy along wih it.
She moaned as he licked all of her juices and pushed his toungue deeper into her wet vagina.

'Why does it feel so good... I hate him!' She began to cry as he continued his pleasuring invasion on her body.
He twirled his tongue inside of her until she was on the verge of coming. Then he stopped.
'Is he done... will he finally leave?' Orihime hoped this was what he was thinking.

But she was badly mistaken.

She felt something large rub against her vagina and she panicked.

She began to fight him and started to thrash around even more. "NO! Please, I'm beggin you. I'm BEGGING you! Please, no! Noo!"
He thrusted into her tight entrance as hard and fast as he could and began to laugh when she screamed out in pain. He started to work in and out of her at a slow pace, but then he got faster.

She was hysterical. The pain was too much for her to handle. Not just the physical, but the emotional.
Orihime wanted Ichigo to be her first and know her dream was being ripped from under her. How can she face her friends and tell them what happened? How could she tell Ichigo what he did to her?

She winced as he rushed in and out of her so fast that it burned. She arched her back as the pleasure began to set in. This felt too good.

She wanted to slap him for making her enjoy this scarring moment in her life.
They were both panting and moaning. He reached up for another kiss as he rocked along with her. She fought the kiss again but he managed to ravage her lips. He bit them, drawing a little bit of her blood that he licked away.
He pulled away from her and fastened his pace.

Orihime dug her nails into his back as he pulled her hair as the moment came closer.

He felt waves of pleasure flow through his body as her held his princess in his arms. She felt guilt pass through her for not being with Ichigo when this happened to her.
Her tears fell even more as he continued to fuck her.

Then electicity began to flow through her veins as she came. She moaned loudly and cried out at the same time.
She couldn't help but react to the pleasure coursing through her body. But she hated herself for giving into it.

Hearing her scream out with such desperation and pain, sent him over the edge. With a final thrust he came inside of her. He crumpled on top of her as she cried harder.
'I lost my virginity to this monster...'
She grew silent as time passed and he rested on her breasts.

"D-did you... do it...i-inside of m-me?" Her voice was quivering.

"Yeah, I did..." He said with a cocky smirk.

He reached up for her face and gave her a light kiss on her lips... she didn't respond to it.
He licked her soft lips and smiled.

"You're mine, Hime... or should I say Queen?" With that he pulled out of her and put his white shihakusho back on. With a flash he dissapeared as fast as he came in.

Orihime stared at the moon in the sky with a blank stare across her face.
One lonely tear rolled down her face when she thought of what just happened to her.
"Ichigo... raped me."

The moon seemed to glare at her accusingly. It was her only witness as to what happened that night.
No one would know until she chose to speak. Or at least for 9 months...

She felt hollow inside.