I lay here, broken and bleeding. The pain is incredible, never before have I felt such agony. And not all of it is physical. The image of that man, taking away my life's work, packed neatly in a box...it's horrible. How could they do this to me? I've done everything for them. Why?

But what's worse, far worse, is the thought I'd never see my family again. Annette, my lover, my loyal partner, what would I ever do without you? I remember the day we met. Oh, darling, I loved you, your hair, your smooth shin...your intoxicating voice. I can't bear to think of what my death would do to you.

And Sherry, my little girl, my princess. I never see you anymore, and it's wrong. I know how it must hurt, seeing me gone all the time. I missed your school play last week, and I'm so sorry. I'm a terrible father, aren't I?

Ah, my heart, it hurts, burning with every beat. I want to see the two of you again, yet at this rate, I'll bleed out. My vision's going already, and it's so hard to breath.

If only I had one more chance, I'd be a better father, a better husband. I just want one more...

The g-virus...I still have this sample. And there's a syringe nearby. Maybe...? Yes, this would help me live, heal my wounds. Slowly, I fill glass tube with the ominous liquid and slide the needle into my body.

As soon as I did this, I knew it was a mistake. The change occurred rapidly, I could feel every change in my body, my mind. I was becoming a monster. I couldn't let this happen! I take the gun I'd had with me and pointed it at my skull. Annette, Sherry...I...

My mind fogs over, and before I could stop it the virus had completely taken over. The gun falls to the floor with a hallow thunk, and slowly G forces me to stand. With a stab of horror, I realize what it wants to do. No, please, not Sherry...but I can't fight it, and my mind rapidly disintegrates.

The last thought I ever had: I'm sorry.