Chapter 16: Captured Part 1

Ichigo fell to the ground out of breath as he regained consciousness. His sudden state of consciousness came rushing back to him, so abruptly that he fell to his knees.

His chest struggled to move as he tried to stabilize his breaths.

"What the fuck just happened?" He asked himself. Looking down at his body, he realized he was naked and the worst thought filled his mind.

"Orihime!" He screamed at he shot up and whipped around. He expected to find her passed out or worse, dead, on the bed.

Ichigo knew he'd lost control. It's happened so much know that he can distinctly remember the feeling of coming back and the same fear of not knowing what he's done hits him hard.

His brown eyes squinted in the dark, trying to let them adjust to the dark.

But who he saw was something completely unexpected.

Her dark demeanor stared at him from across the room with yellow eyes. Her naked body inched its way to him, advancing slowly but with confidence. Her smile was wide but Ichigo knew what she was.

"H-hollow…" He mumbled. Ichigo took a step back, bumping into the wall. She liked him when he was scared…

"Yes… King. I'm a hollow. I'm her hollow." She stated.

Ichigo heard her voice. He could hear the unmasked evil in her voice. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

Her beautiful pale white skin glowed underneath the moonlight. Her hair was a dark black. It flowed in waves to adorn her voluptuous curves. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, amber and seemed to pierce his soul. A straight nose, full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection.

No, she was just a distorted and evil reflection of it. Of her...

Had this girl smiled, the world would scream, knowing she was planning destruction. Had she laughed, the world would cry for their lives. And had she wept, the whole world would know the end was near.

"What do you want… why are you ruining her?" He asked. His hands fumbled as he tried to cover his own exposed body...

"Ruining her? I thought I was an improvement, actually. Admit it, love. I gave her strength. She doesn't know it but she's grateful for the confidence I've given her." She told him.

"Stop it." Ichigo shouted. Looking around, he grew nervous. He had no clue why he was here. But he needed to find out.

"W-why am I here?" He asked the demon. His lips trembled from fear at looking at this terrifying girl.

"Because I love you… your hollow wants you to show me that you don't love me. But that won't happen… because I'll kill you…" She threatened with a smile.

'She's fucking insane…' Ichigo thought to himself as he eyes her carefully. She smiled at him, making him want to run away.

She was a hollow… something he hated. Something that his tearing his world apart.

But maybe he could use this to his advantage. Ichigo wasn't stupid. He knew that in order to save himself, he'd have to play a dangerous game.

"O-of course it won't happen... b-because I... I love you too." He lied to her face.

At that very moment, it was as if someone had paused their moment in time. Everything was silent, and so were they.

Ichigo watched her carefully and he could feel the drops of sweat roll on the side of his face.

Then, she giggled. Almost like Orihime would laugh...

"Do you... mean that? King, do you... do you really want me?" She said with an overpowering sense of joy filling her body.

"Yeah, I mean it. So now what?" He asked her.

She jumped up and down happily, the same way Orihime would. She was so much like her, even in the small things. Ichigo studied her as she rubbed her hands together before relaxing just like his princess would do often.

A knot formed in his throat. Things were tuning to shit. No...They already were.

"What's wrong, King? Has something upset you?" She asked with the sincerest form of concern. She rushed over to him and tried to hold onto his arm. He jerked away from her.

It bothered Ichigo to think that she was actually worried for him.

"No... I'm just exhausted." He told her.

She laughed. "Well, you would be after what I did to you."

"What?" He shouted. Her slender white figure traveled across the room and found him some clothes. The hollow girl threw it at him and he caught it. Ichigo quickly dressed himself, glad that he wasn't naked.

"I fucked you tonight, King." She openly stated with a sadistic smile.

He looked at her in fear. "W-what...? What happened here tonight-?"

Ichigo stumbled on his words as he fell to the ground. He felt a minor twinge in his chest, like someone was pulling on his chest. With his hands against his chest, he feared he was going to lose control again.

"Don't worry, love. You won't lose control. Because if you do, I'll kill our child." She threatened.

Ichigo stared at her, understanding exactly who that threat was meant for.

Inside his soul, his own hollow cursed her, for putting him in that position. He'd have to wait for the perfect moment to strike.

She walked away from him, giving him space to breathe. The twinge in his chest subdued. Ichigo watched her as he took deep breaths, trying to play it cool.

"Please, Orihime-"

"I'm not Orihime! My name… I don't have one. But I'm not her. I'm not that weak little bitch!" She suddenly screamed.

Ichigo wanted to run, but where could he go and what could he do?

Using his shinigami powers are an option, but he didn't want to hurt Orihime.

"Ok then, just calm down. I'll name you… so that no one will ever call you Orihime again. Ok?" Ichigo tried to reason.

He stood up just as she smiled at him lovingly.

"That'd be wonderful. But I already have one in mind…" She whispered.

Ichigo didn't even want to hear it. "What?"

"You have to make me tell you…"She flirted.

She began to laugh, her head thrown back like a mental person. Ichigo watched her in utter fear and disbelief. This wasn't a game.

He wasn't interested in making her do anything.

He really couldn't believe that this was the soul his princess could produce. This psychotic angel of darkness was pure evil.

Ichigo had to grow a pair though and face her. Find out what to do.

Apparently, this hollow loved him. So much that she despises his own hollow. Whether she was a friend or foe was up to her really.

Ichigo cleared his throat. "Tell me. Why am I here and why are you?"

Her laughter stopped, and a small crease appeared on the top of her nose. She concentrated on his face in apathy.

"You really want to know, King?" She asked.

"Yes. Tell me everything. And don't leave anything out." He ordered her.

She sighed, licked her lips and began.

"Your hollow; he hates you, Ichigo. So much that he'd be willing to hurt everything you both hold dear. That is why he first raped her. Then, it became a game to him. Watching you suffer and watching her in pain fueled his lust for revenge, Ichigo."

Ichigo swallowed back anger.

"But then, I arrived and she became pregnant, and he soon began to realize that things were going much better than he initially thought. He wants to destroy you, take over your soul and rule the world. And trust me baby, he's strong enough too."

"B-but why? What the fuck did I do to make him want to take over the fucking world?" Ichigo tried to say.

The hollow girl jumped on him, pinning him to the ground.

"He's a fucking hollow don't you get it? Our only purpose is to seek and destroy. We get what we want and then some. Understand now, King? He doesn't want to be King; he thinks he's already accomplished this. He wants the world because he knows that it's what you want to protect. He's your enemy. He's always been there and always be as long as you are alive. He will always try to ruin your soul." She hissed at him.

It's all to see Ichigo suffer. Ichigo knew this already. He'd been told this so many times that if he heard it again, he thinks he might vomit. But can this really be the sole reason? Just to see him suffer and take over?

This one goal his hollow wanted; was it really so strong that he now has created a monster in the woman Ichigo loves, created a son, and ruined his life?

The hollow girl let him go and threw herself on the bed seductively.

"I have a question for you King."

"What?" He asked, lips trembling.

"What will you do when the time comes for you to have to make a choice?"

"Huh? I don't understand-"

"A time will come when you'll have to either choose to save the world and sacrifice the ones you love; or save the ones you love at the cost of your own soul." She warned.

"How do you know so much?"

She smiled, revealing her fangs. "Let's just say that a little birdie told me."

"And by that you mean…" Ichigo pointed towards his chest, signaling to his own hollow.

"No…someone much closer to me." She said while rubbing her belly.

"Your son? How can he if he's not even born?" Ichigo asked.

"OUR SON!" She shrieked in fury. "He's born of a hollow and a human. He's technically dead before he was born. So his consciousness is in between, and I can feel him saying things to me. He spoke to Orihime before as well… but she was scared, as always that little bitch…"

Ichigo stared at the ground in concentration. He understood it all now. It made perfect sense.

His hollow initially raped Orihime, knowing it would cause him great pain. But a greater plan came into action once Orihime's own hollow surfaced and she became pregnant. Now his hollow has brought on the apocalypse, and Soul Society knows and has a plan to stop them.

But so many implications stood in the Soul Society's way. For one, the hollows hate each other, making it impossible for them to be captured together at once. Also, they don't know of her pregnancy and his child.

Could they hurt Orihime if they knew she was carrying a hybrid of some sort? The entire thought process made his head swell.

He needed to lie down. No wait… it wasn't the thinking. Extra reaitsu has entered the vicinity for a brief moment, but now it's hidden.

The demon girl tasted the air and smiled. "Ah, it's the Quincy…" She laughed.

He looked around, silently feeling the air for reaitsu; nothing. "Rukia… it has to be." He whispered.

Her attention immediately rose up when he said her name. Ichigo watched her stand up and crouch beneath the only window in the room.

Their reaitsu were well hidden, but the atmosphere felt too dense. There was definitely extra reaitsu in the area.

"They didn't even bother to hide themselves well enough… at this rate, I'll kill them and they won't even see me." She scoffed at their pathetic size of reaitsu.

"Kill them? W-wait... you can't do that. You can't kill them, they haven't done anything wrong." Ichigo pleaded.

"Shh... love. I have to kill them. Rukia Kuchiki kissed you and I won't let her get away with that. I'll rip her tongue out and shove it down her throat." She said with a smile.

Goosebumps formed along Ichigo's arm; he had to stop her.

"And then it wouldn't be fair if I let the Quincy live." She said with a smirk.

"Stop it. I'll talk to them... you can stay here. They won't bother us anymore. I promise." He whispered to her. The words tasted deep and warm, but cold and cruel at the same time.

She took his hand in his and squeezed it. "Ok, King... whatever you want. But if you try to run, I'll kill all of you. I'd rather watch you die by my hands you than have you leave me." She said.

Her cheek rubbed against the backside of his hand and then she kissed his hand.

Ichigo swallowed his fear and took his hand away gently. He walked out the bedroom and into the living room.

He stood in front of the door, scared to touch the knob. A million thoughts ran through his head as he tried to figure out a plan.

'I could run... but that would only get me so far. I can get to Uryu and Rukia and help them. But I can't use my damn powers... damn! What the hell should I do... what should I do?'





His heartbeats blended together as he finally took hold of the knob and turned it. He pushed the door open and face a beautiful night sky, filled with stars.

Ichigo wished that things were normal, so maybe he could've taken Orihime out to eat or watch the stars. But things turned to shit...

He stepped outside and the cool night breeze slapped his face. It felt refreshing, especially after staying in the damp bedroom for such a long time. More like trapped...

Ichigo felt the air for his friends. They were close, but they were trying to mask themselves enough to hide themselves from someone who wasn't looking.

"I'm here guys... please. Help me..." He whispered out in a barely audible voice.



Rukia Kuchiki and Uryu Ishida watched him from beneath the stairwell on the other side of the street. They hid themselves well, under shadows.

Like the old saying goes, you can't see them but that doesn't mean they can't see you.

Rukia watched her helpless friend just stand out in the open..

"It's only her now, Uryu... we can do this. Ichigo's back and he can help us." Rukia rushed him.

"Shh... this is why you need me! Don't you see, Rukia? It's what he wants. I don't know why, but Orihime's hollow hasn't hurt him yet. It's probably to lure us out. And once we get close, Ichigo's hollow will come back and beat the shit out of us." Uryu warned her harshly.

"That's crazy! Uryu... they don't need us to come to them. They can kill us whenever they want. But we should move now that there's a chance. Ichigo asked us to help him just now... I don't think his hollow would let him say that if he was just bait." Rukia responded.

"That's exactly what bait should say! They're trying to lure you out!" He silently screamed at her.

Rukia's face filled with blind anger towards Uryu. She put her hand on her zanpakutou's hilt and jumped out before Uryu could stop her.

"Ichigo!" She called out, giving her spot away.

The orange haired boy turned his attention to his petite friend who called from across the street. His chocolate eyes filled with hope. She ran towards him with all her might and he met her halfway.

Crashing into each other, Ichigo picked her up in his arms, holding her head. "Thank you... thank goodness you're alive." He whispered in her ear.

"Ichigo... Uryu's here and we've come to help you. We'll get you out of this. We'll arrest her, don't worry, Ichigo." She assured him.

From inside the house, a deadly girl watched with narrowed yellow eyes from the shadows. It killed her to see them so close.

'But King told me to stay here...' Her eyes settled down on Rukia's face, anger building up inside of her. She couldn't take it. It was her instinct to attack, to defend what was hers. He belonged to her.

"He's mine..." She said to herself.

Outside, Rukia held Ichigo's hand. "Tell me what's going on, Rukia. Why hasn't Uryu come out?" Ichigo asked her.

"He's scared of her... that you might not really be in control. That..."

" hollow is controlling me. No. He won't do it, I'm sure of it. He's being blackmailed and can't. But damn...I can't use my powers because it could release my reaitsu, and it would let him out even without him trying. I'm stuck here." He cursed.

"Shh. Blackmail? Whatever! Uryu and I have a plan. But I need to know right now; is she inside?" Rukia asked with a domineering premonition.

"Yeah. And she thinks I love her. It's the only thing that's been kept me alive; for now. She's blackmailing my hollow to keep him from coming out, but if I use my powers he'll be free again and can take over at any moment."

Rukia rubbed her face hastily. This was going to be difficult to get out of.

Ichigo nudged Rukia, getting her attention. "Ichigo...? What's wrong?" She asked.

She faced him. But he wasn't looking at her. Rukia followed his gaze until she saw the open apartment door that Ichigo had closed a minute ago.

"Wh-what...? Does that mean she's out... h-here?" Rukia mumbled.

Ichigo swallowed loudly. He could feel sweat on the inside of his palm. "Y-yeah..." He whispered.

The area was dead silent. The moon loomed menacingly over them, and the faint roars of hollows echoed the sky.

But everything else was silent. Rukia could hear her own heart beating.

The apartment door banged against the wall as wind blew against it.

"Stand behind me, Rukia." Ichigo told her.

"No. I'm here to protect you, Ichigo-"

"Does it look like I'm the one in danger right now? Get the fuck behind me." He ordered.

Rukia stared at him but gave in. She stood behind his muscular body and they both waited for the demon to appear.

Or attack. Whichever came first, they were ready.


So to clarify: *the main points you need to know* Rukia, Uryu and Ichigo are about to fight Orihime's hollow. Ichigo learns that Orihime's hollow hates his own. I think that's it...