"Sincere Amour"—Caroline Duffy (Caroline in the City)


The Sorrells had just moved to Newburgh with their teenage sons; 16 year old Maurice, and 14 year old Henry, or "Buddy" and "Blackie" as everyone called them. This was not good news for their next door neighbor; timid, 11 year old Sally Rogers.

"Sally what on earth is the matter?" Mrs. Rogers asked her daughter.

"Them," Sally told her mother, pointing out the window at Buddy and Blackie.

"The Sorrell children? They seem like perfectly nice boys to me. You should go and introduce yourself."

"They'll probably dislike me."

"Introduce yourself anyway."


"That's pathetic Buddy!"

"You're just jealous that you can't make jokes that good Blackie."

"Hey who's that?" Blackie asked looking at someone over Buddy's shoulder.

Buddy turned around and saw Sally watching them. "Hi," he greeted her.

Sally waved shyly.

Blackie introduced himself, "I'm Blackie, and that nut standing in front of you is my brother Buddy."

"S…Sally Rogers," Sally stammered.


Several months later:

Sally's parents were amazed in the change in their daughter since she had met Buddy and Blackie.

"What are your plans today Sally?"

"I'm going to go and play baseball with Buddy and the other guys."

Mrs. Rogers was glad that her daughter had found friends, but was more than a little concerned that they were all teenage boys. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Maybe you should meet some girls your age."

Sally sighed, "mom I can take care of myself. Besides, Buddy and Blackie look out for me.


The game was going very well and everyone was having fun until one of the boys decided to flirt with Sally. To begin with no one minded but when he started getting pushy, Buddy and Blackie were at her side in a flash. Blackie planted himself between Sally and the boy, and Buddy pulled Sally away.

"Don't ever come near her again!" Blackie told him firmly.

"Are you okay, Sal?" Buddy asked.

"I think so. Thanks," Sally said.

"Nobody hurts our little sister," Blackie said determined.


"Yeah, you're the sister we always wanted," Buddy answered, "and I promise, I'll always look out for you."


When Buddy graduated High School people kept asking if he was going to go to college or join the army. He refused to join the military, and they couldn't afford college, but when asked why he wasn't going, he said, "and leave Sally behind? No way."


Blackie however, did leave. He kissed his mother and father then turned to Buddy and Sally.

Blackie kissed Sally's forehead "Good bye Sis, I'm gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you too Blackie."

He clapped a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Buddy, take care of Sally for me will you?" The brothers shared a hug before Blackie walked away, taking one last look back at his family. He took a wrong turn after that and became a pool hustler.


Buddy and Sally began looking for work together shortly after she graduated high school, placing highly in her class.

Many people offered to hire Buddy, but no one wanted Sally, believing that the only appropriate jobs for a woman were nurse and secretary. Buddy was horrified, he turned down a number of well paying jobs unless they agreed to hire Sally as well. She finally took a few typing courses so that she could do secretarial duties. The next couple of years Buddy was hired as a writer for comedy shows, Sally was hired to be the secretary. Until they met Alan Brady.


"Wait, you want me to write? I'm not being hired as a secretary again?"

"Yes," Alan nodded.

"We already have a secretary and…."

"Shut up Mel," Alan interrupted.

"Yes sir."


Buddy and Sally spent their first year on the Alan Brady Show working under a head writer named Steve Johnson. When Steve left, Alan hired a new writer Rob Petrie. After some initial misgivings they became very close to Rob and his wife Laura.