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Kenpachi remembered waking up in a fluster that morning. The reason why? Yachiru had been bouncing on his face, screaming something along the lines of,

"Wake up, Ken-chan~"

He had sat up and she slid down onto his lap.

"What do you want, brat?" He asked.

"Old man wants ta see ya!" She replied jovially.

So, Kenpachi got dressed and attempted to do his hair. [For the sake of this fanfic] He miraculously finished putting the spikes and bells in in under an hour. On his way to the first division, he met up with Unohana, the fourth division Captain.

"Good morning, Zaraki-taicho." She greeted politely.

"Mornin'." He replied gruffly.

Any further conversation consisted of the weather and 'uh-huhs'.

Upon arriving at the First Division, Unohana had kept him from getting lost, Kenpachi realized that something was off. He didn't even know that Old man Yammamoto could smile...that big. Yup, something was defiantely off. Kenpachi groaned and walked to his usual spot among the other Captains, his bells tinkling quietly with each step. Yammamoto began,

"You have all been called here for a reason. The Shinigami Women's and Men's Associations have unanimously agreed to put on a play for the whole of the Seretei. I would like to see it, so that is why I agreed to the production." He scanned the Captains with an ominous glare on his face, " I want all of you to participate. No questions. Try-outs are today, in half an hour. I had better see all of you there."

The Captains glanced among themselves, they all knew what would happen if any one of them failed to show up

Kenpachi arrived, yet again, at the first division, accompanied by Ikkaku, Yumichaka and Yachiru.

"Woah!" Ikkaku gaped at the throng of people milling about.

"Lots of people I see. None can compare to the beauty that is I." Yumichaka stated with a flip of his dark hair.

"Look at all the babes!" Ikkaku oogled a pretty young Shinigami girl walking by, failing miserably to stop his nose from turning into a red Niagra Falls. THWAK!

"Ikkaku! We are not here to 'sight-see', I thought you knew that," Yumichake growled after hitting Ikkaku over the head with his sheathed Zanpakutō, "You are so unbeautiful."

"Yeah Cue-ball! You're ver unbeautiful." Yachiru squealed playfully. She jumped for Ikkaku's head, landing on his shoulders and began chomping mercilessly on his head.

"Ow! Stupid brat!" Ikkaku cussed as he flailed his arms around, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the crazy, pink haired fuku-taicho from his abused head.

The group arrived at the audition house just after the Captain of the eigth division, Shunsui. Apparently he had ordered Nanao to audition, and she being one to never disobey a(somewhat) decent order, had grudgingly auditioned.

They were walking, rather, Shunsui was running for dear life with Nanao in hot pursuit with a huge booke raised over her head, screaming,

"I'm going to get you, Taicho!"

It was rather comical.

Yachiru had stopped biting Ikkaku's head and instead sat on his shoulders watching the royally pissed vice-captain chase her drunken superior around. Zaraki began to walk, in search of the purple audition ten. Wait...tents? He had, in fact just realised, that they were surrounded by tents. Oh well, he would just have to find the purple one.

It was then that a certain strawberry decided that the coast was clear.

Ichigo had been contacted by Soul Society, being told that since he was a Substitute Shinigami he would have to come and audition for the play that was being put on, no-questions-what-so-ever. (But that weird Soul Reaper with the afro that kept popping up everywhere didn't seem to count..)

Orihime had tagged along too, having been requested by Rangiku. Who, as soon as they arrived, had whisked her away. While walking, the substitute Shinigami had noticed the giant frame of the Eleventh Division Captain. That wasn't good, especially for his health. He had backed away slowly and prayed that if there was a God out there, that he be saved from having to come face to face with him. All he had to do was stay undetect-

"Ichiiii~!" Ichigo cringed as he heard the little squeaky voiced vice-captain as she thundered his way. (Which was an impressive feat, considering her size)

He turned and began to run, only to be stopped by a wall. Fate was a bitch.

"What the crap is a wall doing in the middle of an alley?" He groaned, looking up. Said 'wall' was none other than Kenpachi Zaraki. Ichigo wished he could scream and run, but he was caught like a deer in headlights. Frozen. Oh Shit.

Kenpachi grinned widely. What a surprise!

"Fight me!"

"Uh, no thanks, I choose life." Kenpachi's eye twitched.

"Remember the paly." Ichigo stood, dusting himself off.

"Fine, after the stupid play?"

"I'll...think about it."

"That's your problem, you think too much."

"Whatever." Ichigo sighed, "Is the old man making you try out too?"

"Yeah." Kenpachi sighed, a rare occurrence, "This is gonna suck."

"Big time." Ichigo started walking along-side the huge man. Both men gave a collective sigh.

"What was that, Zaraki?" A smiling Yammamoto stepped out from the shadow of the purple tent,

"Unenthusiastic as always I see."

Ichigo gulped, smiling and sweating nervously. Kenpachi remained unperturbed.

"N-no, we're both very enthusiastic about this!" Ichigo stuttered.

"Good to know." Yammamoto said, smiling darkly, "I cannot wait to see your auditions."

"Yeah, we were just going." Ichigo grabbed Zaraki's arm and dragged him towards the tent, with difficulty of course.

Once inside, Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now to get these dumb.."

"Auditions." Kenpachi finished smartly.

"Yes, those. Out of the way."

"They weren't half bad." Ikkaku said, approaching them.

"We already went." Yumichaka added, to which Yachiru, attached to his shoulder, nodded enthusiastically.

Suddenly a voice over a loud speaker called out,

"Next, Kenpachi Zaraki to the stage please."

Said man growled and stepped toward the ominous doorway that led to the stage. What he didnt realise, was that this would change his life. Forever.

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