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The first thing Kenpachi realized was that the hallway was extremely dark. Now, Kenpachi would never admit it but it made him just a little bit nervous. JUST A LITTLE.

Right. Anyway.

Kenpachi made his way through the poorly lit area – he did not get hung up in the curtains thankyouverymuch.


Soon he found himself standing on a dimly lit stage staring out into a vast sea of what appeared to be empty chairs.

'Humph. This is stupid. I can't even see.'

"Mr. Zaraki?" Some guy he'd never seen before approached him. Now, some if not many people take Kenpachi for a fool, but he was not. He could be smart when he wanted and needed to be. Of course he noticed how the man seemed unaffected by his inconceivable amount of Spiritual Pressure. This was odd..

"Whaddya want?" He grumbled, his mood quickly going sour. Too much thinking today and not enough fighting.

"A script for you, sir."

"And just what the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Kenpachi asked – not the least bit curious.. okay maybe a little – whilst waving the papers in the other man's face.

"Just follow the instructions given to you over the intercom." Was the other soul reaper's response. "Good luck Mr. Zaraki."

And with a bow, the man was gone, leaving Kenpachi alone on the dark stage.

That didn't last long.

Suddenly, the brightest light he had ever seen shone down on him – momentarily blinding his uncovered eye.

"Kenpachi Zaraki, good to see you finally show up for your audition. I was beginning to worry I'd have to come find you." The voice of the Head Captain echoed around the room.

"Let's just get this over with." Kenpachi rumbled, barely resisting the urge to tear this place down.

"Yes, yes. Of course." The old man was seriously getting to him now. "Turn to page 43 of your script please."

Thankfully, it really didn't take long for him to find the page.

"Found it."

"Good." Old man Yama sounded pleased. "Now, you'll be reading the part of 'Beast'. I will read Belle's lines. Alright?"

"Yeah, sure." Though inwardly, Kenpachi was intrigued by this character.. 'Beast'. He wondered if perhaps this play might not be as lame as he had previously thought.

"Then let's begin."

Old man Yama began reading the script.

"Here now. Oh don't do that. Just.. hold still."

Kenpachi saw it was his turn and with barely an ounce of enthusiasm exclaimed,

"That hurts!"

"If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt so much!"

Without realizing it, Kenpachi started to get into this role as the rather angry 'Beast'. A fight is a fight, verbal or physical, am I right? It was definitely better than nothing, though none of this passed through his mind.

"Well, if you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happened." He growled in exasperation.

"Well if you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!"

Kenpachi paused, character momentarily broken. This.. 'Belle' had a point. He had to glance at the paper. How would Beast respond?

"Well you shouldn't have been in the West Wing!" He finally countered.

"Well you should learn to control your temper!"

And that was that. Kenpachi could not for the life of him think of a good enough comeback. He snapped back to reality when he heard Old man Yama.

"Well done Kenpachi!"

Wait.. WHAT did he say?

"That will be all! Thank you for your time!"

And so, Kenpachi was lead off the now dark stage. He stepped into the waiting room in a complete daze.

He couldn't quite say whether he was proud of himself or seriously pissed off.

And to Zaraki..

That was not a good thing.

He decided immediately that his strawberry could help him decide!

..In battle of course.

'Ugh! How the hell did I get dragged into this? I am just a substitute soul reaper.." Ichigo thought dejectedly to himself. 'I mean.. Come on!'

A voice he didn't quite recognize called him in to audition just as Kenpachi stepped out.

'At least I don't have to deal with him right now..'

And so Ichigo stumbled around in the dark, attempting to find the stage just as Kenpachi had.

Once he'd gotten up there with the light blinding him though.. Ichigo lost his cool composure. He became extremely flustered. Though no one could have seen it on the outside – other than the light sheen of sweat on his brow – inside Ichigo was lost and beginning to panic.

'This can all go to hell!' He thought desperately.

Finally.. It was over.

"Well done, Ichigo Kurosaki." The voice said. Ichigo vaguely wondered if the voice was being sarcastic or truthful… Honestly he didn't care. He wanted out.. NOW. He turned to leave.

"Don't forget to check the listings tomorrow at 6 P.M." The voice reminded him. Ichigo didn't bother to thank him and booked it out of there like his pants were on fire.

"I definitely don't want a part in all this." Ichigo grumbled. His red haired friend Renji downed his drink in one gulp.

"I dunno. It could be fun." He said.

"Are you for real?!" Ichigo facepalmed. Renji shrugged.

"I'm just sayin'." Then he smirked devilishly. "And maybe you'll get to spend time with your 'special someone'."

"You know, a certain cap-" Ichigo punched him hard in the face to shut him up, his own face lighting up like a Christmas tree.

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